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How To Get Google Calendar On Apple Watch

Google Calendar is an easy-to-operate application that permits you to link all your reminders and events with it. Remembering all your schedules and events is a complicated task, but google calendar makes it easy. Google Calendar can be used on all devices, Android, iOS, and Windows too. However, there is no official iOS-supported Google Calendar Apple Watch.

If you wish to get Google Calendar notifications on your Watch, it can only be done by linking your Google account with your Apple Watch paired iPhone. Have no fear of data loss in Google Calendar as this application will automatically add it to the app and give notifications in real-time.

To get Google Calendar Apple Watch, you need to open Settings on your iPhone and select Password and Accounts from Settings. Next click on Add Accounts followed by selecting the Google option. After that click on Continue, next, you’ve to enter your email address and password and click on Next. Now, select Google Apps to link with your iPhone. Now open your calendar app, and you’ll find all your Google Calendar Events.

If you’re concerned about losing information while using Google Calendar because the app will sync all your events and schedules with your Google Account. There are many more things to learn about Google Calendar on Apple Watch. All you just need to do is, READ! READ! READ!

How To Get Google Calendar Apple Watch?

How To Fix Google Calendar On Apple Watch Not Working

You can’t install and use the Google Calendar Apple Watch. But you can link your Google calendar to the Apple calendar on a paired iPhone. 

  1. Unveil your iPhone and open the Settings App.
  2. Select the Password and Accounts.
  3. Next, the screen will show you a list of your iPhone accounts, here, click on Add Account option bottom.
  4. Next, select the Google option.
  5. Now, click Continue from the prompt that states Settings wants to use to Sign-In.
  6. Now you’ve to enter your Email Address and Password in its asked place, then click Next.
  7. Select the Google Apps to link with your iPhone. By default, mail, contacts, and calendar apps are linked. If not, tap on the switch to turn it on.
  8. Now, open the calendar app and find all your Google Calendar Events on your iPhone calendar app.
  9. If any changes take place on the built-in apps on a paired iPhone, the same will be reflected on the Apple Watch.

Hence, the Calendar app on iPhone is linked with the Google Calendar Events, so you will get all the Google Calendar notifications on your Apple Watch. If you’ve any events in the queue on your Google Calendar, they’ll appear in the complications section of your Apple Watch.

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How To Fix Google Calendar On Apple Watch Not Working?

How To Fix Google Calendar On Apple Watch Not Working

As the Google Calendar app is not available on the Apple Watch, the probability is higher that you might get issues while syncing it. For instance, for Apple Watch users, the synced information is not appearing on the calendar. If you face any such issue, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone or any other Apple device.
  2. Head to the Google Calendar, Sync website.
  3. Sign-In to your Google account if required.
  4. Under the Shared Calendar menu, tick all the checkboxes.
  5. Next, all the events on your Google Calendar will appear on your Apple Watch.

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Wrapping Up

That’s all for Google Calendar Apple Watch.

Add your Google account with your iPhone and sync your Google Calendar Events with Apple Calendar by default. It is the only method to get all Google Calendar app notifications on Apple Watch. If you are planning to conduct a secret meeting, the Google Calendar will maintain your privacy by hiding the events and schedules from public visibility. This trick can be used on any version of the Apple Watch.

Comment below if you fall into any confusion or want to ask something.


Q1. How Can One Add A Calendar App To The Apple Watch?

Ans. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Click on My Watch, then tap on the Calendar. Click on Custom under Notifications or Calendars.

Q2. Why Are My Calendar Events Not Showing On My Apple Watch?

Ans. Go to the Watch app on the iPhone and go to the General > Reset > Reset Sync Data. This will resync the calendar and contacts data. After clicking on this button, the calendar event will reappear on the watch.

Q3. Why Won’t My Apple Watch Show The Date?

Ans. If the calendar was displaced from the paired iPhone, it’ll also disappear from the Apple Watch. If you removed it from your phone, as you had, go to the App Store and look it up and download it and resolve your missing date on your watch.

Q4. How Do I Display The Date On My Apple Watch?

Ans. You are supposed to download the Apple Calendar App and then you’ll be able to select the date when modifying the Apple Watch face. Just ensure you don’t delete the Apple Calendar app again or it’ll remove it from your face too.

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