PD3 Vs QC3 | What Is It All About?

PD3 Vs QC3

If you are shopping and searching for a new charger, then you might have come across many advertisements about PD 3 and QC 3. Well, these technologies have been involved in many products which also include different portable chargers. Though these may look the same but are different. So, here we are going to discuss PD3 vs QC3.

When you first look at them you will see that it both looks the same. Since both the technologies are made to charge your battery. Is it just like two versions of the same right? Well, the answer to this question is both yes and no. Well, PD 3 and QC 3 will both change your battery faster than traditional USB.

Well, just as both these are similar, they too have differences. And so, we have bought the post PD3 vs QC3. Depending on your phone one of the two will surely be the best choice for your mobile device. There are many phones that do support the PD 3 bit, not QC 3 or vice versa.

So, below we have discussed all the things that you should know about. Now, let’s not waste any more time and quickly get started.

PD 3 Basics

PD3 Vs QC3

Well PD 3 was developed by the USB Implementers Forum and is the fast-charging technology. Since it is the official part of the USB technology this can be supported by any manufacturer. No manufacturer has to pay any kind of extra licensing fees to incorporate the PD 3 technology into their products. They just made the circuitry and the battery to the PD 3 specifications.

Do you know what is the full form of PD? Well, PD stands for power delivery. This technology has the ability to deliver up to 100 watts of power, more than any smartphone may need. This high wattage has some advantages. Like it can be used to power laptops. All the new MacBooks of Apple use this.

So, this means that you are getting much better performance than you would expect from any standard USB cable.

Along with 100-watt power, there are four other wattage levels. They are 7.5, 45, 15, and 27 watts, and all of these are supported. For instance, in the 27-watt range, you will be able to charge at 5, 9 or 15 volts. This will make the PD standard extremely good. The manufacturers can also make different devices and still get the best performance.

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QC 3 Basics

PD3 Vs QC3

QC 3 is quite similar to PD 3 where it offers the best charging performance to the standard USB. Also, just like PD 3 both the charger and the device should be compatible with QC 2, so that it can work. So, if your phone supports QC 3 but your charger doesn’t then you will not get any benefits. Likewise, if you use an old phone which has QC 32 charger then you will only charge at the standard USB rates.

Now QC stands for quick charge and is the proprietary technology that is developed by Qualcomm. This is important mainly because it needs a license so that it can be used. If the manufacturer does not want to pay the Qualcomm licensing fee, they will not be able to integrate the QC 3 technology. Due to this reason, there are many devices that do support PD charging and may not support QC charging. While QC 3 is made considering the efficiency and speed. This is perhaps the part of Qualcomm that at it can make the world’s greenest technology.

PD3 Vs QC3: Which Is Faster?

PD3 Vs QC3

Let’s discuss about PD3 Vs QC3. Now the main question comes, which of these two is the fastest. Well, this depends on your device. There is actually a difference between Android and Apple products. With Android you are actually dealing with the open standard so your mileage will differ. Most of the new Android phones do support PD charging and more than half also support the QC 3. this includes the new models of Samsung phones. however, this will still depend on your manufacturer. If you are using a cheap phone like the LG stylo you will still be limited to Micro USB charging. This will not allow either PD 3 or QC 3.

Now the Android devices that do actually support both the standard and QC3 are usually fast compared to PD. The main reason is INOV technology the PD charging will not always have the exact wattage or the voltage that will match the needs of your device. If it does not then it will detail to the next lowest power level. With the QC 3 technology, you will always get the maximum voltage. Now the exact difference will depend on your device. You will see that o one phone the difference may not be noticeable while on other devices it can prominent on the other devices.

While apple and Google Pixel phones are a little bit different. Whereas in the Android devices your performance will actually depend on the device. For instance, the older version of Apple devices like the iPhone 7 will not support any kind of fast charging. However, with the iPhone 8 and the latest phones, you will get full PD compatibility. You need to know that you will not get any benefits from the QC 3 charger. The Apple phones are just not compatible with the technology.

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PD 3 And QC 3 Are Not The Same As Fast Charging

PD3 Vs QC3

When you look at the different electronic devices you may see the term fast charging. So how is it related to PD 3 and QC 3? Well, nothing. It is just the measurement of how fast the battery will be able to get charged. Generally, a standard 1 amp charger will charge at 5 watts which is the ordinary USB. While the fast-charging batteries will be able to charge at 12 watts or higher.

The main advantage of fast charging is that you will be able to charge very quickly when your battery is low. You will see some things along the lines of “one hour of use from 10 minutes of charging”. The reason why you will not be able to see the rating for the full charge is that the speed will drop as the battery will fill. If you want to maximize the charge speed over the course of the full charge then you need PD3 Vs QC3 technology.

PD3 Vs QC3: Which One Should You Choose?

Which One Should You Choose?

So, what about PD3 Vs QC3? Well even though PD 3 provides you with the high energy output which you actually don’t need on your smartphone. Since the quick charge of Qualcomm provides us with something better and that is the INOV (Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage). It provides you with fast charging and will help to reduce the loss of energy. It also helps to reduce the risk of quick battery deterioration.

If you are looking for a new smartphone with the fast charge feature you should look for Qualcomm’s quick charge 3.

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Wrapping Up:

So this is all about the PD3 Vs QC3. Check your smartphone’s specification if you are looking for fats charge whether it supports QC or PD or not. If you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below.

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