Dyson Air Purifying Headphones Price | Is It April Fool’s Prank?

Dyson Air Purifying Headphones Price

Recently, Dyson our favorite brand has announced its very first wearable product, that has an air-purifying feature in its Bluetooth noise cancellation headphones. It is the Dyson air-purifying headphones. The main aim of these headphones is to avoid polluted air. Now, this a new kind of headphones that will be made available in the market and it is going to be expensive. So, if you are looking for Dyson air purifying headphones price, then you have come to the right place.

It was two years ago that Dyson registered the patents for the pair of headphones that will have a built-in air purifier. At that time, we all thought that Dyson was not serious about it. But, now it turns out that these wireless headphones that Dyson was talking about are indeed true.

The Dyson air purifying headphones are actually a set of headphones that has a noise cancellation feature with high fidelity over-ear headphones. It will deliver the best sounds to your ears and will provide purified airflow to the nose and mouth. So what could be Dyson air purifying headphones price? What do you think the price would be?

Are you wondering if this is some April fool’s joke? Oh-ho, no no, you are wrong. This is actually happening. Dyson has actually released air purifying wireless headphones. If you don’t believe pinch yourself. Here is the post about the latest yet-to-be-launched air purifying wireless headphones of Dyson that you must give a read.

What Is Dyson Zone?

Dyson Air Purifying Headphones Price

Dyson zone is the air purifying headphones that will suck in the air around the user. You must be wondering how is that done? Strange, but sounds interesting, no? Well, the air is sucked through the ear cups in the headphones, then it runs through the filtration system which is a built-in ear cup. This is delivered out from the front portion of the headset through the mesh section. This mesh section is present within the visor. And, it will attach itself to the bottom of the headphones.

Dyson claims that the Dyson zone is 97% effective to get clean air into the lungs. We’ll see it after using it! 

This is done through the non-contact delivery and it creates a zone of air for the user so that they can get the air. But high-quality air is not the only thing that this headphone offers. Another purpose is also to deliver high-quality audio along with the active noise cancellation feature. So, you can say that this is two in one device.

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How Do Dyson Zone Headphones Work?

How Do Dyson Zone Headphones Work?

It took Dyson six years to make these headphones, with more than 500 prototypes. But the biggest challenge of this product was miniaturization. Both ear cups have two motors that are present within these ear cups, and these are one of the smallest motors that Dyson has ever created. But, let me tell you this is not the only thing that plays a major role here.

It also includes electrostatic filtration technology that gets 99% of the particle pollution. These could be as small as 0.1 microns and can include pollen, dust, and bacteria. It has a potassium enriched carbon filter that captures the harmful gases.

The air that is around the user is taken out on the outside of each ear cup, through the filter shroud, with all the negative charged electrostatic filters, and these that attract the particles. The clean air that is coming through is filtered with the help of potassium.

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Features Of Dyson Air Purifying Headphones 

Dyson Air Purifying Headphones Price

The Dyson zone air purifying headphones provide purified and filtered air to the users and at the same time, it also provides high-quality audio. This is the main aim of Dyson but there are many other features that it provides. 

There are three active noise cancellation modes that are isolation, transparency, and conversation. Isolation mode provides the highest level of the active noise cancellation feature. The conversation mode gets automatically activated when you dip your visor down. This in turn will turn off the filtration, to save your battery. While transparency will make you aware of the surroundings while you can still listen to the audio. Just double-tap on either side of the ear cup, and ta-da, you are in the transparency mode.

This Dyson zone also comes with the FFP2 face-covering attachment in the box, that will be present in the visor. You will even find a cleaning brush in that box. You can connect your Dyson headphones to your device through Bluetooth.

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When Will Dyson Zone Headphones Be Made Available?

Well, it is expected that Dyson zone headphones will be made available by Autumn 2022. But, the timings will differ on the basis of locations. So, it can be that some countries can see the release early or later.

What Is The Dyson Air Purifying Headphones Price?

What Is The Dyson Air Purifying Headphones Price?

Want to know about Dyson air purifying headphones price?

Though Dyson has not announced the price of these headphones, we are sure that they will not be cheap. But, its price is expected to be somewhere around Euros 500 to Euros 1000.

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Wrapping Up:

So, besides the Dyson air purifying headphones price you also got to know other information that is important for you to know about these headphones. If you have any further queries do let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will Amazon Have These Headphones?

Well, probably yes. Amazon too will have this product on sale when these headphones are launched.

Q. Can You Pre-Order These Headphones?

Not you will not be able to pre-order these headphones. But these headphones will be launched by Autumn 2022. But before that time no pre-ordering is allowed.

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