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Free Step Counter App For iPhone

Staying fit and healthy is one of the most important factors in anyone’s life. Also, there’s no better workout than walking. So, are you looking for some of the most effective free step counter app for iPhone? Well, then you have arrived at the place! We are here to tell some of the best free step counter app for iphone.

Whenever you will go ahead and start walking, you might have some particular target, and some particular step counts that you need to complete. These apps will provide you with the exact count of your steps. And you will also be able to understand how much more do you need. These free step counter app for iphone are really in demand right now, so, you just need to go ahead and know that you need to choose the most perfect one as well.

There are plenty of these apps for the iPhone, and some of the Free Step Counter App For iPhone are Pedometer & StepCounter, Activity Tracker, Track my step, SweatCoin, Social Steps, Google Fit, WalkEasy, StepsApp Pedometer, Stepz, Pacer, Argus, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, MapMyWalk, Apple health. Let’s read in detail more about these free step counter apps.

This article will incorporate everything you came here looking for the free step counter app for iphone

Free Step Counter Apps For iPhone

So, you just want to go ahead and want to know about some is the step counter apps for your iPhone. Once, you will get to know about those, you will also need to know some features of those apps as well. While you will get to know about these apps, then you will be able to choose the most effective and most efficient app for you.

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1. Pedometer & Step Counter

Pedometer & Step Counter is one of the most perfect step counter app, and that has a lot of demand in the market. So, you will just need to know that, you can easily access this app for your step counts. It will start tracking your steps automatically, and let you know about your achievements. Along with that, it will help you to set your goals and have a review on your health journey. You will get this as apple health app as well.

2. Activity Tracker

Free Step Counter Apps

This is also, one of the most perfect step tracking app as well. The main attraction of this one is the usage of sensor. This app will use the inbuilt sensor of your iPhone, and that is why the battery usage will be less. Start with a weekly target, and then get all those details displayed on the app. That will also help you to stay motivated. The features of activity tracker makes it the best free step counter app for iphone.

3. Track My Step

Like the previous one also, you will just have to go ahead and know that this app will use the inbuilt sensor of your iPhone. With the help of that, it will collect some motion data, and based on that, you will have to go ahead and it will provide you the step counts.

4. Sweatcoin

Free Step Counter Apps

This is somehow a lot different than all the other step counting apps. Once, you will start using this app, you will be able to convert your steps into clubs, and those will be known as Sweatcoins, and with the help of those, you can buy adobe fitness gadgets from this app, and even can join some fitness tips classes as well. So, you will get a lot of motivations from this app itself. This is also one of the most perfect iPhone heath app.

5. Social Steps

If you really want to go ahead and access some app that will help you to have a competition with your friends on walking, then you can easily go ahead and access this app. With the help of app centre you will be able to get connected to other people, and you will be able to get it done just so perfectly.

6. Google Fit

Free Step Counter Apps

If you want to track steps on Android devices, Google Fit can be an interesting alternative. The app is centered on two main activity metrics: Heart Points and Steps. Google Fit will monitor your walks, runs or cycling activity and will provide relevant, real-time stats about the amount of steps taken, the distance covered, your speed, pace, route or total calories burned.

To keep you motivated, Google Fit allows you to set various fitness goals and provides tips along the way to help you reach those targets

7. WalkEasy

Walking is one of the most underrated exercises and this app walkeasy changes that. WalkEasy is one the best free step counter app for iphone. WalkEasy will help you to lose weight, burn calories, and improve your mental health and physical health. It helps you build strong habits and helps you track your progress along the way.

8. StepsApp Pedometer

Free step counter app

StepsApp pedometer turns your iphone into a simple and beautiful step counter. All you have to do is put your phone in your pocket and off you go. Set your goals. Count Steps. Burn Calories.

9. Stepz

Stepz is a convenient step counter app that leverages the clever apple motion coprocessor which collects your motion data automatically in the background while saving battery life. This simple pedometer app has been specifically developed for the iphone and apple watch.

10. Pacer

free step counter app

With an impressive 4.9 star rating in the App Store, Pacer pedometer is an activity tracker, step counter, and more all in one app. Even though the free version works as a pedometer, upgrading to the premium version gets you so many more insights on your progress — like how your activity stacks up against that of other users.

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11. Argus

Argus promises to track the your daily steps without draining your phone’s battery. This is due to the ultra-low battery usage technology implemented by its developers. If you want, the app gives you the possibility to enable GPS and keep track of various other activities, such as walking or running. To make walking more fun, you can add friends and compete in step challenges.

12. Fitbit

free step counter app

Guess what? You don’t actually need a Fitbit tracker in order to use the Fitbit app! In addition to being a step tracker, this app can also log your food and hydration each day while managing your health and fitness goals.

13. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is often considered one of the best calorie counting apps, but not many people know that it also has a step tracking feature. The app can use the motion detection sensors in your phone or an external device, like a Fitbit for example. If you also use it to track your food intake, your daily calorie bank will adjust appropriately depending on how many daily steps you log. MyFitnessPal application is one of the best free step counter app for iphone.

14. MapMyWalk by Under Armour

free step counter app

MapMyWalk tracks your workout and displays your route on a map. While you’re working out, it shows you all kinds of stats that track your performance, including distance and step count. Something to keep in mind: Since it uses your phone’s GPS tracking feature, you might notice your battery life declining if you keep the app running in the background.

15. Apple Health

If you want to keep track of your steps without downloading anything extra, you can use the Health app that’s built in on your iPhone. If you have an Apple Watch, this is also where you can find the stats it tracks (like how much you’ve been standing and exercising). Since, the is an inbuilt fitness application, this is the most reliable free step counter app for iphone users.

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Wrapping Up

You have got to know about some of the most perfect and effective free step counter app for iPhone. You have also got to know that there are some different factors for those apps as well. Not only the factors, but you will also be able to go ahead and make sure that you know some other interesting features of those apps. Once done, you will be able to choose the most perfect and the most effective step counting app for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which App Will Help You to Get a Perfect Outcome with Perfect Step Counts?

Pedometer & Step Counter is the app that will help you to get a perfect solution for the step counts. You will just have to install it on your iPhone, and you will be able to get all the informational accordingly.

2. Is There Any App That will Help You to Get Some Items From the App?

Sweatcoin is one of the free step counter app for iPhone that will help you to get some items from the app. Not only that, but you will start getting money from every steps, and those will be Sweatcoins. These will help you to buy several fitness gadgets and some classes as well.

3. How Can Any Step Counting App Save Battery?

If the app is completely based on the inbuilt sensor of the app, then it will not consume a lot of battery. Instead of that, it will basically save some battery as well.

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