How To Turn Off Headphone Safety On iPhone | 6 Easy Steps To Follow!

If you are an iPhone user, then you will probably know about the safety feature on the headphone. This feature is designed so that it can notify you when you need to turn on your volume and when to turn it off. This feature will calculate the exposure of the audio for seven days and then it will recommend you to turn your volume down to a certain level. But, do you know how to turn off headphone safety on iPhone?

The headphone safety feature will let you know when you hear music for a very long time at loud volume. Since this can actually harm your hearing. If your device detects that you have been listening to music for a long time for a week, then it will notify you to turn down your volume.

But, if you don’t pay attention to the notification that you get, then also your volume will be lowered the next time you hear the music. Even though the safety feature notifies you of the notification you can get irritated and you may want to turn off your headphone’s safety. But do you know how to turn off headphone safety on iPhone?

So, in this post we are going to discuss how you can easily turn off the headphone safety feature on your iPhone. Here we have discussed some of the ways by which you can turn off the notification. Let’s quickly take a look at how to turn off Headphone Safety on iPhone.

What Is The Headphone Safety Feature On iPhone?

How To Turn Off Headphone Safety On iPhone?

Do you know what is headphone safety feature?

Well, it is the headphone notification on the iPhone that you get which will help you to protect your hearing. If the device notices that you have reached the recommenced 7-day exposure of the audio limit, then after 7 days you will get a notification that will prompt you to turn off your volume.

After you receive the notification your volume will automatically get lowered the next time you listen to music or connect it with your Bluetooth. The limit of the exposure will be allowed only to the audio. The phone calls that you make will not be counted as headphone audio exposure.

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How To Turn Off The Headphone Safety Feature?

How To Turn Off Headphone Safety On iPhone?

The headphones do come with all kinds of features which include a volume control feature and microphone which gives the ability to either accept or decline the calls that you make. It will also allow you to play the sounds from the apps besides listening to music. But, there is this one safety feature that you can use to improve headphone safety. It will block the volume level from exceeding a lot to the specific threshold.

In this way, you can enjoy your music and not have any hearing problems either which will affect your ears. Even though the headphones will be easy on your ears but they will affect the other people who are surrounding you. I don’t think you don’t want people to come and tell you to turn down your headphone volume? 

 But if you think that the hearing protection will not be convenient for you then you need not worry as we have got you covered.

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Steps To Turn Off Headphone Safety On iPhone

How To Turn Off Headphone Safety On iPhone?

The description below the headphone safety on your device will state that the feature will enable the device so that it can protect your hearing. But since there was an update in iOS 14.2 You can now easily turn off the headphone safety feature. Here are some steps to follow on how to turn off headphone safety on iPhone:

  1. On your iPhone device, go to the settings option.
  2. Now choose the option that says sounds and Haptic.
  3. You need to now press the option headphone safety.
  4. Here you need to turn off the headphone notification. You can even switch off the volume limiter which you will find on your iPhone. You can do this by disabling the option that says reduce the loud sounds.

This is how you can easily turn off headphone safety on iPhone.

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Wrapping Up:

So, now we have discussed how to turn off headphone safety on iPhone. The steps that we have mentioned are really easy. So, you will not have any issues while following the steps that we have given.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Turn Off The Headphone Notification?

The assistant settings has a device option. You need to click on this option and see what device or what setting you have. In your assistant settings, you have to go to the devices. Here you will see everything related to the device that you will be using your assistant for. This can include the features that are available and the language that you have chosen. You need to come here and then turn on or if the notification.

Q. How To Reduce Loud Sounds In iOS 15?

Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Open the settings option.
  2. Now click on the sounds and haptic option.
  3. Then you have to press the reduce loud sounds option
  4. Now set the maximum volume level with the help of the slider.
  5. To disable the loud sounds just adjust the toggle.

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