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Wikipedia Dark Mode

Along with providing you with plenty of useful information, Wikipedia is now also taking care of your eyesight by offering the Wikipedia Dark Mode feature. You will now be able to use the Dark Mode feature to save your sights from torturing lights if you’re a Wikipedia application user.

There is no sense in saying how important Wikipedia is to the entire world. It’s the biggest source of information on the internet from where you can learn everything. Being completely familiar with its importance and with its constant practices to provide the best and the smoothest dark mode for Wikipedia.

To get access to Wikipedia Dark Mode, open Google Play Store. Search, download and install the Wikipedia application. Click on the Hamburger Menu and select Settings. Now, click on the App theme option. Next, you’ll get four options: LIGHT, DARK, SEPIA, BLACK. You require to go for either the Dark or Black option. It’ll turn your app background dark to save your sight.

Below you’ll get a brief guide on how to turn Wikipedia Dark Mode on iOS and Android. If you like reading and learning on your computer or laptop at night – Dark Mode is the best browser extension you can use.

Does Wikipedia Offer Dark Mode?

Does Wikipedia Offer Dark Mode

In short, yes and no! The development of the dark mode has become a trend and big brands have started to adjust. Hence, we may expect Wikipedia to provide dark mode through its applications and websites.

Wikipedia has an inbuilt dark mode when it comes to smartphone applications. Previous year Wikipedia pushed updates to its iOS and Android app that executed dark mode as a standard feature. Not the entire UI can be turned into the dark mode, but the application also lets you dim the pictures. By this, Wikipedia is making the entire night mode experience more complete and smooth.

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How To Turn On Wikipedia Dark Mode On Android?

How To Turn On Wikipedia Dark Mode On Android

The Wikipedia application is Officially available Google Play Store on Android to download. You can turn on the dark mode within the application only.

  1. Open the Google Play Store and search for the Wikipedia application.
  2. Install and Open the Wikipedia application.
  3. Click on the Hamburger Menu or on the More icon at the bottom. In the older version of the application, more icons will be found on the top.
  4. Next, select the Settings option.
  5. In Settings, click on the App Theme option.
  6. Now, 4 options on a screen will appear DARK, LIGHT, BLACK, and SEPIA.
  7. Select among Dark or Black options. It will enable your dark app in the background.

Other than this, you are allowed to modify your font size to get a better reading experience. If you turn on the Match System theme switch, the Wikipedia application will switch between dark and light mode depending on your smartphone.

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How To Enable Wikipedia Dark Mode on iOS Devices?

How To Enable Wikipedia Dark Mode on iOS Devices

The App Store has Wikipedia as well. Just like Android, Apple users can also turn on Wikipedia Dark Mode in the application.

  1. Open the App Store on iPhone/iPads.
  2. Navigate to the Search Area and enter Wikipedia.
  3. Next, tap on the Get button in order to install the application on your iPhone.
  4. Open the Wikipedia application and click on the Settings on the top. In the iPhone, the old version of the app, the Settings icon will be located on the Left Side.
  5. Opt-out the Reading Preferences option.
  6. In this, there are four reading themes options available: Default, Sepia, Dark, and Black.
  7. Click on the Dark or the Black option and your application will turn Dark in the background.

And there you go, the Wikipedia Dark Mode is turned on on your iPhone and iPad. Opt for Default to tune with your iPhone Settings. 

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How To Enable Wikipedia Dark Mode On Chrome?

How To Enable Wikipedia Dark Mode on Chrome

If you want to use Wikipedia in dark Mode on the Desktop, then you need to install the Night Eye extension.

  1. Open any Web Browser and visit
  2. Next, select your browser and install Night Eye Extension.
  3. Once installed on your web browser, it’ll turn your entire browser background to Dark mode.
  4. Now, open the Wikipedia website on your PC and it’ll appear in a Dark theme as well.

Other than Night Eye, you can install and launch Wikipedia Night Mode Extension on the Chrome browser to turn on dark mode on Wikipedia Website.

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Wrapping Up:

Wikipedia is a costless, online never-ending source of information that anyone can modify. The dark mode on Wikipedia is a feature that dims the light of the screen while reading so that the user may view articles in an easier way. It’s not just for late-night reading but also for the user’s easy reading experience. 

The dark mode is a function of Wikipedia that alters the color scheme of the website to make it simple to read in low light. It can be switched on and off anytime by following the proper method.


Q1. Does Wikipedia Have Dark Mode?

Ans. Yes, you can switch on the Dark Mode on both the Wikipedia website and the app. If interested, then refer to the instructions given above in the post.

Q2. How Does One Person Change The Theme On Wikipedia?

Ans. In Wikipedia, there are four themes available for use: Light, Sepia, Dark, and Black. Choose a theme according to your choice and follow the above-mentioned method to change the theme.

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