Rossgram Release Date | When Will Russia Launch Rossgram?

What is Rossgram? Is Rossgram a new app? why is this app being launched? If you have these questions in your mind, you have come to the right place. Rossgram is the new social media app that has been launched by Russia. Rossgram is the clone of Instagram that Russia has released. But this app has not been yet released. So, now the question is what is the Rossgram release date?

Instagram was banned in Russia because many users were spreading hate speeches against Russia on the Instagram platform in support of Ukraine. Due to this reason, Russia banned Instagram. So, to replace Instagram they have created a new social media app that is called Rossgram.

But there are many users who are still confused about the release date of this app. However, you need not worry as here in this post, we are going to discuss the Rossgram Release Date. This new app will release in March 2022. The features of this app are similar to Instagram. It is also called the Russian Instagram.

So, in this post besides telling you about the release date of Rossgram there are many other things that we will discuss on this app. Excited to know what they are? Let’s quickly jump to the content to know about this app.

What Is Rossgram?

The Russian techs have been working to replace Instagram amidst the war by launching the new social media app. Rossgram is a new photo-sharing app that Russia will be launching and is similar to Instagram. This is because Instagram was banned in Russia last week. The new social media app that will take place on Instagram has similar features to Instagram. Moreover, Rossgram also includes some extra features like crowdfunding, paid access to particular materials, and many more.

Still, got doubts about it? Here is a complete guide on What is Rossgram and how is it better than Instagram.

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Rossgram Release Date 

Do you know the exact Rossgram Release Date?

Rossgram app is a replacement for Instagram that Russia is going to launch. This new social media platform will release on 28th March 2022. But it is said that Rossgram will be accessible only to investors, bloggers and sponsors.

So when this app will release on 28th March 2022 will be accessible only by bloggers, sponsors, and investors only.

But How about the normal users?

When will they get access to Rossgram?

Well, you need not get disheartened as in April you will get access to this new social media app. However, the date, when the normal users will get access has not been declared yet.

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What Triggered Russia To Shut Down Instagram?

It was only last week that meta platforms have announced that the social media users in Ukraine accessing meta platforms can post remarks like “Death to the Russian invaders.” The Russian communication authority also advised the users to take off their hate speeches and photos before Instagram gets shut down. Hence, Russia made a new social media plan.

According to the corporation, it would be wrong to suppress the Ukrainian’s anger from showing their emotions at the invading military troops. So meta that owns Facebook stated that it will make the interim adjustment in its hate speech policy. But, this will be applicable only to Ukraine. So that the citizens can express their opposition to Russia’s aggression. On that very day, Russia filed a criminal complaint against Instagram which resulted in the ban of Instagram.

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Wrapping Up:

So, now you know the Rossgram release date. Besides that, we have also started some other facts related to Rossgram. Do read this post and let us know what are your opinions about this new Russian- Instagram app, Rossgram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do Hashtags Work In Rossgram Comments?

Yes, Rossgram comments do have hashtags in the comments section which will work the same as it works in the caption. When these hashtags are scheduled in your first comment then it will surely improve your reach. This is because as soon as your post is live your hashtags start to work.

Q. Can You Add Music To Your Rossgram Story?

Yes, you can add music to your Rossgram story. But if you stay in a region or in a country where there is limited music then you may find it a bit difficult to add music to your Rossgram story.

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