TikTok Library Giphy | TikTok’s New Video Creation Tool

TikTok Library Giphy

The already popular video-sharing app TikTok doesn’t leave a chance to add more features to make the experience of the TikTok users better. And recently TikTok has made an announcement about introducing Tiktok’s new video creation tool, which is TikTok Library Giphy

TikTok is one of the most popular applications for video sharing all over the world and users enjoy creating different kinds of videos and sharing them on this platform. Numerous features are available on TikTok that make this app a prior option for sharing videos because TikTok’s features help make the video clips interesting and appealing. 

Now, TikTok has joined hands with GIPHY in partnership and created an in-app tool on the platform which will be named “TikTok Library”. This library will include a vast variety of GIPHY clips, which means GIFs with sounds. Let us know more about this new feature in detail through this article. Earlier, TikTok had rolled out Stickers and GIFs in Green Screen and now TikTok has integrated with GIPHY.

What Is TikTok Library Giphy Feature

GIPHY videos were launched in the year 2019 and gradually got themselves with entertainment partners such as TV and Movie studios, sports leagues, news media, game makers, record labels, and many more who started sharing licensed content on GIPHY. You can share these GIPHY clips wherever you want. You can use the GIPHY’s link to use it on websites, you can use them in various messaging applications. You can also use them in workplace tools. You can also use these GIPHY clips in third-party applications by the use of the GIPHY SDK, which is GIPHY’s developer toolset. 

These GIPHY clips will now also be available on TikTok. 

What Type Of GIPHY Clips Are Supported By TikTok

What Type Of GIPHY Clips Are Supported By TikTok

The categories of GIPHYs that will be supported by TikTok include Quotes, People, Reactions, and Iconic Moments. These are the categories that have been announced by TikTok to be supported at launch.

In the Quotes category, there will be a collection of popular quotes. The People category will include various popular personalities that will include athletes and actors and many more. The Iconic Moments category will have a collection of all the unforgettable moments that have been captured ever since. And the Reactions category will provide you with various types of reactions captured of people showing their raw emotions.

Tens of thousands of GIPHY clips will be included in the TikTok library alongside millions of GIFs from GIPHY’s library. With time, TikTok might widen the collection of GIPHY clips. 

How To Use GIPHY Clips In TikTok

How To Use GIPHY Clips In TikTok

TikTok has introduced these GIPHY clips to its platform so that people can better express themselves through these clips. This feature will be available in the TikTok Library. Here are the steps on how you can use GIPHY clips in TikTok.

  1. Launch the TikTok application on your device. Make sure that you have updated TikTok to the latest version.
  2. Now, tap on the new “Library” icon present on the vertical sidebar on the main camera screen of the app. 
  3. Choose the GIPHY clip that you want to use. 
  4. Crop the selected clip if you wish to and shorten it to the length you desire. 
  5. Now return to the shooting page and continue with creating your new TikTok video
  6. After you record the video, you can make the necessary editing and upload it on the TikTok feed. 

It is quite simple to use the GIPHY clips in your TikTok videos. You just need to know where the option is available and the rest of the procedure is the same as you did in your other TikTok videos. 

Who Can Access TikTok Library

Who Can Access TikTok Library

TikTok library is going to be accessible to all the TikTok users who will update their application to the latest version. The feature is going to launch for Android users this week while iOS users will have to wait for another week to enjoy this feature. 

Wrap Up

The new TikTok Library Giphy feature will be loved by those who are regular TikTok users. In the beginning, there might not be too many features to use in the TikTok library, but the TikTok library will gradually involve more content into it to broaden the options for users which will comprise more content sources, audios, user-generated content as well as text templates. 

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