How To Watch YouTube Together | Ways To Try Today!

Want to watch YouTube together with family and friends all virtually? We have brought you a  number of methods for you to watch YouTube together with your close ones.

One can join your YouTube screen with a number of others and enjoy the happiness of togetherness. Although you might need a guide to learn how to watch YouTube together for which we’re here, as always.

When we start living separately because of some reason we start losing connections with our loved ones, our family members, friends, and relatives. To decrease the gap between the two we’ve such activities, where members from one corner of the world can connect with the other one all in just a few minutes.

So, today we’re gonna be learning how to watch YouTube together. Doesn’t that sound amazing. Like you can create a perfect environment and watch YouTube together with the ones you want with lights off and lots and lots of snacks! Just imagine. Wow! So without further distraction let’s sink into how to watch YouTube together.

How To Watch YouTube Together?

Whatsoever might be the reason for your distance, you can watch YouTube together by these:

1. SyncVideo

It makes you holder of all your controls of your room, for which you have to send invites to your friends to join the room. Simply enter a YouTube video link in the respective place on the right side and tap on Play to watch YouTube together. Any video link added later on will be added to the queue.

The best feature of Sync Video is that you Pause buffering, which stops everyone’s stream at the same time to check if anyone’s internet connection is responsible for the lag in their stream. 

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2. Watch2Gether

Watch YouTube Together

Watch2Gether is an amazing way to watch YouTube together because there’s no need to register, sign in or create an account here. One can simply generate a room and send invites via sharing the links to your friends and families to join.

One has to paste a specific YouTube link at the top of the screen in the search field. Chatting is also available to connect and communicate with your friends in person or you can talk while watching YouTube together and share your thoughts about the scenes consecutively. 

3. Twoseven

If you’ve heard about twoseven and wish to use it to watch YouTube together then you and your mates have to create an account first. Creating an account on twoseven is free of cost and is worth creating. 

Along with watching YouTube together in one room, twoseven also offers the feature to share their microphone and webcam. It’ll make your family time a quality time, you can watch YouTube together and watch and hear each other at the same time. It’s a great idea to keep a beautiful connection between you and your loved ones who are living apart.

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4. SyncTube

Watch YouTube Together

It’s an application with a very simple and easy-to-operate interface but it works fantastic for watching YouTube together. Creating a quick room and watching YouTube together is its specialty. 

One needs to copy and paste the YouTube video link in the search bar which they want to watch together and can start watching. After watching the video, SyncTube will suggest fresh videos in the room’s playlist.

Here, one can control their room’s privacy and security by making changes in user permissions; hence, you can make people stop entering your room.

5. &chill

&chill provides their users unique features as compared to other service providers that allow you to watch YouTube together. It includes all the features that one person can expect – personal rooms, YouTube links accessibility, playlist, text chat – with an interesting user interface.

You get to select your seat in a virtual theater and it relocates the video according to your seat or you can simply keep the screen full with video playing on it if that doesn’t sound like your thing. Also, you’re allowed to chat with your friends through a microphone during the period.

6. Metastream

Watch YouTube Together

Metastream provides a developed design that is easy to use. You don’t have to leave the site or your current tab to add any video to your playlist, since Metastream allows you to browse YouTube videos in Metastream only.

Other than the sidebar that offers a user list, playlist, and chatbox, the videos take up all of the screen, which is extremely cool when you wish to stream cinematic YouTube videos with your friends.

The only drawback is that one needs to download a browser extension, although it’s quick, easy, and free of cost.

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To get into this one, you just need to enter the YouTube link in the search bar on the homepage and it’ll create a room automatically. 

The screen or the interface is divided into different pages where you can find, last played videos and upcoming videos. You will have a blast YouTube stream session going on in no time. There is an inbox provided to communicate, but maybe the audio chat might interest your friends more.

Chatting and watching long YouTube videos is as good as having your friends with you at a watch party. Also allows you to see how many other videos have been preloaded to keep a check on future buffering issues.

8. Video Conferencing Tool

Watch YouTube Together

Till now we have provided you with the names of top services to watch YouTube together with your friends and family members.

Although, you can also make use of a video conferencing tool with screen sharing features to watch YouTube together. In this case, you and the ones with whom you wanna watch YouTube together have to join an online meeting. Next, one among the both or from the group has to share their screen for all so that everyone can watch YouTube together.

Unlike the other platforms that run the video locally for specific individuals, this means that one individual will be allowed to play the video – the one who has the best internet access. 

9. Troubleshoot Common Video Sync Errors

However your YouTube watching celebration goes hurdle free, you might face some technical errors.

Try refreshing the tab and the page. However, you’ll miss a couple of seconds of the video, but it’s better than losing the entire video or waiting for tens of minutes watching it buffering. Many the times simple refresh can resolve many errors going on. Don’t think much, it won’t bother your stream for others in your room.

If your video is continuously buffering or shuttering, then decrease the stream quality. This will lower the resolution, so that the video may appear more pixelated. Although, it’s better than spontaneous stuttering and buffering streams.

Along with the above-mentioned fixes, you can try switching off your microphones or webcams or both if you’re having trouble with your internet connectivity. Because mics and webcams use up bandwidth that could be served on YouTube only.

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Wrapping Up

That’s all for How to watch YouTube together.

Chatting with friends or family members or any person while watching YouTube together or streaming online is a good time that you spend with your close ones and make them feel special and connected to you. Fortunately, there are resources that can make you guys watch YouTube together without any hassle. We’ve mentioned and detailed each of them so that you stay in touch with your loved ones and keep spending quality time with them


Q1. Which Are The Best Services To Watch YouTube Together?

Ans. There are a number of services available in the market. Here are some of the best ones to watch YouTube together : 

  1. Sync Video
  3. Watch2Gether
  4. Twoseven
  5. SyncTube

Q2. What Is Twoseven?

Ans. It’s a streaming service offering products to watch YouTube together. In twoseven one has to create an account to stream. After creating an account one would be eligible for watching YouTube together, sending invites, and share screen

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