TRAILAR Mulls Suing Truth Social Over Logo

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Did you hear the latest news regarding TRAILAR Mulls suing Truth Social over logo? No? Then, you should know that this is something really serious as it may put Trump into legal issues. Since the release of the Truth Social app, it has been in the news. Now, this news about TRAILAR Mulls suing Truth Social over logo is something shocking.  

The application launched on 21st February but was hit with certain technical difficulties. The app is putting the users on a waiting list because of heavy demand by the users. The app did get a positive response from many users. However, something negative may take the former US President into serious trouble. 

The similar logo of Trump’s social app and TRAILAR is now getting serious. Here, we are with another post about TRAILAR Mulls suing Truth Social over logo. If you want to know the exact reason and story behind this, stay with us till the very end. 

So, let us not waste much time and start with the article!

TRAILAR And Truth Social

TRAILAR is a British company born for evolving the transport industry. The company is known for saving carbon dioxide, fuel, and customers’ costs by fitting solar maps to the roof of commercial vehicles. It is mostly known for fixing panels on trucks and providing data analytics to the trucking industry.

Truth Social App was launched this month. The app is a replica of Twitter. The app has various features that include re-truth, likes, dark mode, timeline, and many others. The Truth Social app is available for iOS now but will soon be available to Android users

Let’s now see what is happening between TRAILAR and the Truth Social app. 

TRAILAR Mulls Suing Truth Social Over Logo

The Truth Social app, after its release, has run into various problems. The users were receiving error messages while signing up. They are added to a waiting list and are shown queue numbers. But, some users are complaining that the queue number instead of reducing is increasing. 

The little-known British company, TRAILAR, has threatened the former US President, Donald Trump, with serious legal action for using an identical logo to an already existing design. The Spokesperson of the company selling solar panel technology, TRAILAR, has said that they seek advice to know what is required to save their brand. He also said that there is no connection between the Truth Social app and TRAILAR.

The Truth Social app has a broken ‘T’ logo identical to TRAILAR’s logo. The British trucking company, TRAILAR, tweeted tagging the members of Trump’s family as Trump’s account was suspended last year.

There were tweets on Twitter related to the Truth Social app after being available on the App Store. A user compared the Truth Social app and TRAILER by saying that one icon is the Truth Social site while the other is a British Fleet Telematics & Fuel Efficiency company.  

The Truth Social site is similar to other social networking sites, especially Twitter. Many of the features of the application are similar to the existing apps. It claims to be different and an app away from political distinction.    


The matter regarding TRAILER mulls suing Truth Social over the logo is becoming severe. It would be interesting to see if the issue gets solved soon or leads Trump’s app to hot water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Is Donald Trump In Legal Trouble?

The launch of the Truth Social app has put Trump into legal trouble because the app’s logo closely resembles the logo of a British company, TRAILAR.

Q2. Are The Logos Of Both TRAILAR And Truth App Exactly The Same?

The logos of TRAILAR and the Truth Social app are not exactly the same. Though both have a blue-colored logo, the Truth Social app has a slight difference in their logo.

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