6 Best Backlit Keyboards That You Must Give A Try!

Best Backlit Keyboards

A computing device is incomplete without a keyboard. And a keyboard can be either physical or on-screen. All of us have used normal keyboards, and we know how challenging it gets when we have to use these keyboards under low lighting conditions. Being unable to see the keys clearly affects the typing speed and gets quite frustrating. This is the reason behind the introduction of Backlit Keyboards in the market, which helps you get rid of the normal dull keyboards.

You must definitely have been tired of using the old-style keyboard which neither looks appealing nor provides any impressive features. Don’t worry! We have great news for you. Yes! You can now get a separate Backlit Keyboard, attach it to your device, and enjoy using it.

Backlit Keyboards are gradually getting popular among computer users and why shouldn’t they be! Whenever such amazing devices are launched, they don’t take much time before being a trend. But along with this arises the confusion of choosing the right thing. There are so many companies that are selling best backlit keyboards nowadays, so it becomes hard to decide which one to buy.

But you don’t have to stress much about this because we are here to solve all your doubts regarding best backlit keyboards.  We, in this article, will acquaint you with all the necessary info regarding backlit keyboards. Not only that, but we will also suggest some of the most preferable backlit keyboards.

What Is A Backlit Keyboard?

 A backlit keyboard is one that has illuminated keys which makes it much easier to access. The Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology used in these keyboards makes their keys bright and easily visible in any lighting conditions. These keyboards have a slim design and it is easier to read through the laser-etched keys.

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Why Backlit Keyboards? Are They Really A Need?

Why Backlit Keyboards

Now you must be thinking why to buy Backlit keyboards, just for fun and good appearance so that we can show them off? No, that’s not particularly true! It has been found out that such illuminating devices like that of backlit keyboards are comparatively much more convenient to use.

The most important factor for which these keyboards are developed is the perspective of gamers who mostly like playing games in the dark, so it becomes harder for them to maintain their pace while gaming. And as compared to those normal dull keyboards, these LED- Light Emitting Diode devices are easier and more convenient to use.

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Other Important Features Of Backlit Keyboards

  1. They have an auto shut-off feature.
  2. Having a durable battery, these keyboards can last till six months.
  3. Backlit keyboards come with an ultra-slim design.
  4. They have the option to adjust colors as desired.
  5.  Backlit keyboards include special function keys.
  6.  They have adjustable LED lights.
  7.  They are waterproof.
  8. They are lightweight and have coated keypads.

Nowadays, some modern laptops have even been launched with inbuilt keyboards, specially designed for working in low-light conditions. But if you already have your desktops and are not in a state to buy the updated version, then you can attach a separate backlit keyboard as per your need. For this, you need to know which backlit keyboard will be best suited for you. So, let us know which are the Best Backlit Keyboards that you should buy if you are looking for any.

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#6 Jelly Comb

 Jelly Comb

Are you looking for a stylish as well as a comfortable best backlit keyboard? Then this is the right choice, as the Jelly Comb backlit keyboards have a sleek design and come with utmost comfortability while using. This is the best option for the users who work in the dark.

Here are some important features of Jelly Comb backlit keyboards:

  1. You have different color options to switch to.
  2. They have a good battery life as well, having compatibility with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as Windows 10.
  3. These backlit keyboards are best suited for students.
  4. They also come with a wrist rest. 

But, with so many features, also comes a good price. The Jelly Comb laptop will cost you around 60 dollars, but it is definitely worth it.

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If you are a gamer and looking for a Backlit keyboard for gaming purposes, then here is what you need. These keyboards have the best lighting ever. The most impressive thing about it is that it has a trichromatic lighting feature that lets you clearly see the keys and symbols separately.

The major features for which you should prefer KLIM Chroma are:

  1. It has trichromatic lights.
  2. This keyboard has fast membrane keys which make it easier to use.
  3.  It has a long lasting battery that ends up to ten years.
  4. Its wireless version includes USB cable as well as programmable multimedia keys.
  5. This is a good option for those who have much of the typing work.

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#4 Perixx


We have compared different Backlit keyboards for studio users and have filtered out this one for you. Yes! This is the perfect option if you work in a studio. Developed by a Taiwan-based company, Kailh, the Perixx backlit keyboards come with white LED backlighting. The keys are evenly distributed. This is a suitable keyboard for both beginners as well as advanced users. This is one of the lightest computer keyboards available yet.

Here are the features you need to know about Perixx backlit keyboards:

  1. They have a large button surface.
  2. They are easy to install with plug-and-play functions.
  3. They come with a USB interface.
  4. They provide you with a two-year warranty.
  5. They have white LED backlights.
  6. They have a chiclet key structure that makes typing easier and more comfortable.
  7. They have a 1.6 metre long USB cable.

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#3 Seenda


This low-profile designed ultra-thin and one of the best backlit keyboards is a great choice if you are looking for a backlit keyboard that you can always take with you while traveling.

Let us know about the features this backlit keyboard comes with.

  1. This is a 2.4GHz wireless backlit keyboard.
  2.  It has seven customizable backlight colors.
  3. There are specifically multimedia keys designed for volume control.
  4.  It has a metal drawing panel with a polished border.
  5.  It shows compatibility even with smartphones and tablets.
  6.  It comes with a wireless communication receiver.

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#2 Redragon


If you love to game in the dark, then you have finally reached the section you need to be at. You can’t find a better-backlit keyboard with such durability. Let us not waste any more time and know what features make this backlit keyboard preferable.

  1. It has a trichromatic back light.
  2. It is made with splash-proof ABS plastic and has a metal casing.
  3. It has plug and play features.
  4. Multimedia keys are available.
  5. It also includes custom mechanical switches.
  6.  There is a gold-plated USB connector with a metal chassis.
  7.  It has six programmable macro keys.
  8.  It also comes with four joysticks.
  9. There are 19 non-conflict keys and 12 hotkeys.
  10. To make it physically more attractive, seven background colors have been added.
  11. The brightness of the backlight is customisable.
  12. It also has breathing modes.

This much of the features clearly show why you need to get Redragon backlit keyboard if you are a hardcore gamer who games in the dark.

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#1 Logitech


The wait is over. Here we are with the best choice among all for the backlight keyboard you want.

If you want a backlit keyboard, choosing a K800 Logitech backlit keyboard is never going to make you regret your decision.  Here are the reasons why.

  1. It comes with a light sensor that illuminates when you type.
  2. This is a low-profile model and you can type really comfortably on it.
  3.  It has a soft touch design, and a slim look.
  4. It also has sensors that trigger the backlighting.
  5. It does well with smartphones, PC and even a tablet.
  6. It has Lumens LEDs that are specially designed for extended use. It is a good option if you have to type for a long time.

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Wrap Up

This was all you needed to know about backlit keyboards. These are the six backlit keyboards chosen carefully so that you can select one out of them that suits best to your requirements. We hope that you have already decided which backlit keyboard you should buy. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your favorite backlight laptop without wasting any time.


What Is A Backlit Keyboard?

Backlit keyboards are devices that come with illuminated keys to make it easier to work on the keyboard.

Which Backlit Keyboard Should I purchase?

There are many backlit keyboards available in the market. The backlit keyboard best suited to you depends upon which purpose you want to buy it for. Yet, a K800 Logitech backlit keyboard will be a good choice.

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