NFTs Vs Copyright? Are These Two Similar?

Many people have unclear thoughts about NFTs and Copyrights. Are you one of those? If the answer is a yes, and you have confusion regarding NFT vs Copyright, then you should go through the post below. You will find all your answers here with NFTs vs Copyright. 

Fine! First things first, if you think NFTs are Copyrights, you are wrong. NFTs are not similar to copyrights in any sense. NFTs have gained a lot of attention worldwide these days. Copyrights are the laws that can be granted by public law. There are a few differences that we will highlight in this post. 

So here we are with a post on NFT vs Copyright. However, we shall first discuss the meaning of NFT and Copyright. Go through this post until the end to have a clarification about these two.

What Are NFTs? 

NFT or the Non-Fungible Tokens are immensely popular nowadays. NFTs are identical, and you cannot interchange them with another item. They are unique tokens on the blockchain. You can use NFTs to tokenize items or represent digital items like art, music, etc. You can mint NFTs via Smart Contracts. The ownership of NFTs can be easily verified on the blockchain. It is a new form of presenting your digital work in front of the world. You can use various NFT marketplaces for buying or selling NFTs such as OpenSea, Rarible, etc. You can invest in NFTs and their value may go up in the future. 

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What Are Copyrights? 

What is Copyright?

Copyrights can be an intellectual property that provides its owners with the exclusive right to copy or distribute creative works like music, art, or something else. This right is mostly for a limited period. Copyright can help in protecting the work of the true owner. You can get copyrights for work like paintings, music, TV shows, and many more things. However, all kinds of work cannot get copyright. You cannot protect brand names or slogans under copyright law. The main objective behind copyright is to reward authors by providing property rights, creating new work, and making it available to the public to enjoy the work. 

As we have completed the discussion regarding the meanings of NFTs and copyright, let us move on to their differences. 

In NFTs, ownership means that you are the owner of a particular content that you can sell or trade in the marketplace. But you may not own the full copyright of the NFTs unless the artist states it. However, ownership in copyright is something else. If you have a copyright, that means that you have a bundle of rights such as the right to reproduce a copy of that work, create derivatives, distribute copies of the work, and others. 

NFTs allow users to get a digital certificate stored in the digital wallet. The transaction is registered on the blockchain. The transactions can be well traced and verified by anyone on the blockchain. In the case of copyright, blockchain involvement can be helpful for users. There are few copyright owners, who have started making use of blockchain technology to protect their contents. This involvement may increase in the near future. 

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NFTs Vs Copyright

NFTs can be made for immaterial items or intangible assets. Intangible items like virtual estate can be an NFT or NFTs can represent items like digital artwork. But the same can be done in copyright as you can claim copyright over intangible items. However, in the case of copyright, you have to fix work in a tangible form of expression. 

There is no regulation yet in the case of NFTs. There is a requirement of regulation in various matters because of the increasing importance of the NFT tokens, which is currently not a reality in NFTs as there is no regulation here. However, in copyright, there are various laws to ensure worker protection. You can easily claim protection for your work in the case of copyright. 

NFTs can be easily accessed by anyone and anywhere. Generally, the NFTs are public. People are taking screenshots of NFTs and accessing them, but copyright cannot be accessed without the owner’s permission. You can be subjected to legal action for accessing the work without permission. Copyrights are usually private and can’t be accessed by everyone. 

NFTs don’t have any platform for international compliance. This is the disadvantage of NFTs as it is taking people away from NFTs. Copyrights are protected by various laws and orders which makes them more reliable. 

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NFTs Vs Copyright

Since we are well aware that the NFTs are not regulated by any laws, the chances of fraud increase. Copyrights are regulated by laws, so there are fewer chances of fraud and manipulation. 


This was all about NFTs vs Copyright. We hope that this post has helped you know the difference between the two. If you find this post useful and like it, then do share it with everyone else you know. Also, write to us in the comment section if you want to know about it. 

Tell us if you are aware of any other difference between NFTs and Copyright in the comment box below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you buy an NFT, it does not provide you with copyright unless it is specially mentioned by the artist.

2. Can NFTs Be stolen?

Yes, people can steal the NFTs. Hackers can hack the blockchain or digital communities to steal the NFTs.

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