How To Use Adobe Firefly In Illustrator? | Create Vector Graphics With AI!!

How To Use Adobe Firefly In Illustrator?

You no longer need a paintbrush or ever get your hands dirty to create genuine pieces of artwork. All you need is Adobe Firefly AI to create astounding works of art. Moreover, you can now use Adobe Firefly in Illustrator and see AI image generation join hands with vector graphics to create stunning designs.

Adobe has officially enabled all users to use Adobe Firefly in Illustrator, since June 13, 2023. Although Firefly is still in the beta version, users can now use the Generative Recolour and Retype features on Illustrator. This enables Adobe Firefly Beta users to harness the powers of generative AI to use Adobe Firefly in Illustrator. Users can thus transform their text prompts into intricate vector graphics, at the tap of a button.

You can use Adobe Firefly in Illustrator by opening Illustrator and selecting an existing artwork. Then scroll down to the bottom of the Properties panel to access Quick Actions. Click on  Recolor and Switch to Generative Recolor (Beta. Finally, enter your prompt and click the Generate button.  Choose any recolor variant for your work.

Let us dive right in to see how you can easily use Adobe Firefly in Illustrator, and have all your doubts regarding Adobe Firefly Download and Adobe Firefly price policies duly answered.

What Is Adobe Firefly?

Firefly is one of the highly anticipated AI projects of Adobe, Sensei, that has the potential to revolutionize creative artwork. This Adobe Firefly Beta has been designed to integrate with some of the existing Adobe tools like Illustrator and Photoshop which allows designers to experiment with unique colors by giving simple text prompts. 

The Generative Recolor beta enables users to magically transform colors into vector graphics, without having to undergo any tedious manual development process. The Adobe Firefly AI is an intuitive and user-friendly interface that uses images from the Adobe Stock Library, which avoids all copyright issues. 

How To Get Adobe Firefly?

You can get Adobe Firefly by opening the Adobe website and clicking to Sign in > Get an Adobe ID > Enter credentials > Sign up > Confirmation link on email > Download Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app > Install > Login credentials > Sign in.

Adobe Firefly is in the beta testing phase, it is currently free to use. So, users do not have to worry about Adobe Firefly price and use Adobe Firefly in Illustrator freely. Moreover, users can set up Adobe Firefly on the Creative Cloud desktop app or via the website. Users can also make use of the in-built extension on other Adobe tools. 

Follow as instructed below for Adobe Firefly download via Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app.

Step 1 – Open the Adobe website and click to Sign in.

How To Get Adobe Firefly? - Sign in

Step 2 – Click to Get an Adobe ID.

Step 3 – Enter your credentials and click to Sign Up.

Step 4 – Click the confirmation link and finalize your sign-up through the verification email.

Step 5 – Download the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application and click to install it.

Step 6 – Follow the on-screen prompts to finalize your installation.

Step 7 – Enter your credentials to sign in to your account.

You have unlocked direct access to Adobe Firefly and can now explore the unique features it has to offer.

How To Use Adobe Firefly In Illustrator?

You can use Adobe Firefly in Illustrator by opening Illustrator and selecting an existing artwork > Properties panel > Quick Actions > Recolor > Switch to Generative Recolor (Beta) > Enter your prompt > Generate > Choose a recolor variant.

Once you have downloaded and installed Adobe Firefly on your device you can now use it for developing new packaging or logo updates for rebranding or redesigning your websites without having to waste your time on drastically slow, manually taxing designing process.  

Adobe users can now use Firefly in Illustrator to create seamless integration that helps empower creative workflow with higher speed, accuracy, and power. Version 27.7 is one of the most accurate versions of Illustrator that works efficiently with Firefly integrations as Generative Recolor (Beta).

You can access vector artwork in Illustrator or open any existing artwork and get started. Follow the instructions illustrated below to best use Adobe Firefly in Illustrator.

Step 1 – Open Adobe Illustrator and select an existing artwork or a new file to work with.

Step 2 – Access the Properties panel and find Quick Actions at the very bottom.

Step 3 – Click to Recolor.

How To Use Adobe Firefly In Illustrator? - Recolor

Step 4 – The Recolor overlay tab is activated by default.

Step 5 – Click to switch to the Generative Recolor (Beta) tab instead.

How To Use Adobe Firefly In Illustrator? - Generative Recolor

Step 6 – Enter your prompt describing the colors you would like to get. 

Step 7 – Click the Generate button.

How To Use Adobe Firefly In Illustrator? - Generate

Step 8 – Choose any of the recolor variants that are presented within the overlay. 

You will now be able to easily select the best variant that you prefer in one click. To have the best experience on Adobe and unlock its full potential, you can join the premium subscription plan for $4.99 per month. All subscribers will gain access to 100 monthly generative credits, exclusive Adobe fonts, and no watermarks on all images generated by Firefly.

Wrap Up

AI-generated art is taking the world by storm. With the help of AI algorithms, users can gain access to large amounts of data and use it to learn the styles and patterns from the original sources. Users can generate unique works of art by adding personalized styles, textures, and lighting, all in a fraction of the time that normally takes humans to do. We hope that you can efficiently use Adobe Firefly in Illustrator and create the best piece of artwork, which justifies your creativity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Use Firefly AI In Adobe?

You can use Firefly AI in Adobe for text-to-image conversion and the Generative Fill feature. This will help users to create art by simply inputting a text prompt.

Q2. Where Can I Use Adobe Firefly?

You can use Adobe Firefly with Photoshop and Illustrator, via Creative Cloud apps. 

Q3. Can You Use Adobe Firefly For Commercial Use?

Yes, you can use Adobe Firefly for your business use, however, you should get the premium subscription if you wish to avoid any watermark.

Q4. How Do You Make A Fire In Illustrator?

You can make a fire in Illustrator by using the Paintbrush (B) tool to sketch the flame. Then lock the layer to create a new one. Make use of Pencil (N) tool to draw the final lines and add a background. Finally, add the color gradients to your flame.

Q5 Is Adobe Firefly Free To Use?

Yes, Adobe offers a free beta version for Firefly, which is currently available free for all users. You can also avail the premium version of the AI for $ 4.99 per month, to gain exclusive access to unique features.

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