How To Create NFT In Somnium Space | 7 Types Of NFTs

How To Create NFTs In Somnium Space

Do you know Metaverses can be a great way of earning money? Some Metaverse can also be used as a tool to create exclusive NFTs. Somnium Space is one such Metaverse. We are here with the post on how to create NFT in Somnium Space.

Launched in 2017, Somnium Space is an open and social virtual world. It is considered an open virtual space because it hosts all the players in one vast land. This is more like a gathering of players. While people enjoy, they also interact with each other. Somnium Space allows users to develop the virtual world of their own choice. This has made Somnium Space very interesting to people.

This post will be about the different types of NFT in Somnium Space and how to create NFT in Somnium Space. We will also be discussing how you can earn from NFTs created in Somnium Space. Let’s under Somnium Space from the core.

What Are The Different Types Of NFTs Used In Somnium Space?

How To Create NFT In Somnium Space

Before we start digging into our main topic of the creation of NFTs, let’s first understand different types of NFTs used in Somnium Space. The map of Somnium Space resembles the Earth. Every part of the map is not the same. It comprises mountains, lakes, islands, and cities. The most expensive and valuable areas are city centers, waterfront areas, and the islands. Here is the list of NFT in Somnium Space.

1. Land parcels:

There are 5,026 land parcels available in Somnium Space. These land parcels are of three different sizes.

  • Small – 200 sq m height and 10m depth
  • Medium – 600 sq m height and 25m depth
  • Extra-large – 1500 sq m height and 50 m depth

Land parcels are of three types

  1. Islands
  2. City Centre
  3. Waterfront

2. Wearables:

These NFTs are created and designed by users themselves. These NFTs can be sold later in the marketplace as well.

3. Vehicles:

Somnium Space provides users with cars and other vehicles for faster travel. These cars travel at a speed of 25 mph compared to walking at 4 mph. These cars can be operated by their owners only.

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4. Teleportation HUBs:

These are also NFTs that can be placed on the land parcel for faster travel from one place to another.

5. Tickets:

Tickets are the passes to visit a particular land parcel. These tickets are also NFTs and are sold or purchased as NFTs.

6. Avatars

These are the NFTs that represent you. You can purchase any avatar NFT can use in Somnium Space. You can also mint your full-body avatar using CUBE onto the blockchain.

7. Somnium Space World

This is a mind-blowing concept of Somnium Space, where you can buy your world and design it the way you want. You can allow other players to explore your world by either teleportation or placing your world on your NFT. You can change this world later as NFT.

How To Create NFT In Somnium Space?

How To Create NFTs In Somnium Space

We have already discussed different types of NFT in Somnium Space. In this portion, we will discuss how we can create NFTs in Somnium Space. The first thing to remember is that not every NFT can be created. There are several NFTs that you can build and some NFTs are there from the developers. You cannot create them. However, you can develop or construct them and then sell these NFTs for a higher price.

Somnium Space Builder is a 3D designing tool of Somnium Space to create NFTs. We recommend going through the guide for setting up Somnium Space Builder.

Here are the NFTs that can be created in Somnium Space.

  1. Wearables
  2. Tickets
  3. Avatars

NFTs that can be developed in Somnium Space.

  1. Land Parcel
  2. Somnium Space Worlds

Now let’s take a closer look at each of them.

1. Wearables

You can create Wearables in Somnium Space using 3D modeling software like unity. You can create these avatars as per your requirements and then import them into Somnium Space.

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2. Tickets

The ticket NFT creation is not fully developed, but it’s just a matter of time. These tickets will allow users to enter a specific party or land parcel. But you must be the landowner or the organizer of the event to create tickets.

3. Avatars

Somnium Space Builder does not currently support avatar creation, but you can create an avatar in 3D software using SDKs or unity software. Once your 3D avatar is ready, you can mint it on blockchain and sell it on OpenSea.

4. Land Parcels

Somnium Space wants you to construct and develop land parcels. Somnium Space Builder tool can be used to construct houses, buildings, museums, clubs, and more. Once you have constructed it, you can color it using the tool and earn from it.

5. Somnium Space World

This is a unique feature of Somnium Space. You can buy your world in Somnium Space. You won’t see random players, only players you want to visit. You can create your customizable world. There are three types of worlds that you can buy.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Extra large 

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Wrapping Up

This is where we end our sail. After reading this post, we hope we have understood a lot about NFT in Somnium Space, and you will be able to start creating our own NFT in Somnium Space.

If you face any difficulty, leave a comment below. We will be happy to help you. Happy Developing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Somnium Space Free?

Yes, Somnium Space is free for download and use. You only have to pay for NFTs.

Q2. How To Play Somnium Space In VR?

  1. Setup your account and PC client
  2. Download Steam client and steam VR
  3. VR resolution change
  4. Access your laptop in VR
  5. Launch Somnium Space and start playing

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