When Does GTA 6 Come Out On PS4? The Wait Seems Never-Ending!

When Does GTA 6 Come Out On PS4?

Many people are asking when does GTA 6 come out on PS4? Do you also want to know about it? Well, Grand Theft Auto VI is perhaps the next chapter of the famous GTA series. This game has been confirmed that it has been developed by Rockstar Games.

It has now been eight years since the release of Grand Theft Auto V. The longest years till we have to wait between the games of Grand Theft Auto. It was in April 2020, when the blogs of Rockstar announced the formal confirmation of something, that we all knew was happening anyway.

At the moment we really don’t know much about the GTA 6, besides that, it is a real game and we will be able to play this game one day. We are waiting for the release year and a setting but there are many rumours about when does GTA 6 come out on PS4.

Well, below we have listed some information about the release of GTA 6. Let’s get to know more about them.

GTA 6 Release Date

When Does GTA 6 Come Out On PS4?

So, let’s answer the most asked question, When Does GTA 6 Come Out On PS4? Almost all the gamers are eagerly waiting for the release of GTA 6. With the great graphic revamps for the GTA 5 and at the same time set of the next-gen consoles, we can say that GTA 6 will be perhaps one of the biggest games of the decade. 

The release of GTA 6 has not been announced officially. But all we know is that we still have to wait for a long time till we get our hands on this game. The developers have still not leaked the report about mentioning the details of the release of the most awaited game. 

However, there have been many leaked reports that suggest that it will take another 3 to 4 years to complete and this game will probably be released by 2025. However, these are to date assumptions. One of the leaked reports suggests that this game will release by October 2023.

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When Does GTA 6 Come Out On PS4?

When Does GTA 6 Come Out On PS4?

PlayStation 4 was launched in the year 2013 and had become one of the most famous and best-selling consoles of all time and has sold over 110 million units.

But in November 2020 the next-gen PlayStation 5 was released, and till now it has been the largest sold unit across the world. However, there are still millions of players who are still not able to get their hands on this new console.

During the transitional phase of the new consoles, we get to see that the games have been released on both these consoles. This means that we will not be able to see the actual potential of the present console until and unless the previous console is discontinued since the games are made considering the previous consoles.

So, at the moment, we don’t know when GTA 6 will release but we assume that it will probably release in late 2023 on the basis of Take Two’s marketing budget for 2023/2024.

This means that PS5 will be out in the market for 3 years and PS4 on the other hand will be for 10 years and might be discontinued.

So, we can say that GTA 6 will not be released on PS4 since Rockstar will try to take full advantage of the next-gen hardware.

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GTA 6 Platforms

Well, we know that GTA5 was released on PS3 and Xbox 360, and then it was later again released with the better performance and graphics on the next set of consoles.

However, this pattern will not take place with GTA 6. From the leaked reports we got to know that GTA 6 will be all exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox series X and S.

Where Is GTA 6 Located?

Where Is GTA 6 Located?

According to many leaked maps of GTA 6, this game will be based in Miami. It is considered that GTA 6 will also include a map of the modern-day Vice City that will be based on the beach city. On the basis of reports, the codename of this game is Project Americas and it will also feature Rio de Janerio on the map. However, in all the reports we can say that the map of this game will be big than any of its previous versions.

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Wrapping Up:

Since we are not sure when does GTA 6 come out on PS4 we have stated the date on the basis of assumptions and leaked reports? But if you are eager to know then you have to keep your eyes on the coming reports to know its release.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Will Be The Main Character In GTA 6?

Well, there might be 2 to 4 interchangeable GTA characters and it will also include the female protagonist.

Q. Will GTA 6 Be Made Available Online?

Yes. It will surely be made available online and it will be called GTA Online 2. Keep in mind that the previous version is not called the GTA V Online.

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