WhatsApp Is Working On Animated Heart Emojis!! Now All Heart Emojis Will Beat!

WhatsApp Is Working On Animated Heart Emojis

Love sharing emojis? Then this new WhatsApp update will surely excite you!! WhatsApp is working on animated heart emojis! Yes, you read it right. According to a WABetaInfo tweet, an update will support animating all heart emoticons on WhatsApp beta for Android or iOS. Want to know more about it? Then, this post is meant for you.

As a regular WhatsApp user, you must have noticed that whenever you send a red heart alone, it starts pumping. But now this feature will be applicable to every other heart emojis as well! I am already feeling excited about this new WhatsApp Update! Aren’t you?

Though, WhatsApp is working on animated heart emojis, which means this feature is currently in development. However, it’s possible that the company will soon release this tweak for beta testers. Not just this but WhatsApp is working on another feature and to your surprise, it is about the introduction of the ability for users to respond to messages just like Instagram.

There’s a lot you need to know about the latest WhatsApp updates! To make your hustle easy, here’s everything you need to know about this and other upcoming features on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Is Working On Animated Heart Emojis – Look What’s Cooking!

WhatsApp Is Working On Animated Heart Emojis
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WABetaInfo reports that developers are currently working on animations for all the heart emojis within WhatsApp. Red Heart Emojis currently have animations that makes it beat. This latest innovation seems to have a beating animation for all-colored heart emojis.

WABetaInfo shared an image of the heart animation in WhatsApp for iOS. However, WhatsApp says it will soon release the same feature for Android. It is currently in development and will be available for beta testers in a future update, according to WABetaInfo.

This feature could be part of an earlier message response feature too. With this feature, WhatsApp users might be able to reply to certain messages by using specific emojis. You can also view the reaction information tab to see who replied to your message. Message responses are said to be available in both individual and group chat threads.

According to a WABetaInfo report, WhatsApp has been working on two visual indicators to notify users about the end-to-end encryption. This feature notifies users that messages and personal calls are protected by end-to-end encryption. This feature was first discovered in WhatsApp’s iOS version. It is unclear if Android users will receive it or not.

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How To Send An Animated Heart On WhatsApp 

How To Send An Animated Heart On WhatsApp 
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Since WhatsApp is working on animated heart emojis, you can expect the feature anytime soon.! Although, the process to send the animated emojis remains the same just like the previous one. In case you are feeling confused about how to send an animated heart on WhatsApp, then here are the simple steps you need to follow!

  1. Open your WhatsApp account. Go to the chat you wish to send the heart emojis to.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find a message box. Click on it.
  3. This will flash up the keyboard, where you can type your text. To select the emoji, click on the “Smiley” icon present at the bottom left corner of the keypad.
  4. Swipe to the left to find the heart emojis page. 
  5. Select the heart you wish to send (red, yellow, black, pink). 
  6. Now press the green arrow present at the right side of the message box. And your heart emoji will be sent.
  7. With the upcoming update on WhatsApp, you’ll see that not just the red but all colored emojis will beat with an animated effect.

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WhatsApp Voice Calls Interface

WhatsApp Voice Calls Interface
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WhatsApp is working on a new interface to allow voice calls. WABeta tweeted that the messaging app is working on a redesign of its interface for voice calls using WhatsApp beta for Android or iOS.

WhatsApp said that it had introduced the option to join WhatsApp calls once the call has started. It is currently working on a redesign of the interface for voice calls.

WABetaInfo shared a screenshot and said: 

As you see in this screenshot WhatsApp is redesigning its interface for a future upgrade in order to make them more compact, modern, and organize the available space. The new design will look great especially when placing group voice calls.

It added that “Even though the screenshot was taken using WhatsApp for iOS, WhatsApp plans the same redesign for a future version of WhatsApp beta for Android.

So, excited to try these new WhatsApp features? 

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Wrapping Up:

WhatsApp is among the most used social media platforms with over 1M daily active users! WhatsApp understands the user’s needs and that’s why we get to see these timely updates to make the user experience much smoother!

Just like WhatsApp is working on animated heart emojis, there are many other updates lined up in the way that can be seen in the coming time. If you wish to find out more about these latest updates on the platform, give Deasilex a further read!

Tell us which is your favorite emoji that you use most often? What are your views on this new animated heart emojis update? 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where Do You Get Animated Heart Emojis?

Animojis are available within the messaging apps. You can choose any animated emojis from the given option. In some apps, you can even search for the desired animated emojis, just like the GIFs.

Q. How Do You Get Animated Slack  Emojis?

1. Open your Slack account on your desktop. Click your profile picture present at the top right corner.
2. From the menu box, select Preferences.
3. Click Accessibility.
4. You’ll find the Allow animated images and emoji next to the animation option.

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