Android 13 Features | The Latest Android OS Is All Set To Make Its Debut!

Android 13 Features | The Latest Android OS Is All Set To Make Its Debut!

After Android 12, Android 13 is all set to make its debut this year. The upcoming release of Android 13 will refine the features and will tweak the user interface in a nice subtle way. You will get new features and APIs. You will get the option to customize the Material You Color scheme along with other features. So, are you excited to know about the Android 13 features?

Well, yes, I guess we all are too excited to know about the feature of the latest yet-to-be-launched Android 13. However, if you have been keeping up with the early beta of Android 13, this will not surprise you.

The Android 13 features will include Material You style haul. Same as the Material You of last year which had the ability to match its color scheme to your phone’s wallpaper. Android 13 new feature includes matching your wallpaper with a series of optional present color schemes that you can choose from.

So, are you ready to know about the Android 13 feature? So, what are you waiting for? Let’s head straight below and get to know about the latest Android 13 features.

Android 13 Name And Release Date

Android 13 Features | The Latest Android OS Is All Set To Make Its Debut!

Google would name its OS version after sweet treats before the Android 10. Though it has switched to a number publicly, internally it still considers its versions as confectionery. Sounds sweet! Well, the codename for Android 13 is Tiramisu.

Well, if we talk about the launch date of Android 13, then Google has shared the schedule for that too. On the basis of that schedule, we can expect two developer previews and at least four betas and will launch sometime in August 2022. But things might change so it’s better that we don’t make many assumptions.

Android 13 Features

So, now the time has come that we get to know about the latest yet-to-be-launched Android 13 features. Tighten your seatbelts and let’s get started.

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1. Android 13 Includes End To End Encryption From RCB Group Chats In Messages

Google has been working with the phone carrier and manufacturers over the last few years only to bring about the Rich Communication Services which is a substitute for SMS and MMS messaging. It will give support to high-quality photos. 

You can even message over Wi-Fi. you will also get a better group messaging experience as well as typing. This app already supports end-to-end encryption automatically if you are having one to one conversation. Moreover, the support for the encrypted group chats will roll out later this year.

2. Google Wallet And Wear OS

Android 13 Features | The Latest Android OS Is All Set To Make Its Debut!

Google wallet which was originally launched in 2011 will now be made available in Android 13 so that you get many new updates and new functions. Google Wallet can store the digital version of all your important documents which includes your transit passes, boarding passes, vaccine records, payment cards, etc. The main idea behind this is to offer a fast and secure alternative to physical cards.

Google wallet will even allow you to share your digital card either over QR code or NFC. Since this is a faster way of sharing information about your card rather than physically handing over your phone to the other to check the information.

Moreover, Google wallet will also support integration with the other apps that you can choose. For instance, if you have a transit card in your Google wallet then your card and your balance will show up in Google maps automatically whenever you search for directions. In this way you will know if your balance is low then you can add more money to the fare before you reach your destination.

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3. Emergency SOS Coming To Wear OS

When there is an emergency then our phones become more important to us. You will see in Android 12 Google launched an emergency SOS that will get you help. It will help you to contact a trusted person and will share your emergency information and you don’t even have to unlock your phone. Now Google is trying its hands to bring emergency SOS to wear OS.

These emergency location services that are already built into Android will help those who respond first find you when you call for help.

4. Better Privacy And Security Features

Android 13 Features | The Latest Android OS Is All Set To Make Its Debut!

The app language settings will allow you to set different default languages in different apps. For instance, you can set your bank apps to English while you can keep your messaging app to Hindi. The camera that is found on Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro is another example where Google is more inclusive and is equipped with software and designs.

The Android photo picker also adds a great privacy feature that was first introduced in iOS. You will have the option to give access to the limited photos and videos that an app can access. Rather than giving access to your full photo library, you can select some photos for the app.

Android will notify you when any app gets access to your copy and paste clipboard. The Android 13 features will automatically delete your phone’s clipboard after a short span of time. Moreover, Google will also add the unified security and privacy settings page that will put all your data privacy and security of your phone front and center. 

You will also get a color-coded indicator that will show your safety status and will also provide you with guidance to make your phone more secure.

5. Android 13 Works With Other Devices

Android 13 Works With Other Devices

Earlier this year Google showed its vision of how Android will work better with your TV, speakers, laptops, and cars. Likewise, Android 13 will help support fast pairing to set up new devices with your phone, copy-pasting between the devices, and automatically audio switching between the devices. It will also allow you to stream messages along with other apps on your computer.

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Wrapping Up:

Are you waiting for the release of Android 13? Did you like the Android 13 features? With more enhanced features of Android 13, you can definitely try your hands on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Silent Mode Actually Silent In Android 13?

Yes, when you keep your phone silent then it will be truly silent. But in this mode haptics and vibrations will happen. In Android 13 also even though silent mode will disable everything so that you get the actual silence when you use your phone.

Q. Does Android 13 Have An Alternative Lock Screen Clock Setup?

Android 13 lets its users toggle between the two clock styles which can be found on the lock screen. You can choose a single-line layout or the present double-line layout. You can access this switch by going to the settings menu and then clicking on the display followed by a lock screen.

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