What Does FT Anyone Mean On Snapchat?

what does ft mean on snapchat

With the advancement in internet technology, high-speed internet has made it possible to make video calls more clear and easy. FT anyone mean on Snapchat is the video call that we usually do with our friends and family. Nowadays, FT also supports group video call options.

Covid 19 changed the structure of the online world. All the online opportunities were explored and now even after the covid 19, those newly explored features are still used. FT anyone is one such thing. FT anyone mean on Snapchat is to put out a status if you want to have a video call?

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FT means “Face Time Anyone” on Snapchat.

Today almost every social media platform supports FT. It is really easy to do FT on any platform. That is the reason FT is a widely used acronym on social media.

What Does FT Anyone Mean On Snapchat?

FT Anyone Mean on Snapchat

There are a lot of synonyms for each and every word. These different names of the same thing are mostly used on social media. FT is one such term that is used to describe the video call. FT anyone mean on Snapchat is “Face Time anyone”. This means the user is available for the video call meeting with any interested person. Facetime is another name for video calls.

FT has got other meanings as well.

Origins Of FT Anyone  

FT originated from the Apple company. They introduced a video-calling app which was named FaceTime. FT was added to the urban dictionary in 2015. Before that, there was no such term as FT on the internet. Today if you are doing a video call on any other app as well, you can still use FT there.

How Is FT Anyone Used On Snapchat?

Depending on the situation in which FT is used, it’s meaning keeps on changing. If FT is associated with a song or a video, then FT Anyone Mean on Snapchat is featured. If the situation is tense or frustrating, then FT is used F*ck that. If FT is used in some business discussion, then FT means for trade.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use FT Anyone in Snapchat 

FT anyone is used in the snap captions or the story captions. Here are some examples on how to reply back to FT Anyone on Snapchat

A: Hey, FT anyone with me? (FaceTime)

B: Sure.

A: FT anyone will be from 8 to 9. (FaceTime).

B: Really, I will be going.

A: Hit me up! FT anyone coming this sunday. (FaceTime)

B: You took so long. I was eagerly waiting for it.

Is It Okay To Use FT Anyone On Snapchat?

Yes, it is okay to use the FT Anyone Mean on Snapchat.

Even only FT is also okay to use. FaceTime or video calls are very common these days. There are alot of different apps through which you can FT anyone. Snapchat is also a good app to do FT? FT anyone is mostly used in the captions of snaps and stories by popular people. It is also used with our friends.

Other Snapchat  Abbreviations You Should Know

FT Anyone Mean on Snapchat

There are a lot of Snapchat acronyms popularly used on social media. Here are some popular ones.

  • HMU: Hit Me Up
  • ONG – On God
  • FL – First Love
  • FCE – Favourite Couple Ever
  • ESB – Everyone Snap Back
  • FML – F*ck My Life
  • FPF – Favourite Person Friday 
  • GTS – Go To Sleep / Good Times
  • MB – MayBe
  • IMY – I Miss You


We are living in a very busy world. It has become difficult for us to meet our friends in person so we usually use the video calling feature to remain connected with our friends. But it’s way outdated to use Video call anyone as a caption. To make it look better, FT anyone was introduced and used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who Does FT Anyone Stand For?

FT anyone means on Snapchat is Face Time Anyone. It is used as a question if anyone wants to have a Face time. There are other meanings of the FT, and it is often used in place of a video call.

Q2: When Should I Use FT Anyone?

You can use FT Anyone when you are free for video calls. You can post it as a caption in your snaps asking your friends if anyone is interested in the video calls. 

Q3: What Does FT Anyone Mean On Internet?

FT anyone mean on Snapchat and the internet is Face Time anyone. FT has got some other meanings as well Featuring, F*ck that, F*ck tonight, For Trade.

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