Xbox One Turns On By Itself | Possible Reasons & Its Fixes 

Your Xbox One is not haunted, it’s just a technical error due to which it turns on by itself. It’s pretty difficult to find what’s wrong. We have gathered different reasons which may cause this situation. Go through the full post to know why your Xbox One turns on by itself. 

There may be situations where your Xbox One console just restarts randomly even if you don’t want it to, depicting that there might be an issue with your gaming console. And, while there are a number of factors why an Xbox might turn on by itself, a maximum of these issues can be easily fixed.   

To prevent Xbox One turns on by itself, you need to tap on the Guide button. Then open Settings and click on Power Mode and Startup. Now select Power Mode followed by Energy saving. In the end, Restart your console. But the story doesn’t end here.

There are more explanations and reasons along with fixes why your Xbox One turning on by itself and what’s the solution to the problem? Look out for each and every possibility mentioned below to find the reason and the solution respectively.

Ways By Which Xbox One Turns On By Itself?

Xbox One Turns On By Itself | Possible Reasons & Its Fixes 

If you wish to stop your Xbox One from turning on by itself, then you have to avoid the console and check out each of these possibilities until you find the exact reason. Here is why Xbox One turns on by itself.

1. Xbox Controller Problems

However, if you are able to turn your Xbox One on with the help of the controller, it may seem to turn on by itself if the controller is not working properly.

2. Touchy Capacitive Power Button

The authentic Xbox One has a capacitive power button in place of the Physical Power button, which indicates it’s easier to turn on the console by mistake.

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3. HDMI Controls

HDMI-CEC permits TVs to control HDMI devices, which could turn your Xbox One on every time you turn on your TV.

4. Cortana Problems

Cortana might misunderstand something said by someone and turn on your Xbox One.

5. Automatic Updates 

The console may turn on itself to install an update.

6. Instant-On Mode

With the instant-on mode enabled, your Xbox One never fully shuts down.

7. The Xbox One Controller Turns On The Console Accidentally

One of the suitable features of modern consoles like the Xbox One is that you can toggle the console off with the wireless controllers and could end up turning your console on even when you don’t want it to.

The power button of an Xbox One and the controller you use are the same button. In maximum cases of a controller accidentally turning Xbox One on, because someone or something has pushed the power button on the controller.

In less regular situations, you may observe the improper functioning of a controller that causes your Xbox One to turn on without any outside input. 

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Why Does Xbox One Turns On By Itself?

Xbox One Turns On By Itself | Possible Reasons & Its Fixes 

A lot of reasons can be responsible for Xbox One turn on by itself. The most common among them are:

1. Power Cycle The Console

You can unplug your Xbox One’s power cord, then wait for a few minutes, and then plug it in back at its place. It often helps fix basic software errors.

2. Kinect Or Cortana Could Be Responsible

If you’re having a kinetic device, you can issue multiple verbal commands to your Xbox One console. By saying “Xbox On”, Cortana will be turning on your Xbox One. So, it might be possible that the Kinect device or Cortana may be misinterpreting sentences that sound the same as “Xbox On”.

3. Controller Fault Or Failure

The Xbox opt on the controller let you turn on your Xbox One and it might be activating your console by itself.

4. Power Button Sensitivity

The power key of an authentic Xbox One is a capacitive button rather than a physical button. It might be possible that dust, debris, or even a pet’s movement is enough to activate the power, turning on the Xbox One Console.

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5. Instant-On Causes the Xbox To Go Into Low Power Mode

Once you turn off your Xbox One, it may look like it’s turning off, but it doesn’t. By default, the Xbox One is developed to enter into a low power mode when you turn it off, which let power backup very quickly. This instant-on feature allows you to turn on the console with voice commands, and it also enables automatic updates.

The issue with the instant-on feature is that a few times you don’t want your Xbox One to turn on by itself. It also uses a minute amount of electricity, even when you aren’t using the console. It isn’t too much, but leaving this feature on all the time will cost you money over time. 

How To Disable The Instant-on Feature:

  1. Click on the Guide button on your controller.
  1. Navigate to the System and then search for Settings. Once found, click on it.
  1. Navigate to Power & StartUp and then tap on Power Mode & Startup.
  1. After that, select Power Mode.
  1. Select the Energy Saving option.
  1. At last, Restart your console.

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6. Xbox One Automatic Updates Turn On The Console

This is one of the reasons the instant-on feature is in front of you. Although it allows your Xbox One to download updates by default when are not using the console. This can save a lot of time since the updates are already good to go when you turn your console on.

The issue is that having your Xbox One turn on by itself, is strange! Especially when it happens late at night in a silent house.

How To Disable Automatic Updates?

Xbox One Turns On By Itself | Possible Reasons & Its Fixes 

If you turn off the instant-on feature, then your Xbox can’t switch itself on to download automatic updates. So, if the instant-on feature doesn’t bother you, then that’s a good sign to prevent automatic updates from turning your console on in the mid of the night.

If you don’t wish to turn off the instant-on feature, you also have the choice to leave it on and just turn off default updates:

  1. Click on the Guide button on your controller.
  1. Navigate to SystemSettings.
  1. Click on SystemUpdate & Downloads.
  1. Remove the checkmark from the box.
  1. Restart your console.

TIP: Remove the checkmarks from the box to keep my games and apps up to date to prevent game updates from turning your console on. 

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Wrapping Up:

That’s all for Xbox One turns on by itself.

We can feel you as a gamer, that how important your Xbox One is to you. And an abnormal fluctuating behavior of the console can be irritating and also be scary for you. There are a number of reasons why your Xbox One turns on by itself. But after reading the post, we hope you may know all the possible reasons and fixes. So, now go and fix your Xbox One gaming console right now and get back to gaming.


Q1. Can Xbox One Be Used Offline?

Ans. One can use their Xbox One without the internet by changing the network settings to offline.

Q2. Can One Leave Their Xbox One On All Night To Install A Game?

Ans. If you wish to download or update games during the night, you can leave it on the “instant-on” settings.

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