How To Make A Smooth Stone In Minecraft | The Easiest Way!

how to make a smooth stone in Minecraft

If you are eager to make a house in Minecraft then you can make use of anything for the same. Every player for once in their Minecraft lives has been in a dirt hut to escape a night! But if you desire for a house that’s not messy then you will need to make use of some better quality blocks, such as smooth stones. So, what’s say? Let’s learn how to make a smooth stone in Minecraft.

There are multiple types of building blocks in Minecraft from which smooth stone is one. Unlike other blocks, smooth stone is made with a furnace instead of a crafting table. Most of the users use these smooth stones for decoration purposes because of its smooth texture.

To know how to make a smooth stone in Minecraft you need to open Furnace Menu >> Add Fuel To Furnace >> Add items >> Move Stone To Inventory. See how quick it was! But it isn’t that easy without details! Read further for the same.

This article on Minecraft teaches you how to make a smooth stone in Minecraft in detailed instructions. Let’s discover how to move smooth stones to your inventory. 

How To Make A Smooth Stone In Minecraft?

how to make a smooth stone in Minecraft

In order to learn how to make a smooth stone in Minecraft you need to do some smelting. When you mine usual stone in Minecraft you get cobblestone in exchange. You need to perform the smelting process two times to make the cobblestone smooth enough to call it smooth stone.

The below given manual will walk you through the instructions for how to make a smooth stone in Minecraft on any stage, as long as you have the  game version.

1. Open Furnace Menu

Open the Furnace so that you have the Furnace Menu 

2. Add Fuel to the Furnace

Add Fuel to the bottom fuel box in the furnace.

NOTE: We are using coal as our fuel.

3. Add Items to Make Stone

Now, put the cobblestone in the top box of the furnace. You must view the flames cooking the cobblestone. After the cobblestone is smelted in the furnace, you will find the stone in the box on the right side.

4. Move the Stone to Inventory

Now that the smooth stone is ready in your furnace it’s the time to move the new item in your inventory.

Congo! You have successfully completed the process of learning how to make a smooth stone in Minecraft

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How To Make Smooth Stone Slabs In Minecraft?

How To Make Smooth Stone Slabs In Minecraft?

After learning how to make a smooth stone in Minecraft we will learn how to make a smooth stone slab where a player is also allowed to make smooth stone slabs with the help of the stonecutter. For crafting a smooth stone slab you need to craft a stonecutter first and then put smooth stone in the work block’s interface. This way of making smooth stone slabs produces the same amount of slabs per smooth stone block, but saves fuel. The other perk of this method is that you can craft two slabs at a time at the place of six, which is more effective if you need more than six.

1. Craft a Stonecutter

To make a Stonecutter, you will require three stone blocks and one iron ingot. An iron ingot can be produced by crafting nine iron nuggets together or by smelting one iron ore.

2. Place Smooth Stone into the Stonecutter

Put a smooth stone block into the box on the left side of the stonecutter interface, and you will observe all the available options to craft. In the case of Smooth stone, although there is only smooth stone stair. One smooth stone block here will produce two smooth stone slabs – the exact relative yield as a Crafting Table, but with few materials required.

3. Move the Smooth Stone Slabs

From the stonecutter interface, you are supposed to tap on the smooth stone slab icon in the centre of the screen, and then easily remove the number of smooth stone slabs you need from the right hand side – and here’s the process over!

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What Is The Role Of Smooth Stone In Minecraft?

What Is The Role Of Smooth Stone In Minecraft?

Smooth Stone is a simple block, resistant to explosions and has a neat and clean texture, making it perfect for crafting a house or mansion. If you are searching for something to upgrade your infrastructure from plain cobblestone or dirt, then give it a shot of smoothness from smooth stones. It will look much better. 

Or else you can mix your smooth stones with iron and a furnace to create a blast furnace. Blast furnaces smelt at twice the rate of a usual furnace, and can also be put inside of a village to convert a nearby villager into an armorer. 

In the end of this section, lining the last three slots of a crafting table with smooth stone will give you six smooth stone slabs. These are the prices of smooth stones which are half as tall as the regular ones.

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Wrapping Up

Smooth stone is a type of stone which has a much slight shade of gray along with a visible outline. Smooth stone does not have a crafting manual instead it is made by replacing a stone in the top part of a furnace. The conversion rate is 1:1, so you will get one smooth stone in exchange for every stone block smelted. The smooth stones don’t really have any uses but are crucial as a building block. It looks nice and decorates buildings much nicer, as found in most of the Minecraft villages. 

We hope you got to learn a lot about how to make a smooth stone in Minecraft. We tried our best to brief every factor which is important for you to know related to this. 

Now that you know how to make a smooth stone in Minecraft, build wonders with it and enjoy the Minecraft services!


Q1. Is There A Quicker Way To Make Smooth Stones?

Ans. In order to make Smooth Stone to make a Blast Furnace, then you should make the three required Smooth Stone with the help of your regular furnace and then toggle to using Blast Furnace for further Smooth Stone and Cobblestone smelting to prevent time wastage.

Q2. How To Make Grindstones?

Ans. To make Grindstones, place two sticks, one stone slab and two wood planks in the three by three crafting grid. You can use any type of wood planks while crafting. 

Q3. Where Is Smooth Stone Minecraft?

Ans. Smooth stone is obtained insiya few houses in savanna, plains and snowy plains villages in the Butcher’s house in the form of slabs and blocks.

Q4. How To Polish Blocks In Minecraft?

Ans. You will find a crafting area in the crafting menu which is of 3×3 crafting grid. To make polished granite, put 4 pranite in the 3×3 crafting grid.

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