How To Change Your Voice On Instagram Reels?

We use social media for entertainment, and it’s a challenge for content creators to create entertaining content every day. Apps like Instagram help content creators develop good content for their followers using various filters and effects. You can change your voice on Instagram Reels, your background, voiceover, and add music to Instagram Reels.

Instagram has a large effects gallery where you can find different types of filters used by Instagram users. You can also try out the effects and even save them for later use. Filters and effects can be very useful to create different kinds of content every day. Captions and voiceover on Reels are the features worth trying.

To change your voice on Instagram Reels, you can use the voice effects filter on Instagram. Go to the effects gallery and search for the voice effects. Tap on it and try it out to create a Reel using this effect.

Watching videos with different voices is always fun. Creating Reels that will entertain viewers can be done in a variety of creative ways.

How To Change Your Voice On Instagram Reels?

To make your Reels more diverting, you can try out the voice changer filter on the Instagram app. It is really easy to change your voice on Instagram Reels using this filter.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app.

Step 2: Swipe left on the home screen to open the editor.

Step 3: On the story option, you will find different types of filters.

Step 4: We need a filter named voice effects by Instagram and in most cases, it is not available in the filters.

Step 5: Scroll to the end of the filters and tap on the browse effects.

Step 6: On the top, tap on the search option and type voice effects by Instagram.

Step 7: Once you find the effect, tap on it and save it.

Step 8: You can also try it from there as well.

How To Change Your Voice On Instagram Reels?

Step 9: If you have saved the effect, then you can go back to the story and you will find this effect in the filters.

Step 10: Tap on the voice effects by Instagram and you will find some more options.

Helium, giant, vocalist, announcer, robot.

Step 11: Tap and hold on to any filter option.

Step 12: Record the Reel and preview the Reel.

How To Change Your Voice On Instagram Reels?

Step 13: You can try out another filter of this effect as well.

Step 14: You can download the Reel or post the video on Instagram.

Why Change Your Voice For Instagram Reels?

Posting different content on the Reels helps in keeping the followers engaged and entertained. There is no need to look around for different types of content, you can create that within the Instagram app by applying different filters. You can change your voice for Instagram Reels and it is a lot of fun. Users are loving this filter. 

Best Ways To Use Voice Effects On Instagram Reels

Apart from using voice effects to change your voice on Instagram Reels, you can consider the following points before posting the video. This will help you in making videos professional and more entertaining.

1. Prepare A Good Background

As the Reel with voice effects is a fun video, you can try keeping a funny background as well. This will help in making the Reel funnier.

2. Use Good Lighting

Good lighting is very important for making any type of Reel. Good lighting helps in making the video clear and of high quality. Also, the content of the video is easily visible in a good-lighted environment.

3. Use A Good Microphone

To use the voice effects, you have to speak in the Reel. if the audio quality is bad, then the words spoken won’t be clear. Use a good-quality microphone and try taking a few shots before posting the Reel. 

4. Use Of Vocals

Whenever you have to speak, your voice should be clear and comprehensive. If you are speaking in a different language, you can try the captions options as well.

5. Use Of Background Music

It is good to have background music in all your Reels.  Based on the video content, you can choose your background music. As the voice effects are funny, you can try using funny background music to make a perfect combination.

6. Use Of Different Lyrics

You can play around with different lyrics using voice effects while listening to background music from songs.

7. Use Of Different Melodies

You can also try using different melodies available on the Instagram app to make the Reel funnier.

How To Change Your Voice On Instagram Reels Manually?

Although the voice effects on the Instagram app work really well but if you still need a more professional voice changer effect, you can try out third-party apps. You can create a Reel on those apps and then post it on Instagram. Here are some third-party apps that you can try

  1. Voice changer with effects
  2. Funcalls
  3. Voice change plus
  4. Super voice editor


Instagram has certainly boosted the creativity of creative users by providing them with tools that can help them create versatile content. The filters and effects are free for everyone to try. The Instagram editor is becoming more powerful with the integration of AI. More effects and filters are regularly added to its library.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Change My Voice On Instagram Reels Without Using A Song Or Audio Clip?

Yes, you can change your voice on Instagram Reels without using a song or audio clip. You can start speaking on the filter and it will change your voice easily.

Q2. How Do I Save My Reel Once I’ve Recorded It With A New Voice?

Once you have used the voice effects on the Instagram Reel and your Reel is ready, you can tap on the download option at the top of the screen. It will be downloaded on your phone.

Q3. Are There Any Limitations To The Voice Effects On Instagram Reels?

Yes, the only limitation that voice effects have on Instagram is that the voices are limited and you cannot use multiple voices on a single Reel.

Q4. Does Instagram Have A Voice Changer?

Yes, Instagram has a voice effects filter that can change your voice.

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