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How To Add Clickable Link To Instagram Bio, Posts and Reels

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Instagram recently introduced clickable links. If you are having any doubts about how to add Clickable link to Instagram or what are its uses then this article is for you. 

Clickable links are the links when clicked redirect us to another website. These links are used by the business personals on Instagram having business profiles. They use these links to redirect users to their website for shopping. In addition, these links can also be used in personal bios to target followers. We have listed the different types of clickable links available on Instagram and the required conditions to apply them. 

Further in the article, you’ll read about different ways to add clickable links on Instagram and their uses and impact which they create on the users.

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Ways To Add Clickable Link To Instagram

Mentioned below in the article are the different ways through which we can add clickable link to the Instagram posts, messages, and bio. We have also mentioned the required conditions for inserting such links. 

Adding Clickable Link To Instagram Stories

Follow the steps given below to add a clickable link to Instagram Stories-

1. Click the add story Button –

How to add a story on Instagram

You will find this button on the top left corner of your Instagram Screen. Click on it to start recording a video or uploading any content. At the bottom, you can have several options to edit your content. You can add a filter or can adjust the brightness level of the photo from here.

2. Click on the link button present on the top of the screen- If you are with the editing, click on the link given on the top bar. A new window will appear to click on the “Plus” sign and add the URL

3. Your Link Has been inserted

Adding Clickable link to Instagram Bio

Instagram bio is another place where we can insert a clickable link. Our Instagram bio gives a brief description of us to our followers. We can insert a link in our bio about our interests such as Youtube channel links.

Follow the steps given below to add a Clickable link to Instagram bio-

1.  Go to the edit profile section- To go to the edit profile section click on the profile button given on the extreme right bottom of the screen. 

2. After this step a new interface will open in front of you. You will find the website section. In this section paste the URL.

3. The link will be inserted into your Instagram Bio.

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Adding Clickable Link to Instagram Direct Message

Adding a clickable link to Instagram direct messages is a simple task. You only need to write the link or copy the URL address and paste it into the DM.

Note:  As a marketing tool, it’s not the most effective way to share clickable links in the Instagram DM, since you risk being considered as a spammer if you start sending a bunch of links to people on Direct Message.

Adding Clickable link To Instagram Shoppable post

Instagram shoppable was the most awaited feature of the business people using Instagram. Recently it was rolled out to Instagram after a lot of beta testing. The shoppable posts allow us to add a clickable link to the Instagram post with the product and its price. The link will take you to the business website for shopping.

Steps to add Clickable link to Instagram Shoppable Post-

  1. Go to your Instagram profile by tapping in the bottom right corner.
  2. Tap “Get started” which can be found on the top of your profile
  3. If you cannot see the alert then, tap the cog-wheel icon in your profile.
  4. Tap ”Shopping”
  5. Tap ”Continue”.
  6. Select a product catalog to connect to your business profile
  7. Tap ”Done”.

Note: You must have a business account to access the above feature. If you cannot shopping section in your settings then your account must be under review by Instagram.

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How To Tag products in your Instagram posts

Now adding tags to the product in Instagram posts by lickable links is easy now. You must have been approved for shopping for that.

  1. Select a photo to upload, add a caption, and fix the image with filters or edit it as you like
  2. Now, tap the “Tag products” option under the photo.
  3. Tap the products which can be seen in the image that you would like to add a tag on.
  4. Search for the names of the products you would like to tag.

Note: You must have created a product catalog on Facebook first and having a business account on Instagram is a must.

How to get Shop Tab on Instagram

Shop tab is also a clickable link on Instagram that is provided to the user having the business account after he has added tags to nine posts. The shop tab is a direct clickable link that a user can click and will see all the tagged products on the page.

This tag has increased the business efficiency on Instagram as this tag makes it easier for the user to shop directly from the business website.

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads were the only option when the clickable links were not introduced to Instagram. These ads use to work on buttons when the user clicks the post, he was redirected to the shopping websites. 

Instagram has introduced the shopping tags in the recent updates which have given the seamless shopping experience.

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YouTube Video on How To Add Clickable Link To Instagram


We have listed all the possible ways of adding clickable links to Instagram. We hope your search on how to add clickable links ends here. If you find this article useful or you think we have skipped something then please write us.

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