How To Remove Lock Symbol Text Message?

How To Remove Lock Symbol Text Message

Knowing that your private conversations are secured gives a sense of relaxation. A lock symbol on text messages signifies this. However, many among us don’t actually need this and need to know how to remove lock symbol text messages. Many users have reported that they sometimes need to delete a message which is not possible if there is a lock symbol on it or if it’s secured.

Security is one of the most primary features we look for at new places we visit or in any new device we buy. Considering the same Android also added an RCS feature that enables users to lock their text messages. A lock symbol in your text message is a symbol of security. Apple, since its launch, has embedded this feature already to ensure messages are always encrypted and can never be intercepted while in transit.

In order to remove lock symbol text message, you need to open messages > Search the text message that is locked > Press and hold on the text message >  Look for the unlock option.

If you couldn’t understand the steps, don’t worry, we will help you with how to remove lock symbol text message. A detailed guide is below in this article. Read for a complete understanding.

What Does Lock Symbol Text Message Means?

It’s always a good idea to secure your digital conversations. Devices and operating systems offer a huge amount of security to ensure complete and full-proof encryption. Android introduced its RCS feature, Rich Communications Services, that added advanced security to the text message of users. Earlier there was SMS, which did not offer any such security feature and was not safe. Messages could be intercepted easily while in transit.

Lock symbol text message simply reflects that your text message is secured and encrypted. Users shall make sure that the other end-user shall also has this RCS feature enabled which will only then complete the encryption. A verification code is always there for any encrypted conversation which could be shared among both users to verify the security and encryption. Many users have reported that after deleting a whole thread, some messages are still there, this is due to the reason that they are secured and can’t be deleted. Disabling the security (explained in this guide below) will let them do so.

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Devices in the modern-day offer too many features that enable users to securely manage and organize their devices more efficiently. Some users find them less convenient or there are many other reasons as well and want to get rid of them so how to remove lock symbol text message is a guide for that section of users. However, we always suggest and highly recommend to always prefer to use security features offered in your devices. 

How To Remove Lock Symbol Text Message?

It’s a simple process but yet less known. No worries, we will make sure to make it well-known to you! We have broken the whole process down in simple steps to follow. This will reduce the risk of complexion and confusion. Try to perform the steps on your device simultaneously when you are reading them in here, the process will be smooth and easy to get with.

Below are the steps to follow in order to remove lock symbol text message:

Step 1: Open the messaging application on your android device and look for the locked text messages. Locate the individual message and not the whole thread or conversation that it appears in.

Step 2: Search the text message that is locked, this will display a lock icon over it.

Step 3: Press and hold on the text message with the lock symbol and wait for the menu to appear. 

Step 4: Look for the unlock option in the appeared menu and tap it. This will unlock that particular message which was earlier locked. In this way you can unlock multiple messages. Messages once locked can now be easily deleted. If anytime later you want to lock any message again then the process is the same, you just need to select and tap the lock option then.

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Wrapping Up

When we were sending hand-written letters to our loved ones, the chances were higher that the mail delivery might get compromised and someone may intercept your private words for someone close to your heart. It felt like an absurd peep hole in your window. But as the technology is evolving, many features have been developed to get rid of such peep holes and make your private conversations exclusively yours. Now it’s only between you and your loved ones. Applications like messenger and other message or chat box integrated in many social media applications like Instagram and Facebook have really shown us an all new era of conversations or texting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Remove Message Lock?

Step 1: Go to settings  

Step 2: Security & lock screen  

Step 3: Device security  

Step 4: Lock screen preferences  

Step 5: Lock screen message 

Step 6: Delete it and save.

Q2. What Is The Lock Symbol On Android?

The key symbol or lock icon is the Android symbol for VPN service. This tells us that we are browsing the web safely or the page which we are visiting is spam free. It will stay in the notification bar when Safe Browsing is enabled.

Q3. How Do You Lock A Text?

In order to do this, you can use Privacy Master. Among the many best Android applications, a third party application known as Free App Lock Android app has been highly preferred by many users. App is available free of cost and could be downloaded from Google Play store on your android phone. Once you have downloaded and installed, this app will allow you to password protect any app including text messages.

Q4. Are Encrypted Messages Safe?

Developed to maintain privacy with security, end-to-end encryption is a security method that keeps your communications over the web secure. End-to-end encryption allows no one, including Google or any third party, to decrypt end-to-end encrypted messages.

Apple has always concerned themselves with the security of their users. It simply shows in their devices that it can’t be compromised with any sort of effort and even Apple can’t break their own build security systems, even if requested by the user itself, because they don’t have a second key. This diminishes any chance of data breach or any type of access which is not desired.

Android however realized this quite later to make their devices and features offered to be more secure. This article is about how to remove lock symbol text messages, but we always don’t recommend or suggest to any of our readers to avoid security systems. 

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