Best Transitions On Instagram Reel | Top Instagram Transition Ideas 2023!

Best Transitions On Instagram Reel

Failing again and again to create a transition Reel? Allow us to make you understand the assignment! We have given you some amazing and best transitions on Instagram Reel till now, from which you can take inspiration and then create your own!! 

Instagram Reels has grown a lot since its launch after observing the shower of love for it from Instagram users! But the transitions on trending songs on Instagram are the only feature on Reels which can beat the rest of feature. If you also want to know how to create or what are the best transitions on Instagram Reel in trend in 2023 then this blog post wraps all of them at one place for you! 

The best transitions on Instagram Reel: Finger snap transition, Camera tap transition, Bomb transition, Capping transition, Jump transition, Side swipe transition etc. 

If you are also creating that same boring lip syncing or slow-mo Reels on Instagram from gallery then it’s time to spice up your Instagram Reels with these best transitions on Instagram Reel ideas! Read and let the data sink in!! 

Best Transitions On Instagram Reel

Failing to retain viewers on Instagram Reels? Your Reels are not giving you desired insights or statistics? The content might be the reason! What you can do to bring life to your dead content is start making transition Reels! This is something that never goes off track and these Instagram reels are liked by the viewers always. Anyone is making these transition videos, anywhere, either be it someone from the travelling sector, fashion industry or any F&B brand, it suits everyone.

Instagram transition makes your short video content more engaging and entertaining. In addition, Instagram transition allows you to play with your creativity and mould the video in whatever way you want with Instagram Reels video formatting features like timer, effects, filters, adding voiceovers etc.

How Do You Do Transitions On Instagram Reels?

Convinced to create best transitions on Instagram Reel but don’t know how to bring the plan into execution? Well it’s not that difficult, you just need to have some basic knowledge about Instagram Reels, and this guide!

Here are a bunch of best transitions on Instagram Reel that you can try for yourself and gain some reach on the platform! 

01: Finger Snap Transition

This finger-snap transition is as easy as snapping fingers! If you have got a nice collection of outfits which you want to flaunt this very season, then this is the right transition that you can use for it! 

In this transition, users are supposed to record themselves with a casual look. You can use either front or the back camera, the choice is yours. Front one gives you an idea of how you are doing in the frame, whereas the back one gives you quality.

You can put the recorder on a timer and while entering into the frame with a dance step or just moving around. After a couple of seconds of making your entry into the frame, you need to come in front of the lens and then quickly snap your fingers and then disappear and stop the recorder.

After this, you have to go behind the lens and create the second look which you want in your post transition clip and start recording from where you stopped by snapping your fingers. Once you get that desired shot, download and install any video editing app and merge both differently recorded segments of the video.

And there you have it, your best transitions on Instagram Reel!! 

02: The Camera Tap Transition

Camera tap is as easy as it sounds! One can get a new makeup look or a new outfit in just one tap! Want to know how? 

For example, if you are shooting for a makeup look, then in the first sequence you have to record yourself without any makeup on, and in the following sequence you will go behind the scenes and then shoot with the glam look!

So, you have to record yourself entering into the frame in an everyday look, no makeup and beautification and then cover the camera with either your fingertip or with your palm and stop the recorder when the camera screen turns black. 

Now in the second scene, get your makeup done. Put the recorder on the timer and cover the camera with your fingertip or palm as you did while ending the earlier sequence. And show your moves!! And done, now you just have to merge these two videos with the help of any good quality video editing app!

03: Bomb Transition

This is a transition that users are creating Reels on Instagram to showcase their Christmas decor, baby birth or their renovated rooms. So if you have something similar to create then you can go for this one! There is not much to do, you just have to record moving forward to the room which you want to show and pretend that you just threw a bomb into the room and then lock the room. You can use any random ball or Christmas jingles to bring some drama into the scene.

Then in the second clip record the video while opening the door of the room and show off the decoration. Editing this Reel is easy, just merge the two videos and don’t forget to cut the transition moment where you locked and opened the door. And you will have your best transitions on Instagram Reel ready!

04: Clapping Transition

To achieve this one, you have to clap in front of the camera, that’s it!! In the first scene, you have to record yourself in some basic and daily wear and then close the camera with three to four claps in front of the camera. Now, change and get ready with your second look and then continue from where you stopped! 

Make sure you don’t move the camera and don’t make noticeable changes in the background or your second pose, or it won’t let the video come out the way you want! 

Once you have both your before and after scenes ready, edit the clips with any third party app or with grooves in Instagram Reels and you will have your video ready!

05: The Jump Transition

Jumping is the easiest transition video that one can create till now! All you have to do is “jump” in front of the camera while entering into the frame and mark the spot where you land, so that in the next scene when you resume recording you don’t break the flow!

After recording the first scene, record the second one starting with a jump and then make some savage moves or whatever way you want! Then with a third party app, merge both the videos and blend the jumping portion with each other and chillax!! The results will be blowing the viewer’s head!!

06: The Side Swipe Transition

The side swiping transition is as simple as scrolling through any social media platform. You can either record the before scene while sitting, standing or even lying around anywhere. In whatever way you feel the best. After starting recording, you just have to pretend that you are on any social media platform and are swiping through stories, Reels or posts!

And pause the recording at any moment and go get yourself changed and ready. Once you are done, resume recording from the same position and situation: while swiping and once you feel like it’s the moment, start posing!!

Now open your favorite third-party video editing app and upload both the clips and cut the first one at a swipe and do the same with the second one and then merge both of them! You can also use the speed feature of the app and slow down the video to bring slo-mo effect in “after video clip” to have better results. 

