How To Split Your Screen On A Chromebook | 4 Easy Ways

How To Split Your Screen On A Chromebook

Everybody enjoys multitasking occasionally, whether it’s creating spreadsheets while completing a report or browsing YouTube when you should be working. Because of this, understanding how to split-screen on a Chromebook is an important skill to have.

On your Chromebook, you might occasionally wish to have two open windows at once in order to copy and paste between them. Or simply so you may examine each of their respective information at once. This is the exact reason why you need to learn how to split your screen on a Chromebook. 

You might be a school student or not, but if you are looking forward to using a Chromebook, then splitting screen is Must to know. How to split your screen on a Chromebook? You only need to open your applications and drag them to the appropriate sides of the monitor to activate the split-screen option. This article will help you with the solution you are looking for. 

How To Split Your Screen On A Chromebook – 4 Ways

To view two windows simultaneously, you can quickly switch to split-screen mode on your Chromebook. You only need to open your applications and drag them to the appropriate sides of the monitor to activate the split-screen option; the system will handle the window resizing automatically.

Here’s how to split your screen on a Chromebook: 

#1 Drag and Drop

You can split your screen on a Chromebook; you can create a split screen by simply dragging and dropping, eliminating the need for any keyboard keys. To do this, merely drag a panel from one of the screen’s sides to the other till the display splits in half and it locks into place in the current position.

#2 Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts to split your screen on a Chromebook is the quickest method. Simply hold down the “Alt” key while choosing the “[” or “]” key to accomplish this. The window will move to the left if you press the Alt key as well as the left bracket; and will snap to the right if you press the right bracket. These selections, in turn, will either make a new window or adjust an existing window.

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#3 Install The Dualless Extension

How awesome would it be to have an addon that makes it easy to split your screen into Chromebook tabs quickly? By dividing your complete screen into two halves, this split-screen extension within the upper corner next to the URL bar can assist you. If you have two or more open tabs, click on the one you want to move to one side of the monitor. The selected window will be displayed right away when you click the “Dualless extension” and decide the dimensions you want it to display in.

#4 Hit The Show Windows Button

How do I use the Chromebook’s display windows button to create a split-screen? On other laptops, the display windows key is located at the F5 key and has the appearance of a rectangle along with two horizontal lines that appear on the right. Following are the procedures to split your screen on a Chromebook using the drag and drop feature using this button:

  1. The two apps you want to utilize in your split-screen should be launched.
  2. Retain the button (show windows). 
  3. For using split-screen, drag one of the applications to the area that says “Drag here.”

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The Benefits of Having Multiple Windows Open

We have already discussed how to split your screen on a Chromebook, but what about the benefits? Here are a few of the many advantages of having numerous windows open:

#1 The Power Of Multitasking

Being able to split screens on a Chromebook has many advantages, one of which is that it makes multitasking easier. This entails that you can work on two activities at once, which might save you a lot of time if you need to finish several things at once.

#2 Minimum Clutter On The Screen

The ability to use two programs at once on a Chromebook is made possible by having multiple windows open, which has another benefit. If you need to concentrate on a single task in specific, Chrome splitting screen can be incredibly helpful. It enables you to work more effectively and get better results with fewer interruptions.

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Why Is My Split Screen Not Working?

You have learned how to split your screen on a Chromebook, but what if it’s not working properly? Split-screen is sadly not supported by all Chromebook hardware. This feature most likely does not exist on previous models of your device. By heading to Settings > Device > Display & Sound > Displays and looking for a “Split Screen” choice under the “Adjustments tab” you may be able to determine whether split-screen is permitted or not. There could be another explanation why your split-screen isn’t working, since even Chromebooks that enable Chromebook split screen occasionally experience issues with this function. Here are a few things to look for:

  1. Your Chromebook might be set to tablet mode if that applies. To leave it, either click on the arrow icon seen at the bottom left of the computer’s screen or hit the “Shift” button repeatedly.
  2. Because it’s so simple for users to unintentionally split their screens, several versions of Chromebooks have blocked the Ctrl + Alt key for splitting screens. Press and hold the “Ctrl” key, then hit the “Alt” key to make it active.
  3. You made sure the browser you wish to use for your split-screen was maximized. Reduce it if necessary before dividing the screen.

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Wrapping Up

Whether you are working or a student, if you are using Chromebook, then the first thing you should learn is how to split your screen on a Chromebook. Four methods are discussed in this article. All of these methods are tested. Try one or all four suggestions and enjoy splitting screens on Chromebook while reinventing multitasking! Got a question? Let me know in the comment box below. Follow Deasilex for more updates on Chromebook! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How To Split Your Screen On A Chromebook With Keyboard?

A Chromebook’s screen can be snapped to the left or right using a keyboard shortcut. To flip to the left or to the right, start hitting the Alt key. Pull the other tab to the side that is blank.

Q2. How To Chromebook Screen Split In Half Top And Bottom?

Docked magnifier is activated if the top portion of the screen displays a better visualization of the Chromebook’s bottom portion or if you see a split-screen viewer. Here are the ctrl keys Ctrl + Search + D to turn off Docked magnifier.

Q3. How To Fix Split Screen On Chromebook?

On a Chromebook, split-screen mode is indicated by the presence of two applications just on left as well as on the right sides of the screen. Simply select any of the two windows and click the Maximize button to turn off split-screen mode.

Q4. How To Zoom In Or Magnify Your Chromebook Screen?

You can resize the page you’re seeing while maintaining the same size for the rest of the display.

  1. Enlarge the page: Hit Ctrl and +.
  2. Press Ctrl and – to make the page smaller.
  3. Press Ctrl + 0 to reset the zoom.

Q5. How Do I Get A Full Screen On My Chromebook? 

Follow the shortcuts below to change the Window size. 

  1. Full-screen mode: Select Full screen from the keyboard’s topmost menu. (or F4).
  2. Expand the window by clicking Maximize in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Minimize in the top right corner to minimize the window.

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