How To Stream VR To TV? Super Solution 2022 !

How To Stream VR To TV

VR headsets like Oculus Quest are the most influencing ones among the VR lovers because of their amazing features that they have to offer. But do you know how to stream VR to TV in order to enhance your streaming experience? If not, then don’t delay any further and learn how to stream VR to TV today in this guide!

Learning how to stream VR to TV needs you to connect your Oculus Quest to connect with your TV. If you have any doubts in this too, then we will be clearing that also in this blog post. It’s not as difficult as it seems, one can cast their Oculus Quest from any VR headset or smartphone too and share their gaming skills and experiences with whomever they want.

Here’s how to stream VR to TV: Turn on Oculus Quest 2 > Turn On TV > Menu > Share > Cast > Select TV > Next > Done!!! To know how to stream VR to TV from your smartphone stick to the post till the end!

We have tried to explain many ways for how to stream VR to TV and how to stop casting too. So that you may easily pause and resume the casting whenever you wish to take a break! Let’s go on READING to explore! 

How To Stream VR To TV?

How To Stream VR To TV

Seeking for methods to learn how to stream VR to TV? Don’t look any further cuz you have come to the right place. This section is all about exploring how to stream VR to TV so that you can make full use of your VR headset and gain much fun experience on a bigger screen.

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VR to TV casting can be achieved with the help of either a headset or a smartphone to let others enjoy your gaming skills and observe the experience. The simplest way to learn how to stream VR to TV is to link your TV from within the headset system. First switch on the TV and put on your headset and then turn on it too! 

But this isn’t it, there’s a lot more!!! Find the instructions below for learning how to stream VR to TV in detail: 

Turn on Oculus Quest 2 > Turn On TV > Menu > Share > Cast > Select TV > Next 

Step 01: Switch On the Oculus Quest 2 headset and TV together.

Ensure that both of your device’s or gadgets are accessible easily to send and receive incoming and avoid any sort of delays.

Step 02: Click on the White Circle on the remote controller to find the Home or the Menu button at the base of the screen.

Reach to the Home Menu to access all the main and involved features of your Oculus Quest 2. You will find this button at the bottom of your screen in a tabular format.

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Step 03: After that, find and click on the Share button.

It is similar to all the share buttons of your Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Instagram, three buttons or lines connected to each other.

Step 04: Tap on the Cast button.

Next you need to click on the Cast button. You will find this feature at the base of the bar which is placed above the Home Menu. After this, you will be prompted to the recording, clicking pictures and coming live on the TV features. From here, you can stream the VR to your TV, either it be a gameplay video or or a live session. 

Step 05: Now click on the Window and select your TV or Casting Device.

A list of all the available devices will appear now among which you have to select your casting device. If you are unable to find your TV in the list or if it’s not available in the list then make sure your TV is in switch on mode!

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Step 06: At last, click on the Next button to get the confirmation notification. And here the process of how to stream VR to TV completes.

As said, this was the easiest way to learn how to stream VR to TV as it does not ask for any other device to be turned on.

How To Stream VR To TV Through Mobile Apps?

How To Stream VR To TV

With the access to the Oculus application, one can learn how to stream VR to TV through several devices including the mobile version also. It’s the second most easiest way for someone to know how to stream VR to TV if they don’t know much about the headset and it’s interface

So why to wait any further, let’s dive into the step wise guide for how to stream VR to TV: 

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Step 01: Download and Install the Oculus application on your smartphone device.

Head to the App Store to download the Oculus Quest app. The Oculus app’s icon is an extended left to right figure on a black circle. Oneore thing, the Oculus app is totally free to access. Post installing the application you will be asked to sign in or login to the app using either your Oculus account or your Facebook account. Make sure you are using the same WiFi connection as you did with the Quest headset. 

Step 02: Now, link your Oculus Quest 2 and your Smartphone with the help of the same WiFi connection.

If you need to cast all your free games on a large screen without doing much effort then you can just grant a couple of permissions to link both devices with the wifi connection.

Step 03: Next, enable your Oculus Quest 2 TV and open the Oculus application.

Your TV will successfully cast whatever you want to stream and share if you all the devices included will be able to exchange information.

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Step 04: Now find a rectangular figure with waves on it at the top right corner of the Oculus interface.

Then click on that rectangular figure. The Cast button appears as a headset with a WiFi icon in the corner.

Step 05: Connect Oculus Quest 2 Headset.

Now you need to make sure that your headset is connected to your mobile app. However it happens by default after clicking on the icon from the Cast From section.

Step 06: From the Cast To area, select your TV or whichever device you want to stream on.

Here you need to click on the device on which you want to stream your VR. If the desired device does not appear in the list then click on the Search button to look for your device and it will appear in the list as soon as it is turned on.

Step 07: Now click on the Start button at the base of the screen to initiate casting.

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After casting initiates or takes place successfully, you will receive a confirmation notification on the headset screen telling you that you have successfully made it and now your game is bring streamed on your TV screen.

And with this you have also learnt how to stream VR to TV on a mobile device too! 

How To End Casting A VR To TV?

How To Stream VR To TV

It’s pretty easy to end a cast done by a VR to a TV. One can achieve it by clicking on the Stop Casting button at the base of the Oculus Quest app in the application. Go know in detail here are the instructions to do so: 

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Main Menu > Share > Cast > Stop Casting

Step 01: Head to the main Menu.

Step 02: Tap on the Share button.

Step 03: Now tap on the Cast button to stop the casting.

Step 04: Find and click on the Stop Casting button.

Here you have successfully learnt how to stream VR to TV and how to end it as well.

Wrapping Up

If you own an Oculus Quest and wish to share whatever you are watching on a TV screen but don’t know how to stream VR to TV, then no issues because we have solved that in the above article. The Quest and Quest 2 are an amazing set of VR headsets which don’t require to be connected to any PC or a gaming console, nor do they ask for any tracking devices. The one and only confusion that takes place is that users don’t realize how to stream VR to TV.

But fortunately, we have provided the answer to this in the above sections. Where we have explained how to stream VR to TV and on mobile devices too along with how to end the stream.

Casting with VR lets you share whatever you are hovering over in a VR with others. Either you can do it on your phone, computer or any Chromecast supported device. Few of the TVs and Smart Screens have inbuilt Chromecast feature and in the usual cases you have to buy a separate Chromecast Dongle to perform how to stream VR to TV. 

This article explains how to stream VR to TV. In case you have any other doubts related to VRs like how to get touched in VR or Sandbox VR St Louis and many more, visit Deasilex to get all solutions at one stop!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Cast From VR To TV?

Make sure both of your devices are connected with the same WiFi connection and are information exchange ready! Open the Oculus app and head to the Menu. Then click on the Casting button and select the streaming device. And done!

Q. Can I Watch My VR On My TV?

Fortunately, yes! One can cast their Quest 2 to a TV to make their CR experience more real. They can do it either directly by accessing their headset or by using the Oculus app on their smartphone.

Q. How Do I Display VR On My TV Without Chromecast?

First connect both the devices to the common WiFi network and then install the Oculus mobile application. Next ensure that the VR headset is connected to the app. Now from the app, turn on the Casting feature and cast content from your Oculus VR headset.

Q. How Do I Connect My VR To My Samsung TV?

Turn on Oculus Quest > Turn On TV > Open Oculus App > Cast button > Turn On. And cast!!!

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