Russia Launches Instagram Clone “Rossgram” | How It Works?

Rossgram Russia Instagram Clone

Earlier, when Donald Truth was banned from social platforms, he launched his own social media, Truth Social. And now Russia seems to follow the footprints after banning Instagram. To fill the void left by Instagram, Russian tech entrepreneurs have decided to come up with Rossgram, a picture-sharing platform, somewhat similar to Instagram. Let’s grab more info about Rossgram Russia Instagram Clone.

As we know there’s a policy against hate speech on every social media platform. But like we saw last week, Meta allowed its platforms like Instagram and Facebook to promote hate speech against Russia. After watching this behavior, Russian regulators completely banned Instagram completely.

To fill the void left by Instagram in Russian regions, Russian tech entrepreneurs decided to launch their own social media platform known as Rossgram, also known as Russian Instagram. As per the reports, the Rossgram will be launched on 28th March 2022. People are quite excited about this upcoming launch. The new platform will not be limited to sharing photos and videos only. It will also include paid access to some content along with crowdfunding.

Let’s dig in-depth into why Russia decided to bring up this major change. Will Rossgram Russia Instagram Clone be able to takedown the original platform?

What Is Rossgram? Why Is Russia Launching Rossgram?

What Is Rossgram

Watching the popularity of Instagram in Russia, the regulators were pretty concerned. And why not when the last year’s data showed 62.9 million active Instagram users in Russia which is equivalent to roughly 34 % of total global Instagram users.

At present social media platforms are not just a source of entertainment but a major source for generating revenue too. To hit the right arrow at the right spot and right time, Russian regulators launched their own Social platform called Rossgram.

Russia even managed to include a new crowdfunding feature in this new app to support the content creators on the platform. This will allow content creators to generate a source of income just like Instagram creators.

Some content will even be available with paid access. It’s more like Rossgram’s premium subscription to watch premium content.

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Rossgram Launch Date

According to, Rossgram- Russia’s own Instagram will be launched on 28 March 2022. The app will be available on both Android and iOS users.

What Will Rossgram Look Like?

What Will Rossgram Look Like

The Rossgram will be similar to Instagram in features and design as well. Also, after watching the photo shared by Zobov on Vkontakte (a European social network), Rossgram’s design is going to bear a strong resemblance to Instagram. The color scheme, the logo, and the inner layout will be quite similar to that of Instagram.

For the past few months, Russia is very active in developing its domestic technology. Be it smartphones, or other technological advancements, Russia is quite serious about development.

For example, in November, Gazprom Media launched a social media platform named Yappy as a domestic rival to the video-sharing platform TikTok. And now they are bringing a rivalry for Instagram too.

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How To Download Rossgram

How To Download Rossgram

The Instagram clone Rossgram will be similar to Instagram. To download Rossgram, you will have to visit website. There you can register yourself to get access to the app as soon as it launches.

As per the news, only the top creators, investors, and bloggers will get a chance to access Rossgram on 28th March. The app will roll out for all soon after that.

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How To Download Rossgram On Android

To download Rossgram on an Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Play Store.
  2. Search Rossgram in the search bar at the top.
  3. After you spot the app, click on Install.
  4. Now you will have the app downloaded in your mobile.

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How To Download Rossgram On iPhone?

Same as you did for Android, you’ll have to follow a few basic steps for iPhone to get the Rossgram app on your iPhone:

  1. Go to App Store.
  2. Search Rossgram in the search bar.
  3. After you spot the app, click on Get.
  4. This will get the app installed on your iPhone.

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Final Words

Will Rossgram be able to make its way in the hearts of Russian users? Or will banning Instagram will prove to be a wrong decision for Russia?

Things are going to spice up a lot with the upcoming Rossgram Russia Instagram clone. Let’s see what happens next. Stay tuned for more spicy updates on social media.

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