Best Transitions Effects On Instagram Reel

Best Transitions On Instagram Reel

Need some more best transitions on Instagram Reel? No issues, we won’t let you return empty handed and won’t disappoint you! Below are some more cool Instagram Reels transition effects for you to create some engaging content. You can use these transition effects for the times when you feel like the video isn’t as spicy as it should be.

01: Cut Transitions

Don’t want to put that much effort in your videos? Need it to be short and simple? This transition effect is all you need in your videos!! This effect cuts out the unwanted portions of your video and brings the two scenes together in just one blink! 

02: Swipe Transitions

Swipe transitions effect is the one that everyone must have used at least for once in their lifetime on Instagram Reels! This effect gives a swipe effect to your before and after scenes and makes it looks like that you swiped between two entirely different looks! 

03: Zoom Transitions

This effect simply zooms in the screen of your video where your two videos blend into each other! You will see the screen coming towards you pretty fast and then it will go back as it was giving the transition period of the video an amazing turn!

04: Spin Transitions

Spinning transition effect is for turning your video upside down! Kidding XD!! Spinning effect does what it says pretty well. It will spin the selected video’s portion so fine that no uncertainty comes into notice if there were any! Not only for transitions, but you can use all of these effects in random before or after scenes also just to add spice to the basic video clips.

05: Shake Transitions

This transition effect shakes the portion where your before and after video meets. This will exactly look like that you have shaken your camera while recording which gives a perfect effect to your videos to give that kick to viewer’s appeal!  

06: Dissolve Transitions

Want to serve your audience with some real content? Make best transitions on Instagram Reel with the dissolve transition effect. This effect gives both of your videos a cool dissolving transitioning effect which makes an illusion of your videos getting lost into each other making a perfect transition Reel.

07: Glitch Transitions 

Glitch effect will show some multiple color boxes messing up with your videos making it look like a real glitch when it’s not! That glitchy moment will be the one when you can exactly mix up your “After Scene” into the frame giving it a glitchy touch! 

08: Flip Transitions 

Flipping transition effects are easily available at almost every third party video editing app. This effect gives a flipping effect to the moment where your first video clip ends and the second one begins with a smooth transition. So if you have a transition video of any makeup look or any get up then this transition effect would be the best!

09: Roll Transitions

Roll effect simply rolls the screen either upward or backward depending upon your selection. You just have to select a particular moment in your video where you want that rolling effect and where the transition happens, and then see the results. It’s one of the most quick and pretty transitioning effects.

10: Color Transitions

This transition effect doesn’t make much changes to your video. It will just fade in and fade out with any one particular color chosen by you! You just have to select a color from the given ones by the editing app and it will automatically blend the two clips into each other with the exposure of the color transition in less than one second.

11: Light Leak Transitions

A dim light will peek into the frame from where your transition will happen with the help of this effect. Light leak transition effects are mostly used by professional and experienced video creators as fine detailing is required in the recording of the video.

12: Luma Fade Transitions

Luma fade effect is for bringing any of your memory into the frame and showing it to people. To create a transition video with this effect you must have two video clips, one of you trying to recall a memory and in the second one the memory itself. Once you manage to record both the scenes, you need to bring this effect into play and this will show exactly what you desire!

Wrapping Up

Transition alert!! If you also love creating and bingeing on Instagram transition Reels then you will absolutely love our collection of the best transitions on Instagram Reel that we have extracted from the internet exclusively for you! 

All of us know about the evergreen content of Instagram is this Reels and if being specific then “transition Reels”. This never goes off the trend, as people on Instagram engage with it more as compared to any other content like picture post, carousel posts, stories etc! Instagram people always had and will have a thing for transition Reels. To keep this up, we’d suggest you to start focusing on Reels and transition Reels specifically! So that you may not fail in retaining and getting into the eyes of Instagram people anymore!

Good luck with transitioning!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do You Make Good Transitions On Instagram Reels?

To make a good makeup transition Instagram Reel, shoot a sober look first with any of the best transitions on Instagram Reel mentioned above and then come up with a glam look and then edit both the clips to get the desired results. 

Q2. Does Instagram Reels Have Transition Effects?

Fortunately, yes. Instagram provides the users with a number of transition effects that one can use in their videos either while recording or post recording the video. 

Q3. How Do You Make Smooth Transitions On A Reel?

Select a natural filter on Instagram and record a “Before look” and snap in front of the camera. Go behind the lenses and get ready! Next, record the second look. At last edit the videos and add some transitioning effects for better results.

Q4. What Is Trending On Instagram Reels?

Trending on Instagram (2023):
The Glitch Recap trend
Calm Down Trending sound
It’s Giving trend
Look at this trend

Q5. Can I Add Transitions To My Instagram Reel After I’ve Already Posted It?

Unfortunately, not! You can only add transitions to your Instagram Reels while recording or editing. Once it is live on Instagram, there is no way one can add transitions or any effect to his videos.

Q6. How Many Transitions Should I Use In One Instagram Reel?

The number of transitions used in an Instagram Reel solely depends on you and your Reels. Ideally, Instagram offers 6 Instagram transition Reel effects which you can use in your videos. If you have more than one peak-moment or look-changing scene in your video then you can go for that time of effects.

Q7. Do I Need Any Special Equipment To Create Transitions On Instagram Reel?

Absolutely not, you don’t need any expensive or additional equipment to create transition Reels on Instagram! That entirely depends on you, there’s no necessity! If you earn through the content that you post on Instagram then you should invest on equipment like tripods, lights, stands etc and if you take content creation for Instagram lightly and casually then you can replace stands with any sturdy surface where you can put your phone and record videos! Rest depends on your priorities!

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