What Does PMO Mean On Snapchat? Know The Meaning Here!

What Does PMO Mean On Snapchat

If you are a parent of a teenager trying to keep eyes on your child’s Snapchat activities, are you astonished to see jumbled alphabets all over the application? Don’t panic! Among hundreds of acronyms out there, this guide helps you unlock what does PMO mean on Snapchat. 

It is true that acronyms have become a major part of texting among Gen Zers, and it has become necessary for other age groups to master the acronyms to cope up with the youngsters. 

PMO mean on Snapchat is “Put Me On” which means establishing a connection with someone. It also means “Pisses Me Off” which is used for expressing anger. 

Though what does PMO mean on Snapchat can have many different meanings, the best scenario to mention PMO in your message is when you want to hook up with someone. It also means “to introduce someone”. 

What Does PMO Mean On Snapchat?

PMO mean on Snapchat holds a lot of meaning in real time but the direct meaning on Snapchat is “Put Me On” and “Pisses Me Off”.

Origins Of PMO 

PMO originated from the first letters of “Put Me On” as an acronym by teenagers in an effort to reduce typing. New acronyms popping up recently are smart innovations by Gen Z users that have a number of advantages. The use of acronyms reduces the amount of time spent typing and can help you meet the word count requirements if you have them. The next time you come across PMO, do not wonder, “What does PMO mean on Snapchat”. It means the sender is expressing frustration or they wants to hook up with someone. 

How Is PMO Used On Snapchat?

PMO is used on Snapchat to express frustration and anger towards someone. Also, it can also be used when you want to create a connection with someone.

What Does PMO Mean On Snapchat - PMO

To Tell You Are Pissed

When you are greatly annoyed by someone or something, you can use “Pisses Me Off” PMO to let them know that you are pissed. Instead of composing a long sentence, a shortened word PMO does the job for you by conveying the right emotion to the reader.

To Tell You Didn’t Liked Something

If you want to convey in a gentle manner your dislike about something, you can do it by simply sending “PMO”. The recipient will understand what you are trying to convey. 

To Connect With Someone 

When you receive a PMO text from someone, it means that they want to build a connection with you. 

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use PMO In Snapchat 

Example 1: It PMO how shopping malls close so early on weekends!

In this example, the user is frustrated that the shopping malls are closed early on weekends and expresses anger by mentioning PMO as he is pissed off. 

Example 2: Could you please PMO with your friend, Ken.

Here, the user asks for an introduction with Ken and he requests the same to the other person as “Put Me On with your friend Ken”.

Example 3: PMO your Snapchat

If you use a hashtag (#PMO) or comment PMO on Snapchat, it means someone can add you to their Snapchat story by responding to your request or invitation.

Is It Okay To Use PMO On Snapchat?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to use PMO on Snapchat as PMO does not contain offensive meanings. The direct meanings related to PMO on Snapchat are “Pisses Me Off” and “Put Me On”. There are also some general meanings associated with PMO and they are “Private Message Only”, “Push Me Out”, “Personnel Management Officer”, “Project Management Office”, “Please Make Out” and “Prime Minister’s Office”.

Other Snapchat Abbreviations You Should Know

GMS – GMS stands for “Good Morning Streak” and it is basically a Good Morning message. 

GNS – GNS means “Good Night Streak”. Saying Goodnight has become old fashioned and users just started mentioning GNS. 

HMU – HMU stands for “Hit Me Up”. When somebody wants you to contact them, they will use HMU in their message.

LMR – “Like My Recent” is the full form of LMR. By typing LMR, you are requesting likes from your friends and followers. 

DWS – DWS refers to “Dealing With 5h*t”, “Driving While Snapping”, “Dripping With Sarcasm”. DWS  is used when someone wants to vent out their frustrations or anger. 

KYS – KYS Stands for “Kill Your Self”. Other meanings include, “Know Your Status”, “Know Your Stuff”. KYS is said in an insulting tone to someone who has done something bad. 

IG – IG refers to “I Guess”. When you are not sure of something, you can use IG to convey a partially said “Yes”.

SFS – Snap For Snap is the abbreviation for SFS. It also means “Spam For Spam”, “Shoutout For Shoutout”. When someone sends SFS, it means that the sender is willing to collaborate with you by giving a shoutout for a shoutout. 

WYC – The acronym WYC stands for “Why You Cry”, “Will You Come” and “Wasted Youth Crew”. Why You Cry means that they understand that you are in a difficult situation.

SNR – SNR is the acronym for “Streaks And Recent”. It refers to the ones whom you have contacted on Snapchat recently and the ones with whom you have maintained a Snap streak with. 

Wrapping Up

We live in a generation where new phrases are continuously being created and we must keep ourselves updated with all these to survive among the crowd. We hope this guide has helped you understand what does PMO mean on Snapchat. Check out our website at Deasilex to know more about acronyms and their meanings. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Does PMO Mean In Text On Instagram?

Ans. Ans. PMO means “Put Me On”, “Pisses Me Off” in text on Instagram.

Q2. What Does PMO Mean In Texting?

Ans. PMO can have many other general meanings. But “Put Me On”, “Pisses Me Off” are the meanings of PMO in texting, Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok.

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