What Does Rossgram Look Like | Russian Instagram Clone!

When Will Rossgram Launch?

A new social media application for Russians. Yes, we are talking about Rossgram. The Russian tech entrepreneurs are designing an application as a new Social Media platform for Russians namely Rossgram. Now you all must be wondering what does Rossgram look like.

After declaring Facebook a terrorist organization, Russia’s media regulator, the Roskomnadzor, banned Instagram, a Facebook-owned app, in Russian after Facebook narrowed its content moderation policy only for Ukraine, stating that it would be wrong if Ukrainians are stopped from expressing their aversion to the Russian invaders and allowed Ukrainians to post hateful messages for Russia. 

But, reports have inferred that around 80 million users on Instagram are Russian. Along with the ban of such an extensively used social media application in a country, comes a need of launching another application that will help serve similar purposes. Thus, Russia is now going to launch a new application for their citizens that will work as a substitution to Instagram and will be called “Rossgram”. No one will be able to use Instagram in Russia and if anyone wishes to be on social media, they will be using this Rossgram once it is launched.

Last year, it was Yappy, a replacement to TikTok, China’s social media platform. And this year, Russia has targeted Instagram. So, what does Rossgram look like? Is Rossgram a copy of Instagram? How will Rossgram work? So many questions are there but no answers. All these questions will be covered here and you will be able to know everything about Rossgram by the end of this article. 

What Is Rossgram?

What Is Rossgram

Rossgram, which is presumably going to launch by the end of this month on 28 March, is a social media application that is being specially designed for the Russians as a replacement to Instagram which has been banned in Russia. This application will allow the users to share their images and videos with people online. 

Also, a few months back, Russia also developed AYYA T1 smartphones. Looks like Russia is trying to be independent of the foreign applications and products and developing their own domestic technology to be used in their country. 

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What Does Rossgram Look Like? Is Rossgram Same As Instagram?

What Does Rossgram Look Like

The upcoming application Rossgram will work a lot like Instagram. The First Look Of Rossgram has been shared on VKontakte social network by Alexander Zobov who is the initiative’s public relations director. So, even before its launch, you already know Rossgram’s first look. Even the layout and the color scheme of Rossgram have been designed in such a manner that it resembles Instagram.

But, there are certainly going to be some features in the new Rossgram that are not available on Instagram. For instance, Crowdfunding will be a feature that Rossgram will provide. Also, there will be paid access to some content. The application will be having some monetizing tools and a referral program. 

Let us know more about the extra features on Rossgram. 

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What Is Crowdfunding On Rossgram?

What Is Crowdfunding On Rossgram

Crowdfunding basically refers to collecting small funds from numerous people to finance a new business venture. This feature will be made available on Rossgram through which people looking forward to starting a small business will be able to collect small amounts of capital from a lot of users on Instagram.

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Will There Be Paid Access To Some Content On Rossgram?

Yes, not all the content on Rossgram will be accessible to the users for free. Some of the content will be protected from being viewed unless the user pays the required amount to that authority to give access to that content. In this way, Rossgram will also become a platform for earning money as well.

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Wrapping Up

Russia’s Rossgram social media app is going to be a rival to Meta’s Instagram. Time will tell if Russia really made this application up to the mark that it will be able to take place of the most popular social media platform, Instagram in Russia, or not. Do share the post with your friends and let them also know what will Rossgram look like?

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Can I Install Rossgram On iPhone Or Android?

Rossgram can be downloaded on both Android as well iOS devices. You can either download the app from App Store/ Play Store or visit the official website to do the same.

Who Can Use Rossgram App?

From 28 March, Rossgram will be available only to the top bloggers, investors, and partner sponsors. This Russian application will be made accessible only in April for the rest of the users. 

In Which Countries Will Rossgram Work?

The Rossgram application, which is the upcoming photo-sharing Platform designed by Russians, is made especially for the people of Russia in order to replace Instagram that they have banned in Russia. 

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