Microsoft Unveils The New Teams Feature!! What’s New?

Microsoft Unveils The New Teams Feature

Microsoft Teams emerged in 2017, since then, it has gained huge popularity. It was designed in order to take over Skype for Business, as Teams gives teams everything they need. Now the Microsoft introduces a new Teams feature using which employees can have one-on-one chats and group messaging, as well as audio and video calls.

Teams is an essential component in the Microsoft 365 environment. It is integrated into Outlook, Word, SharePoint, and many other Microsoft applications. If you already use Microsoft software for your productivity needs, Teams is a natural match.

So, what additional do this new Teams feature by Microsoft add to the user experience? How will it improve user experience? Watch out how the earlier group chat feature got a new Teams Connect and Shared Channel update. Not just that but there are many more features updated in Microsoft Teams.

Make your business presentation more appealing with these new Microsoft Teams features! We have lined up everything about these Microsoft new Teams features below. Have a look!

What Is Microsoft Teams?

What Is Microsoft Teams
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Microsoft Teams launched in November 2016 as a part of the Office 365 productivity suite. Teams is a collaborative platform that brings together video, chat, voice as well as file sharing. It’s intended to be used by remote, local, and distributed teams-anyone in any business in fact!

Microsoft has continuously updated Teams since its launch. And, numerous new features were added in 2020 and 2021 because the need for more extensive collaboration tools has increased. Its most important features include:


The teams is a service that allows for one-on-one and group chats. Both chats are persistent which means that users don’t have to go through the history of conversations like they do in Skype for Business.

Teams chat comes with a variety of modern features in messaging such as text formatting, emojis as well as priority flagging. Users are also able to share files directly via chat sessions.

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The real value of Teams lies in its users having the ability to collaborate across several channels. Channels are either Standard, which is public and accessible to anyone who wishes to join, or private and focused around specific subjects or specific activities. Channel owners must approve new members to join their channel.


Teams allow videoconferencing for up to 250 people per session. In response to requests from users, Microsoft is actively working to increase the limit.

Video conferences can be scheduled using the calendar of a channel, or the user can design them at the moment. Teams broadcast meetings to up to 10,000 simultaneous viewers through Microsoft Stream. 


One of the least-known aspects of Teams is the ability to allow outbound calls right to the customer. It’s a great method for mobile or remote users to remain connected with only one, secure connection.

Roundup Of Microsoft New Teams Features:

The Teams program is intended to increase productivity by increasing communication throughout your company. Ensuring that different groups across your company can be in touch will increase productivity.

Here are the Microsoft new Teams features that drive outcomes for the whole team:

1. Microsoft Loop

new teams feature: Microsoft Loop
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Microsoft Loop is Microsoft’s latest collaboration tool, which allows users to collaborate simultaneously with other users while working with other programs such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, OneNote, and many other applications within Microsoft’s arsenal. 

It allows users to add a dynamic loop element like a poll or an indicator bar to the Teams chat, allowing team members to work together. It also has Loop pages that can be used as a blank whiteboard where teams can shift elements like files, files, links information, and more to organize their content to be shared with participants in a more collaborative way. 

Additionally, there are loop workspaces that provide a common area for teams to discuss their work, establish and monitor goals, and work together to manage the priorities.

Microsoft has also announced that it will announce more details as well as the availability of its Microsoft Loop app in the next few months.

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2. Mesh For Teams Is Introduced

Mesh For Teams Is Introduced
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Microsoft has also said it was planning to release the first-ever preview of Mesh-enabled features as well as abilities to Teams users. Microsoft also announced that it’s trying to bring these experiences to Teams users using smartphones, PCs, and mixed-reality headsets at the beginning of 2022.

Mesh lets users collaborate and share spatially with current Microsoft instruments and platforms. Users can also create avatars for any virtual collaboration. Not only this, it can also help organizations create virtual conference rooms that are immersive as well as meeting rooms or networking lounges that facilitate greater collaboration. 

The company also revealed that they have built Mesh-powered rooms that are immersive using Accenture that uses mixed-reality technology to help new employees get on board.

