Dyson Zone Headphones Release Date | When Can You Expect It?

We heard that the entire world’s first air-purifying headphones are about to launch this year, did you? If not, then no issues. We’re here for you as always. This post is going to be all about the Dyson Zone headphones release date. Doesn’t that excite you? Amazing then, read with us.

Dyson Zone air-purifying headphones are said to be tackling the urban issues of noise pollution and air quality. It’s the most compact Dyson motor to date including a couple of motors placed in each ear cup. 

The Dyson Zone air-purifying headphones will be obtainable globally from Falls 2022. Timings may vary according to geography. Don’t get too excited, the actual day hasn’t been revealed till now, which again binds you and us together. Stay in tune to get the full information. Till then come let’s read what is the Dyson Zone headphones release date and explore.

Fascinated? You should be. We will be covering almost all the information related to the air-purifying headphones which should be under your knowledge. Now, make it your call!

What’s The Dyson Zone Headphones Release Date? 

Dyson Zone Headphones Release Date

Entering the era of audio, Dyson declared that it will launch its first wearable air purifier with headphones.

Dyson Zone is a set of noise-canceling, high constancy over-ear headphones that will provide alluring sound to the ears, and purified air to the nose and mouth said the PTI report:

Although the Dyson air-purifying headphone has been declared, the brand is still lagging some time behind from the exact release. Dyson has confirmed the release date in Fall 2022, but a few more specific plans are still not revealed. 

As per Dyson, in the upcoming months, we’ll get to hear more about the Dyson Zone headphones release date as the team will be getting closer to the release date slowly and gradually.

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What Will Be The Cost Of Dyson Zone Headphones? 

Dyson Zone Headphones Release Date

Dyson still hasn’t confirmed how much the Dyson Zone headphones will cost? But keeping the quality of both the air purifying and audio experiences, in addition, we’re considering the price could be more than premium headphones like Sony’s £259/$349 WH-1000XM4.

That’s crystal clear when you contemplate Dyson’s classic air purifiers beginning at £299/$299 – and that without a high-quality audio experience on offer. By adding the cost of average classic headphones and Dyson’s headphones, we cannot expect the cost to be less than $649 

Let’s pray it’s not expensive tho! There was an interesting argument that if Dyson wants the first of his headphones to successfully launch, then he wants as many customers as possible. Dyson’s action is yet to be seen, whether he’ll keep the price low or may he continue with his standard.

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Dyson Zone Features And Designing

Dyson Zone Headphones Release Date

So, what’s that thing which is making the Dyson Zone headphones so unique and rare? 

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s the world’s first couple of headphones to combine audio with air purification, with the purpose to tackle air and noise pollution for those in cities where noise and pollution are continuously on the rise.

In terms of design, the headphones look fairly standard. Though the Dyson design flare and a grille similar to that available on the Dyson Hot & Cool air purifying fan.

That’s because all the housing headphone tech, every single feature has a mini air purifier that sucks up to 2.5L of air polluted air per second and cleans it by using electrostatic media that effectively pulls particles of size 0.1 microns from the air. It also protects from gases including nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and ground-level ozone, not usually filtered by standard air purifying technologies.

That filtered air is then directly sent to your mouth and nose through a visor that magnetically links to the headphones. The visor doesn’t make contact with your nose or mouth; instead, it gently blows fresh air through a mesh grille that’s better on the nose and mouth than a direct squander of air. There are four settings in Dyson Zone – Low, Medium, High, and Automatic – with the automatically modifying suction power based upon the air quality and other benchmarks using in-built air quality sensors.

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Winding Up

That’s all for the Dyson Zone headphones release date.

A step that surprised many Dyson fans, the vacuum company took its first step into the world of audio with the announcement of Dyson Zone, a couple of over-ear headphones with a distinctive feature. In Investing millions in R&D, Dyson has invented its air purification technology into the headphones to restrict the rise of noise and air pollution that many of you might be experiencing daily.

In this post we detailed everything about Dyson Zone and its release date including the pricing, if still something remains from our end or you want to know something extra, do let us know in the comment section.


Q1. When Can One Buy Dyson Zone Headphones?

Ans. There isn’t an exact release date till now, but one can expect the headphones to be launched somewhere near Fall 2022.

Q2. Does Dyson Have A Filter?

Ans. Yes, the Dyson Pure Cool Link brings a filter with it which can be found in the machine while unboxing.

Q3.What Technology Is Used In Dyson Air Purifiers?

Ans. It uses advanced HEPA and activated carbon filtration to trap gases, odors and ultrafine particles, projecting 50 percent cleaner air.

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