How To Add Prepaid Card To Venmo? 8 Easy Steps!

How To Add Prepaid Card To Venmo

Venmo – The best and famed application for money transactions. But are you aware of how to add prepaid card to Venmo to make the process even easier and more advantageous? If not then stay tuned because we are going to explore that only!

Venmo makes paying rents, bills, loans and other payments real quick and easy. All you have to do is tap a couple of times and tada!! It’s done. Venmo is accessible for both iPhone and Android users. Every Venmo user is supposed to link their bank accounts and prepaid cards with their Venmo account to make a transaction successful. If you don’t know how to add prepaid card to Venmo then keep reading.

Here’s a quick guide to know how to add prepaid card to Venmo: Open Venmo > Menu > Settings > Preferences > Payment Methods > Add Bank Or Card… > Card > Enter Card’s Info > Camera > Card Number > Enter Zip Code > Add > Done.

Along with learning how to add prepaid card to Venmo you will also get to know whether it’s safe to use a prepaid card on venmo or not and much other general info that you should be aware of before linking your prepaid card with Venmo.

How To Add Prepaid Card To Venmo?

To learn how to add prepaid card to Venmo, your bank account, credit or debit card should be linked to your Venmo account. Your Venmo account can be linked to a number of cards including a few prepaid ones. Venmo invites prepaid cards or gift cards from different brands like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and many more. So if you are having a gift card from any of these brands then you can link them to your account.

However, learning how to add prepaid card to Venmo account is a pretty simple process and you won’t find any difficulty after going through this guide. Here’s how to do it: 

Open Venmo > Menu > Settings > Preferences > Payment Methods > Add Bank Or Card > Card > Enter Card’s Info > Camera > Card Number > Enter Zip Code > Add > Done

Step 01: Launch the Venmo app on your device and click on the Hamburger Menu (three vertical dots or three horizon lines) at the top left corner of your corner.

Step 02: Next, find and click on the Settings button from the bottom of the drop down menu.

Under settings, click on the Preferences button and click on the Payment Methods from the list.

Step 04: From the bottom of the Payment Methods Menu, click on the Add Bank Or Card button.

Step 05: From the resulting Menu, click on the Card button.

Step 06: Next enter your Prepaid Card’s Info into their respective places or you can click on the Camera button next to the Card Number field to click a picture of the card and simply auto-fill the info itself.

Below zip code, enter the code of your region – as the card is not registered to any address it won’t be an issue.

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Step 07: At last, click on the Add Card button to add your card to your bank account.

So this was how to add prepaid card to Venmo. Next let’s find out whether it’s safe to use a prepaid card on venmo or not in the next section.

Is It Safe To Add A Prepaid Card On Venmo? 

How To Add Prepaid Card To Venmo

PayPal is the parent company of Venmo, hence all the safety parameters of Venmo are set and managed by Paypal. Venmo utilises PayPal’s encryption and supervision technology to secure the integrity of all your transactions through Venmo.

The Venmo app secures and helps in looking after situations where you send money to any wrong person by mistake with the help of personal QR codes. You just need to focus your device’s camera over the “Venmo Me” QR code that you want to scan – and then you will be redirected to that receiver’s accounts automatically where you can add them to your Venmo account as a friend and send the request to return your money as well.

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You are also allowed to share your own QR code with your friends through text messages or by sending email.

Wrapping Up

Venmo is an application that makes money transactions and exchanges simpler through its offerings. All one need to do is create an account and link their bank account or credit, debit or prepaid cards. If you don’t know how to add  prepaid card to Venmo then you can take help from this blog post anytime to make sure your card is linked with your Venmo account.

Before linking your prepaid card to Venmo, make sure that the other information like bank and card details are pre registered, or else the process may be a little complicated to complete. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Does A Venmo Card Work?

The Venmo MasterCard debit card functions on the MasterCard network. It is connected to your Venmo account and lets you invest your Venmo balance funds everywhere MasterCard is acceptable in the US and in US territories.

Q. Is The Venmo Debit Card Worth It?

The Venmo card is a beneficial addition to your wallet if you pay frequently through the Venmo app and prefer having access to Venmo funds in a couple of minutes and if not then it’s not worth signing up for this card.

Q. Does Venmo Have A Free Card?

Venmo does not charge anything for owning or paying anything from your Venmo MasterCard debit card. 

Q. Do You Need A Bank Account For Venmo Cards?

Venmo has its very own debit card known as Venmo Debit Card or Venmo Card and it doesn’t need any bank account connection to own one!

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