In the words of John Roach, an executive architect for Microsoft’s digital transformation services “Mixed-reality capabilities of Microsoft Mesh allow people in different physical locations to join collaborative and shared holographic experiences with the productivity tools of Teams, where people can join virtual meetings, send chats, collaborate on shared documents, and more.”

3. Teams Connect And Shared Channels

Teams Connect And Shared Channels
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Through Teams Connect, Microsoft offers secure ways for collaborating and communicating with other third parties. Microsoft plans to launch an update to Chat using Teams that will allow Teams users to communicate, chat as well as collaborate not within the company’s network. 

According to Microsoft Users can invite other users to chat with them on Teams via an email address or the phone number of an outside user while still adhering to the company’s security and compliance guidelines implemented to safeguard the channel.

4. Microsoft Teams Remote Learning

Microsoft Teams Remote Learning
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The Shared Channels offered by Microsoft will let users experience a seamless, flexible experience of collaboration in real-time via apps and connect channels to up to 50 teams, and the number of organizations you require. Team Connect as well as the newly-launched Shared Channels will launch for public previews in the very first quarter of 2022.

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5. Innovative Tools, Integrations, And Tools

Innovative Tools, Integrations, And tools
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Microsoft also announced a number of new integrations, improvements, and collaboration apps at the Ignite in the fall. According to Microsoft Teams, the platform will allow users to incorporate their favorite applications into workflows, providing developers with the capability to create collaborative apps in their digital workspaces, which include chat channels, meetings, and channels. 

This will include the integration of Dynamics 365 for accessible business data, enhanced collaboration as well as real-time interaction. Further details about this integration are available here.

The latest Azure communication services allow the creation of custom applications that communicate with Teams and allow users to expand the meeting experience across other processes and apps. Microsoft confirmed that the update will be available from December 1.

6. Teams Phone

new teams feature: Teams Phone
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Microsoft has also released some exciting improvements for Teams Phone that will now offer a complete range of end-to-end calling solutions that range from basic 1:1 calls to being used in business-critical situations such as handling operations in contact centers. Further details about Microsoft Teams’ calling plans is available here.

7. There’s More!!

new microsoft teams features
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Microsoft released a number of updates to its platform in the chat tab that includes the ability to create “chat with self” to store information, a “chat with self” to keep some important information in a safe place, and a smaller model that allows users to view 50% more content from massage on the screen, more than 800 new 3D emoticons that respond to chats, a scheduled messages of messages, and much more. 

Microsoft also unveiled the release of new security and compliance features. It includes devices management alerts, workspace management features and the ability to monitor the health of devices and health, auto labeling 2.0, and availability of customer keys for GCC high, GCC-high DoD Cloud, channel sites management, and many more.

Overview Of Microsoft Teams Features:

  1. 1-to-1 chat (messaging)
  2. Chat in groups
  3. Contact search
  4. Search for conversations
  5. @Mentions
  6. Control of access
  7. Activity feed
  8. Assistant bots
  9. High contrast mode and other accessibility features
  10. Channel-based work
  11. Message threads
  12. Favoriting channels and following
  13. Customizable alerts
  14. Emojis and GIFs as well as stickers
  15. Multi-factor authentication
  16. Microsoft Teams meetings
  17. Meeting scheduling
  18. Microsoft 365 integrations
  19. Microsoft Teams integrations with third-party tools
  20. Tabs for apps that are frequently used
  21. Audio conferencing
  22. File sharing
  23. Screen sharing
  24. Usage reports
  25. Together mode

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Wrapping Up:

So, these were some of the top additions to Microsoft Teams. You can enjoy an uninterrupted experience, with a friendly user base on the application now.

Tell us what video calling app do you prefer the most for your work and professional meetings? Also, share this post will your colleges and fellow mates.

Happy Learning!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Which Other Apps Are Replacing Microsoft Teams In The Field Of Performance?

Slack, Zoom, Webex, Google Workspace, and Cisco are some great alternatives to Microsoft Teams.

Q. Do Teams Automatically Update?

Yes, Teams have this amazing feature of automatic update. 

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