How To Fix Timeline Chart In Google Sheets Not Working?

How To Fix Timeline Chart In Google Sheets Not Working

This is not new and you are not alone in looking for how to fix Timeline Chart in Google Sheets not working. The issue was first reported in 2022 and still, some of the users are suffering. Google Sheets, the company’s solution in the spreadsheet market, is a part of the Google Workspace package. The service is a fantastic substitute for the widely used Microsoft Excel

The “Timeline Chart” is one of the tools that Google Sheets provides. But for now, a lot of customers are having trouble setting up timeline charts since they keep getting the error message “No loader available.” How to fix Timeline Chart in Google Sheets not working is one of the most common queries on Google today! Let’s help you with fixing the Timeline Chart in Google Sheets not working issue. 

How to fix Timeline Chart in Google Sheets not working? The best thing you can do is wait it out! Wait till Google updates the Timeline Chart feature and fixes the issue.

However, if you are looking for quick solutions, switch to a different browser or use a line chart. 

What Is Timeline Chart In Google Sheets Not Working Issue? 

The Google Sheets Timeline Chart tool is not accessible to many, according to numerous sources. You can build files listing significant events in chronological order using the timeline chart. In this manner, among other things, you can define objectives with a due date. On the other hand, while attempting to set a timeline chart, Google Sheets users receive the error message “No loader available.” 

An online product expert claims that the Google team is already aware of the issue. There are a few solutions you can attempt before Google makes an official declaration. First, some users of Microsoft Edge can use the Google Sheets “Timeline Chart” feature. Additionally, you can temporarily substitute the Timeline Chart with the straightforward “Line Chart”.

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How To Fix Timeline Chart In Google Sheets Not Working?

It is advised that you test each of the following table workarounds before deciding which one is the key to your achievement. So let’s begin keeping that in mind.

Solution 1: Switch To A Different Browser

The first step to fix Timeline Chart in Google Sheets not working is switching to a different browser. Although the problem is on Google’s server side, some users were able to fix it by just using a different browser. In order to test the findings, you should also try your chosen Chromium [such as Edge, or Opera] as well as Non-Chromium [Mozilla] browser.

Solution 2: Use Line Chart

The second step we suggest to fix Timeline Chart in Google Sheets not working is using a line chart. You might try using the Line Chart, the Timeline Chart’s more lightweight equivalent, while the Timeline Chart isn’t functioning in Google Sheets. Even while it doesn’t have all the features that Timeline has, it is currently the closest you can get to this functionality until the glitch is fixed.

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How To Format The Data For Timeline Charts?

‍Now that you have learned how to fix Timeline Chart in Google Sheets not working, let’s find out how to format the data for Timeline Charts. 

The information can be presented as follows for a timeline chart:

  1. Date or datetime information appears in the first column.
  2. The data associated with a particular date or DateTime are listed in the second column.
  3. For an extra line or curve in the graph, more columns can be added.

Line charts have a simple format that is comparable to this one.

How To Make A Timeline Chart?

‍Now that you have learned how to fix Timeline Chart in Google Sheets not working, let’s revise how to make a Timeline Chart if you don’t know already.

Step 1: Choosing the data to be plotted on a timeline chart is the first step. Next, click Insert from the main menu, and then choose Chart.

Step 2: Open the Chart Editor and select the Chart type from the drop-down menu. The Timeline chart option is listed under the Other category as you scroll down.

As you’ll see, a timeline chart has more elements than a straightforward line chart, which can be helpful for analyzing previous data. A range with draggable ends is below the main chart and a series of buttons with various time periods, from 1 hour to the longest time period specified by the data, are located at the top of the graph. In the part after this, we will learn what they provide.

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Wrapping Up

So on that note, we round off this guide on – how to fix Timeline Chart in Google Sheets not working. According to their official statement, the developers are aware of the problem, but they haven’t provided an ETA for the release of a patch. We’ll update this guide as necessary as that occurs. The previously recommended workarounds are your best option in the meanwhile. Got a question? Let us know in the comment box below. Meanwhile, keep following Deasilex for more updates on this topic

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How Do You Fix Charts In Google Docs?

To alter a chart, double-click it. Click Customize on the right. Choose Chart style. Make the adjustments you desire.

Q2. Why Are Google Sheets Not Working?

Docs, Slides, or Sheets may become incompatible with some chrome extensions. Try launching your file in a private window while logging in with your Google account. Finally, you can disable all extensions in Chrome. Additionally, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge allow you to disable extensions if you’re using another browser.

Q3. How Do You Stop A Chart From Moving In Google Sheets?

Select the row you wish to freeze in a Google Sheets file by tapping on the matching number or letter. There are numerous options available when you choose Freeze from the View menu.

Q4. Does Google Sheets Have A Timeline Template?

An effective tool for creating a timetable, keeping track of events, and establishing project tasks and milestones is a timeline template for Google Sheets. Viewing important phases, deadlines, and results is simple with the aid of a Gantt chart or even other visual timeline depictions.

Q5. Why Is My Google Sheet Not Updating?

What to do if Google Sheets formulas are not updated automatically? Check the Calculator settings under File>Settings if the equation is not updating despite your setting it to do so at irregular intervals. To see if the issue is resolved, attempt to alter the Recalculation settings.

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