Is Google Chat Same as Google Hangouts? GoodBye Google Hangouts!!

Is Google Chat Same as Google Hangouts

Who doesn’t know about the google hangouts application? Well, quite recently the google hangouts has been upgraded to google chat. Come let’s learn is google chat same as google hangouts!!

Google hangouts, as we all are aware of, is a texting platform now called google chat, introduced by google itself, with an icon of a “double apostrophe.” In hangouts you can access the contacts of the people on your email and can carry out a conversation on a chat instead of emailing them. 

For those wondering is google chat same as google hangouts, then let us apprise you that google hangouts has been upgraded to google chat. There have been some significant changes made in the existing hangouts application itself. Thus, we can say that google chat is an intelligent and far more secure communication and collaboration tool, built for teams. 

This article shall incorporate, everything you need to know about is google chat same as google hangouts. Let’s dig in the details to know how google chat 2022 is different from google hangouts. 

Is Google Chat Same as Google Hangouts?

It has been recently discovered that google has finally come out with the transition in the google hangout, and has named it as google chat. Google hangouts was more of a chatting platform embraced by most companies, to carry out conversations with their employees. 

If asked, is google chat same as google hangout, then we can say that both google chat and google hangouts are more of the same thing. However, the google chat is more enhanced since it has been launched with new features, in comparison to google hangouts. 

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Google Hangouts is being upgraded to Google Chat at the end of 2022. For those who haven’t already upgraded the google hangouts to google chat, they can proceed to do that from their respective app store or play store. Further on, we will be learning  about what differentiates google chat from google hangout.

Google Hangouts VS Google Chat

There are various newly launched features in the google chat application that were not available in the google hangouts. Come let’s understand from the following differentiation, is google chat same as google hangouts. 

@mentions Available Not Available 
PWA Desktop AppAvailable Not Available 
Chrome ExtensionNot AvailableAvailable 
People who have migrated to google chat may not be able to be use the google hangout extension 
Customize Notification SoundsAvailable Not Available 
Dark ModeAvailable Not Available 
Edit or Delete Send Messages Available 
(Depending upon the kind of google chat account you are using) 
Not Available 
Emoticon Reaction to Messages Available Not Available 
Send Multiple Photos in One Message Not Available Available 
GIFSAvailable Not Available 
Video Call Ringing Not Available 
(Video calling is not available at the moment in google chat app. However it will be made available in the coming months)
Formatting Depending upon the account you are using Not Available 

Features in Google Chat

Google Chat easily integrates across Google Workspace and comes across as a gigantic & an all-in-one working set-up, and provides a modern, feature-rich experience that includes: 

Enhanced expression: 

1. React to messages with emojis that feature skin-tone selections.

2. Respond with Smart Replies.

3. Format text with rich-text editing.

4. Tag specific people with @mentions.

5. Search for and share GIFs.

6. Changed logo 

Interesting Google Collaboration: 

1. Edit Docs, Slides, or Sheets with side-by-side editing to make it easier to collaborate while you continue a conversation.

2. Use spaces, a dedicated place for topic-based collaboration.

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How to Download your Google Hangouts Data? 

It has been updated that the hangouts application has be completely upgraded to google chat 2022. Starting November 1, 2022, Hangouts on the web will no longer be available. If you wish to keep your Hangouts data, it is strongly recommended to use Google Takeout and download a copy before January 1, 2023, when Hangouts data will be deleted.

Here are steps of how to download your google hangouts data: 

Step 1: First go to Google Takeout and sign in with the Google Account you use in Hangouts.

Step 2: In the available applications, select Hangouts and deselect the rest.

Step 3: Click Next Step.

Step 4: In the Delivery method, choose how often you want to download the backup. Since Hangouts is being upgraded to Google Chat soon, we recommend a one-time download.

Step 5: Choose the file type.

Step 6: Click Export.

Step 7: A message tells you that Google is creating a copy of files from Hangouts. You will receive an email when the takeout process is complete. Download the file to preserve your Hangouts data. 

Why Did Google Hangouts Upgrade to Google Chat? 

This google hangouts upgraded to google chat was long impending and awaited google update. There is no specific reason for this upgrade. However, what we have understood from what google says, is that google wanted to create a platform or transform into a platform that offers the ease to communicate as and when required with respect to the need. 

As switching to Google Chat also makes expressing yourself more fun, whether you are using emojis with skin-tone selections, rich text editing to give your chats emphasis, @mentions to notify someone in the group or sending a GIF. Now everyone can find just the right way to chime in. Catering to the needs and requirements of and living up to the expectations, google chat is no less than any social networking platform that offers its users the ease. 

Also, for those wondering, is google chat safe? Well, then we can assure you that google chat is the safest chatting platform as it is authenticated by google itself. Having said that, google chat is free to use, just like google hangouts was. 

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Wrapping Up 

Is google chat same as google hangout? Well, to some extent it is. However, the new features have entirely changed the old idea of google hangouts and has been transformed to google chat. 

This was all about the google chat, and all the necessary details you came here looking for. We hope this article was helpful to you and offered a comprehensive understanding on is google chat same as google hangouts. Furthermore, if you have any related queries do feel free to ask us in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Switch Back to Classic Hangouts?

Ans: First of all open your “gmail” > After opening gmail you have to click on the “settings” icon found on the upper right corner > A dialog box will appear with many different options > Now click on “view all settings” > Now click on the “chat and meet” option found in the upper bar > There you will find three options: Google chat, Classic Hangouts, off. Click on the “Classic Hangouts” > Your job is done. 

Q. Is Google Chat Free? 

Ans: Yes, Google Chat is entirely free. 

Q. How is Chat in Gmail Different from Chat?

Ans: You get the same features in Chat and Chat in Gmail, but the integrated Gmail experience provides a central location for collaborating across your services.

  • Chat—Use when you prefer a dedicated chat experience and don’t mind switching between different apps.
  • Gmail—Use when you like to multi-task and prefer to see all your communications in one place.

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