Best Painting Tools In VR | Top 10 VR Painting Apps

Best Painting Tools In VR

VR has changed almost everything. Creativity is not left behind by VR. Rather it can be a creativity booster. VR headsets provide a wide range of apps to boost your creativity. In this post, we will discuss the best painting tools in VR.

VR art gives you the freedom to play around with colors, tools, and a near-infinite canvas. Drawing, painting, sketching, sculpting—no matter your preferred medium and skill level, Oculus Quest has some great VR art apps. Not just one tool, it comes with a bunch of tools you can choose to paint from.

We will help you choose the best painting tools in VR. We did our research and picked the top 10 painting apps for you. If you already have a VR, you can download some of them.

Best Painting Tools In VR

best painting tools in VR

Here is a list of the best painting tools in VR. Top 10 painting apps have been provided, along with the description and price.

1. Gravity Sketch

Price: Free

The first one on the list of the Best Painting Tools In VR is Gravity Sketch.

Think in 3D. Create in 3D.

Preserve your design intent through the creative process! Communicate ideas in 3D at each stage and capture work as an image or model in other phases of your workflow.

It is one of the best painting tools in VR. A powerful yet intuitive creation tool – express 3D ideas in real-time at any scale. Create loose, free-form sketches, detailed models, expansive scenes, and unrestricted artwork.

To enable the full Gravity Sketch experience, you will need to sign up for a free landing account for us to deploy the features for your end-to-end workflow. LandingPad is our cloud platform allowing you to upload reference images and models, download exports and screenshots, and view your 3D files, all through a web browser.

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2. Google Tilt Brush

Price: $19.99

Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality

Unleash your creativity with three-dimensional brush strokes, stars, light, and fire. Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless. It is also one of the best painting tools in VR

3. Painting VR

Price: $19.99

Painting in virtual reality is easy: mix your colors, dip in your brush and start painting. 

This experience is very hands-on, easy to understand, and aimed at all ages. Play around and feel the relaxing satisfaction of putting unlimited amounts of fresh paint on a canvas. Teach yourself the basics of colors, the painting process, and composition. Sharpen your skills by experimenting with the tools and techniques at hand, and become part of a new wave of digital artists. All without having to bother about cleaning up afterward! 

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4. SculptrVR

Price: $19.99

Create sprawling, brilliant worlds and explore them with your friends! Invite your friends to an online game, race to the finish with hang-gliders, or switch to the climbing mode for even more fun. Discover thousands of amazing creations in the interactive gallery, then remix them however you want! When you’re happy with your creation, you can upload it to the SculptrVR content gallery and let others see the incredible things you’ve made.

Unleash your creativity by building with SculptrVR’s intuitive and fun creative tools. Then destroy it all with rockets. Add mind-boggling detail with SculptrVR’s voxel tech and 10,000X zoom. Export everything you’ve made to FBX or OBJ  for 3D printing or sharing online!

5. RiBLA Studio

best painting tools in VR

Price: $14.99

RiBLA Studio is a simple and easy way for anybody to make their own VR videos. Be the actor, be the cameraman, whatever you need to bring your creative dream to life. Use your 3D models, images, props, motions, and songs to make your anime video. It comes pre-installed with two character models and various props, backgrounds, motions, and songs.

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6. Kingspray Graffiti

Price: $14.99

Create amazing street art with VR. Sharpen your skills or learn new styles with thousands of online artists worldwide, with up to 4 simultaneous players collaborating simultaneously.

Customize your in-game avatar by designing your hat, mask and spray can. Use True to life Ironlak Aerosol colors to design and develop skills and bring your concepts closer to reality. Feel immersed in 12 realistic environments, including a trainyard, Alleyway, a dusky city rooftop, and an abandoned subway station! This is just a fraction of the awesomeness you will find in Kingspray. Can’t WAIT to see what you make! 

7. ShapesXR

Price: Free

ShapesXR is a creation and collaboration platform for remote teams. In ShapesXR, you start creating in 3D within minutes without prior experience. You can create immersive 3D storyboards to show your ideas in function and easily invite team members to iterate and design together in real-time.

ShapesXR was born with the mission to democratize 3D content creation allowing product owners, business leaders, and designers to start thinking and creating spatially together finally. In ShapesXR, you can pick a premade scene as a canvas for your creation or start from scratch.

Designers can manipulate simple shapes at scale, change materials, research user flows, and pitch scenes in motion with a simple staging system. You can share and export in various forms—from VR, Web, Unity plugin, and 3D models.

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8. MultiBrush

Price: $19.99

MultiBrush is a multiplayer implementation of the open-source code for Tilt Brush. You can play, create, and enjoy art with friends. This is the first release, some things may not work perfectly, and we are still implementing some tools in multiplayer rooms. In individual canvases, the full set of tools is available. Stay tuned for more.

9. Vermillion

Price: $19.99

If you’ve ever watched a painter at work, you’ve undoubtedly felt the urge to try it yourself. But, getting an easel and expensive supplies is a serious commitment. Vermillion brings professional painting equipment into your room using Passthrough. If you need some time off from the real world, you can immerse yourself in your painting session by disappearing into one of the studio environments.

You can paint seated, standing, or even lying down. Use the floating web browser to learn to paint alongside your favorite artists on YouTube or project reference photos on the canvas. Vermillion features realistic wet-on-wet color mixing, undo, layers, and a wide range of simulated brushes. Developed with the feedback of both traditional and digital artists, you’re sure to get the fun of oil painting without any frustration. 

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10. Color Space

Price: $9.99

Coloring books are a timeless, easy way for adults and kids to have fun making art. But, what if you could step into the coloring book? In Color Space, you don’t just color in a scene — you color *inside* a scene.

Equipped with a palette and a coloring wand, you’re transported into any of 26 beautiful black-and-white worlds. You fill in the world with as many colors as you like, one tree, rock, and flower at a time.

As you color, the scene comes to life around you. Rivers run, birds fly, planets revolve, meteors shine. The soundscape responds hypnotically as you color.

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Wrapping Up

Here we conclude our post on the best painting tools in VR. all of these tools or apps are the best ones available on the Oculus store. Some of them are available for free as well. You can give them a try first before going on to the paid ones.

Keep exploring our website to know more about VR games and apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Program Does Anna Zhilyaeva Use?

Artist Anna Zhilyaeva recently created an ‘augmented reality painting’ for her YouTube channel, ‘Anna’s dream brush,’ dedicated to VR-based art. The work combines mixed-reality footage using VR software Tilt Brush with a real painting on canvas.

Q2. Is Painting VR Free?

Painting VR is available via Oculus App Lab for Quest and is priced at $10. Painting VR is planned to stay in early access on App Lab for “about a year,” the studio says, with updates coming every trimester.

Q3. Can You Use Maya In VR?

VR-Plugin offers the full range of Maya features in Virtual Reality. Virtual Production Workflows for Animation, Modeling, Texturing, Shading, Rendering, or Digital Sculpting are directly available in VR and introduce unique ways for creativity. Speed and performance are the great advantages of the Maya Viewport 2.0.

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