How To Buy In Decentraland | A Step By Step Guide

How T o Buy In Decentraland

You might be familiar with the words like Metaverse, Decentraland, NFTs, and so on. If you are a newbie to all these terms and planning to invest in Decentralnd, then this blog is for you. In this post, you will come across how to buy in Decentraland.

Decentraland metaverse originated in August 2017. This Metaverse project was developed by Esteban Ordano and Ari Meillich. Powered by Ethereum blockchain it is a decentralized virtual reality platform. It allows users to create, experience, and monetize their content and applications.

This post will present before you all the different assets that you can buy in Decentraland. You will also be guided step by step on how to purchase them. So let’s get started with the main market of the Decentraland.

How To Buy In Decentraland Marketplace

If you are planning to buy in Decentraland then you have to get familiar with this word. This is the place in Decentraland where you go to trade and manage your on-chain assets.

Marketplace will be used to:

  1. Sell parcels of land, wearables, or other assets.
  2. Buy parcels of land, wearables, or other assets.
  3. Transfer your assets to any other user in Decentraland.
  4. Explore the map to check existing wearables or claimed avatar manes and so on.
  5. Give names to your parcels and their descriptions.
  6. Manage to dissolve or create estates.
  7. Grant permission to other users, to allow them to deploy on your land.

How To Buy Land In Metaverse Via Atlas View

How To Buy In Decentraland

It’s just like a map. You can view Land parcels, roads, plazas, and districts in Decentraland. Any parcel that is highlighted will be available for sale. You can click on it to see its status and public address. You can also use the cursor to zoom in or out. The bidding option is also available to buy land from the atlas view.

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The Digital Wallet: Most Important Requirement To Buy In Decentraland

Just like in the real world, whenever you visit a market to buy things to need money. Similarly, to buy in Decentraland you need ETH in your wallet. There are a lot of wallets but these are the best ones you can use. You have to connect to your wallet before going to the marketplace. Once connected your wallet address acts as your account while navigating through the Marketplace.

How To Make a Purchase In Decentraland Marketplace

How To Buy In Decentraland

In order to buy in Decentraland, you need to learn to use the marketplace.

To see all the items that are currently for sale, select the browser tab.

  1. Click on the Category to view only a specific type of item.
  2. Filter them by different criteria like most recent, cheapest, etc.
  3. Toggle On sale off to view items that aren’t for sale.
  4. Search items by name to find something specific.

Assets You Can Buy In Decentraland.

Buy Mana

If you want to buy Mana in exchange for Ether, then just follow the steps.

  1. Browse to your user Settings page.
  2. Click on Buy More placed next to your MANA balance.
  3. This takes you to Kyber Swap, 
  4. This is the place where you can easily exchange Ether to MANA.
  5. Set the amount of MANA you’d like to receive 
  6. The amount of Ether you’d like to convert, 
  7. Then click Swap Now.
  8. Confirm this transaction on your Ethereum client
  9. Wait till verified.

Buy Items

In the category of the items, you can find wearables, unique names, and decoratives for your land parcel. Follow the steps below to buy any Item.

  1. Go to offers where you can find something you can buy.
  2. Click on it to check its details.
  3. On the details page, you will find the Buy option.
  4. Confirm this transaction on your Ethereum client.
  5. Wait until verified. 

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Buy Land Or Real Estates

If you want to invest in Decentraland then you can for sure buy land at Decentraland. To buy a land parcel in Decentraland just follow the steps.

  1. Browse to parcels and Estates.
  2. Click on “view all”
  3. Select the piece of land you want to buy.
  4. Click on it to view its details and its price.
  5. It will also show if it is available or not.
  6. If it is available then click on the Buy option
  7. At this point, you need to be connected to your wallet.
  8. If you have enough MANA in your wallet you are ready to go ahead.
  9. You just have to confirm the land purchased on your wallet.
  10. Wait till verified.

Placing a bid.

This is a very important point to understand before you buy anything in Decentraland. Not all items are on sale in Decentraland and if an item is not listed on sale, then you can still bid on it. You give the offer to buy it at a specific price. If the bid is accepted, then the steps of buying the item remain the same.

  1. To check the list of pending bids, go to the navbar and select My Bids.
  2. This screen allows you to see the bids made by other users.
  3. It also allows you to update your bid price. 

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Wrapping Up

This blog explains to you in detail all the items that you can buy in Decentraland and the steps you have to take to buy them. Just like Minecraft, the Decentraland has no real goals. It is an open-world game where users interact with each other. Users can purchase land within the game which is tokenized NFTs. user can develop and monetize land.

Decentraland users can play virtual games where they can gamble cryptocurrency within the metaverse. Apart from this, you can also go to virtual reality games and NFT museums. 

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