What Does SSB Mean On Snapchat | Acronyms You Need To Know!

What Does SSB Mean On Snapchat

Snapchat is popular for its acronyms and slang. Snapchat users invent a new slang term every day.  Many people searched what does SSB means on Snapchat! You also don’t know? Sad, but come along, we tell you.

Spend a little more time on a new social media platform, if you wanna feel like an old fart. You will be more shocked by seeing unfamiliar acronyms than you will ever want to grasp in your life.

The answer to “what does SSB mean on Snapchat” is Send Snap Back. Yes, if someone sends you a snap by attaching “SSB” with it, then that means, they want you to reply to them with an instant snap to continue the chain. 

What, are you done here only? We thought it would be a better idea to explain the basics and terminologies and help you avoid any miscommunications. Other than the meaning of SSB you’ll learn many more. You just read till the end!.

What Are Acronyms On Snapchat?

Before jumping on what does SSB mean on Snapchat, let’s know more about these acronyms.

Acronyms tend to stay a little longer. This latest term “SSB” that’s being used on Snapchat has multiple definitions. It has some history in an older TV series. So what does SSB mean on Snapchat?

Under the limitations of the applications, social media is well stocked with slang and acronyms that depict something specific. There is an alternate language out there, from purple hearts to farm animals, that one must learn to burgeon in the ocean of likes. Due to the internet now being responsible for so much of public communication, it has become almost its specific language. This language is a lot more easy-going and features a lot of abbreviates. Before you enter the world of Internet English, remember that endless Internet slang is misspelled or misused.

Snapchat is overflowing with abbreviations and there is a term for almost every scenario. While asking some to connect with us, users say AMOS, which is shorthand for “Add Me On Snapchat“. Then comes PMOYS, or you can say “Put Me On Your Snapchat” and this is used when someone asks you to mention them or add their picture in your snap. SB stands for “Snap Back“, it refers to when a user wanna engage in continuous series of snaps or is simply asking for a response.

SNR means “Streaks N Recent”, it applies when someone wants to know the person a user currently has a Snap Streak with including the last person they spoke to on Snapchat. FFF you may say “Follow For Follow”, this happens when a user follows someone and promises to be followed in return. 

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What Does SSB Mean On Snapchat?

What Does SSB Mean On Snapchat | Acronyms You Need To Know!

It’s quite simple: Send Snap Back. If someone sends you a Snapchat photo and they attach “SSB” to it, that means they want you to return the favor. It can be considered that they want a snap in a similar vein to what they sent you. So, if a buddy sends you a snap of his feet with SSB as a caption, then that means he wants to check out your toes.

It could also just mean that they wanna text back and forth with you, but you should try and analyze the vibe of the conversation, too.

Sometimes, SSB also means Sucks So Bad! When a user replies to your snap with his/her snap with this caption then that means the receiver didn’t like the snap sent by you. So the receiver replies with Sucks So Bad! Or this can be used in between a text conversation.

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What Does Snapback Means In Slang?

If you are an experienced Snapchat user, this is an excellent place to test your knowledge. If you are a regular Snapchat user then you must be familiar with the popular Snapchat terminologies. Although, even the highly experienced snap chatters also get some terms wrong or get confused with the terms, not to mention the recent users or freshers.

Also, some ordinary Snapchat terms are easily confused with other words, i.e: SB can mean “somebody”, but in the Snapchat universe, that term means something entirely different.

On Snapchat, SB is known for “Snap Back”. This feature allows users to get to know who wants to exchange Snaps with you. So, if you have received an SB from a Snapchat user, it means that the user wants you to send them a Snapback.

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SSB Some Other Abbreviations

What Does SSB Mean On Snapchat | Acronyms You Need To Know!

Now that you know what does SSB mean on Snapchat, the following table specifies the list of Abbreviations of SSB

SSBSuper Smash Bros
SSBStainless Steel Bowl
SSBSugar-Sweetened Beverage
SSBSubstitute Senate Bill
SSBSpace Studies Board
SSBStudent Services Building
SSBState Street Bank
SSBSpontaneous Symmetry Breaking
SSBSystem Status Block
SSBSoftware Supply Business
SSBSelf Service Banking
SSBSingle Since Birth
SSBSplit System Breaker

We hope that now you know what SSB means on Snapchat

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Wrapping Up

That’s all for what does SSB mean on Snapchat.

The more you will know about using this application, the better your experience will be. That’s the reason why you should be familiar with all of the previously mentioned terms. 

So, go through this post again, and don’t forget to memorize all the terminologies if you don’t want to feel left out in front of your entire circle of friends. You can let us know if we left out something important or if you’ve any doubts in the comment section. 


Q1. What Is DSB On Snap?

Ans. SD/SB is an acronym that means Sugar Daddy (SD) and Sugar Baby (SB), but for others, these relationships are so much more than just a title.

Q2. What Does It Mean When Someone Says Streaks SB?

Ans. People use it as an excuse to talk to someone. With streaks, you get to have a conversation. With views, it’s just people who viewed our stories.

Q3. What Does GNS Means On  Snapchat?

Ans. Snapchat is now littered with terms linked with the app and two of the most common ones are GMS and SFS. The former usually stands for good morning/night streaks as well.

Q4. What Does FTW Means On Snapchat?

Ans. FTW is an acronym that means “for the win”. This may seem obscure. But think about it, if you’re in an online game and you capture the flag, you did it for the win.

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