How To Make An NFT For Free: 3 Simple Ways

NFTs have become popular in a very short time. Many of you must have also created the NFT and paid for minting, right? But, do you know that you can create NFT for free! Wondering how? Well, don’t worry! This post will guide you on how to make an NFT for free.        

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. These tokens have given a great opportunity to artists. They can now showcase their talent to a wider audience. Well, if you think that only Art can be converted to NFTs, then you are wrong. NFT can be anything digital like art, music, videos, etc. 

The craze for NFTs can be seen as it is making headlines daily. Everybody is getting interested in these. Well, if you have taken your foot back because of high gas fees. Don’t worry. We have a solution to this! Curious to know how to make an NFT for free?

 Let’s begin with the post. 

How To Make An NFT For Free?

Here we will tell you how to make an NFT for free without any gas fees or other costs.      

1. Rarible

Rarible is a platform that anyone can easily access. Many creators are hesitant to create NFTs because of their fees. However, this barrier will not be present if you create NFTs through Rarible. So, here are the simple and short steps for making an NFT for free via Rarible. 

Step 1. Connect Wallet: The first step is to visit the Raible platform and connect your digital wallet here. You can connect the MetaMask wallet or any other. 

Step 2. Fill Details: Once the wallet is connected, click on the Create option on the right side at the top and then fill up all the details regarding the NFT like name, description, etc. 

Step 3. Free Minting: Now, it is time to select the Free Minting button and press Create Item. You can now create NFT on the Rarible platform. Then you can sign free authorization with the wallet. 

That’s it when the purchase takes place, or someone buys your NFT, it would be minted to the wallet and automatically transferred to the new owner.   

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2. OpenSea

OpenSea is another platform for making NFT for free. You can sell and mint NFTs for free here. Let’s look at the steps for making an NFT through OpenSea. 

Step 1. Connect Wallet: The first step is to connect your wallet to the OpenSea marketplace. Visit the OpenSea marketplace and press on the wallet icon at the top on the right side. 

Step 2. Create A Collection: For creating a collection, press the profile icon on the right side at the top. Then you will find a My Collection option and press Create. 

Step 3. Set The Collection: You can set up the collection by setting logos and filling up all the necessary details. You can even set a Royalty percentage fee. You will get it whenever the NFTs you have created are sold. 

Step 4. Choose Blockchain: It is time to pick the right blockchain for the collection you have created. If you are not willing to pay any gas fee, click the Polygon option. Then click on Create. 

Step 5. Start Minting: Once you have set the collection, finally, you can begin minting the NFTs. You just need to click on the collection and press Add Item. Here you can upload art or any picture and ultimately mint it as NFT. After minting, you can press Sell and put the price on it. 

That’s all, and your NFT has been created without any fees. 

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3. S!Ng

Here is another service available on iOs, but soon it will be released for Android. Once you sign-up, you can use it easily on the iOS app. Here is how you can use it. 

Step 1. Install The App: The first step for using this app is downloading and installing it from the App Store. Then you need to provide an email address for registering for the service. After that, choose a name for using it on S!Ng.

Step 2. Create NFT: Once you set the name, you can make your first NFT. You will find a circular icon at the end of the screen. Choose the content you want to make or upload, like a photo, video, or file. 

Step 3. Upload The Content: Finally, you just need to upload or capture the content and edit a name for your NFT. You can also add collaborators or notes by pressing the Plus icon and clicking on Submit. 

With this, you have created an NFT easily. See, it just took a few minutes to create an NFT!   

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In this article on How to make an NFT for free, we have suggested three ways by which you can make NFT for free. What is making you wait for so long? Choose any way out of the three we have mentioned above and start making NFT for free. 

If you have any queries related to this topic, please let us know by commenting below in the comment section. We will answer them shortly. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and know how to make an NFT for free.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I Mint An NFT For Free? 

A. Yes, you can mint an NFT for free on Rarible, OpenSea, etc. 

Q. Is It Too Late To Get Into NFT? 

A. No, it is not too late. You can start creating an NFT for yourself right now. 

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