How To Withdraw Money From Stash Account | A Simple 10 Step Guide

How To Withdraw Money From Stash Account

Have you ever wondered how to make full use of your Stash Account? You can do that only when you learn how to encash or transfer the cryptos or shares in your bank account. Here, we have a full-fledged detailed guide on how to withdraw money from Stash Account.

Stash Account is one such medium of exchange that not makes dealing and trading easy but all make the steps for transferring and withdrawing easy. One of the best features that any crypto exchange or stock exchange can offer is that Stash offers access to a banking account with no overdraft fees or minimum balance through Green Dot Bank. Stash was first launched in the year 2015 on the iOS App Store. 

We are aware of the complexities of crypto wallets and crypto exchange platforms. However, Stash is comparatively simpler, easier, and quicker. It thus takes time for the money to arrive and process in your bank account but isn’t that better than indulging in the long, tedious process of withdrawing money. 

Thus, in this article, we will be providing you with a step-wise demonstration of how to withdraw money from Stash Account. We hope you find the detailed information that you have been looking for. Have a happy reading. 

What Is Stash?

How To Withdraw Money From Stash Account

Stash Financial, Inc. is an American Financial Services company based in New York, NY. It operates a web platform and mobile apps. By summer 2017, it had 1 million users. As of July 2020, the number has grown to 5 million. Along with providing detailed information on what is Stash and its pros and cons, we will be providing you with how to withdraw money from Stash Account.

Quite recently, Stash has announced the launch of its first-ever crypto offering, designed to give customers a simple and easy way to own digital currencies as part of a fully managed account called Smart Portfolio

Millions of everyday Americans want to invest in crypto, but they have no clue where to start. Stash has been built to make it easy, affordable, and accessible for the public to build wealth. Integrating crypto into Smart Portfolio is the perfect way to get started for the long term,” said Stash’s CEO and co-founder, Brandon Krieg. 

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Research revealed that the majority of its customers wanted the ability to invest in crypto, but many believed they lacked sufficient knowledge to invest on their own. Stash’s affordable subscription platform enables millions of Americans to start investing with personalized advice, guidance, and education. Six million customers have opened accounts, and the company experienced record growth over the past 12 months. We have a complete guide explained below on how to withdraw money from Stash Account.

Pros and Cons of Stash

Before learning how to withdraw money from Stash Account, you must know about the pros and Cons of Stash. Below are some pros and cons that Stash comes with. 


  • Both DIY and automated investing.
  • Fractional shares.
  • Values-based investment offerings.


  • Smart Portfolios don’t offer tax-loss harvesting.
  • No automated IRA management.

What Is Stash’s Smart Portfolio? 

A “Smart Portfolio” is a Discretionary Managed account whereby Stash has full authority to manage. Diversification and asset allocation do not guarantee a profit, nor do they eliminate the risk of loss of principal. Stash does not guarantee any level of performance or that any client will avoid losses in the client’s account. 

Smart Portfolio is a diversified, global, and fully-managed investment portfolio, personalized for each customer’s risk profile. Stash’s subscribers can open a Smart Portfolio for as little as $3/month. Subscription plan fees do not increase as assets grow, giving customers a consistent, cost-effective way to build wealth over time. Smart Portfolio is Stash’s fastest-growing product: nearly half a million people have opened a Smart Portfolio account, and nearly 60% of funded account-holders regularly contribute using Auto-Stash.

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How To Withdraw Money From Stash? 

How To Withdraw Money From Stash Account

Cashing money out from your stash account is not a big deal. It is quite easy to withdraw your cryptocurrency to your bank account. Here’s how to withdraw money from Stash Open Stash App> Check Your Stash Cash> Select the Cryptocurrency or Shares you wish to transfer> Click on Sell> Go back to Account Page> Select Bank Transfer> Enter the Amount> Enjoy your Funds. 

Below is a detailed explanation of the steps of How to Withdraw Money From Stash Account. Keep following the steps and have the uninterrupted, hassle-free transferring. 

Step -1 First, open the app using Stash’s fingerprint feature for more safety and security.

Step – 2 Once you have been logged into your Stash account, scroll down and check for Stash Cash. 

Step – 3 If you don’t have stash cash in your stash cash wallet, you will have to sell some of your cryptocurrency or shares to extract cash out of it. 

Step – 4 Select the suitable cryptocurrency or shares you wish to sell. 

Step – 5 As you sell the cryptocurrency or shares of your choice, the money will automatically show in your Stash cash account.

Step – 6 Transferring cash into your Stash cash Account might take a few days. Ideally, it takes atleast 5-6 business days. However, sometimes it happens in a day.

Step – 7 Go back to your Account page. You will be directed to the account menu. 

Step – 8 Select the Transfer to Bank option in the Account Menu.

Step – 9 Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click on next to continue the process. 

Step – 10 It will take a few days for the entire process of the money to be transferred to your bank account. Once it is done, you withdraw from your bank account ATM. 

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What Stash is Good For?

Stash caters to everything an investor is looking for. However, Stash is best for the following things below: 

  • Beginners who want to learn how to invest.
  • Investors who want to buy fractional shares.
  • Investors who want to choose their investments and get automated portfolios.

Wrapping Up 

Are you happy to learn how to withdraw money from Stash Account? Go follow the guide mentioned above and proceed through the process to encash your shares or cryptocurrency. We hope we catered everything you were looking for. If you have queries or doubts regarding this article, you can drop your queries in the comment section below. We assure you to revert as soon as we can.

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