How To Change Username In Windows 10 | Easy Steps To Follow!

How To Change Username In Windows 10 | Easy Steps To Follow!

While signing into your account on a Windows 10 desktop, you might observe your username. You set up this username while setting up your desktop, and it is usually linked to your Microsoft account. So, today we will increase our knowledge about changing username in Windows 10. When thinking about setting a username, the first thing that pops up in our mind is how? So, how to change username in Windows 10?

Well, if you are the admin, and you have its access, then it is entirely possible to successfully change the username of your account. Don’t worry, the name of your folder will remain the same, it won’t get affected, but your username will surely get changed if you follow the correct instructions.

If you are seeking methods and ways on how to change username in Windows 10, then buddy, you are at the right place. When you create a new account on Windows 10 PC, the moment where you have to create your username may surprise you easily. 

Because changing your username in Windows 10 isn’t as easy as it sounds. But it is possible, today we will be mentioning a few tips and methods that you can follow on how to username in Windows 10. Stick to the end, if it interests you.

Is Changing Username In Windows 10 Possible?

How To Change Username In Windows 10 | Easy Steps To Follow!

Well, changing the default username on your windows is possible, fortunately. But don’t be too excited, because it’s way too hectic than it sounds right now.  Not one or two but there are a number of methods on how to change username in Windows 10.

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Whatever might be the reason for your decision to change your username, we recommend you tighten up your seatbelts and hang there tight. 

Because the path is going to be a wiggly waggly way.

How To Change Username In Windows 10?

How To Change Username In Windows 10?

The username of your account is a crucial part of your account and is an important requirement to sign in to Windows 10. Errors might take place while creating a username, however, there are multiple ways you can prevent them. 

The Settings application does not provide any such username editing feature. Although, there are the following methods on how to change username in Windows 10 anyway :

Method #01. Classic Control Panel

  1. Search and enter the Classic Control Panel. You can press Windows + R and then write Control and click Enter.
  2. Expand the User Accounts control panel, and then tap on Manage Another Account.
  3. Tap on the account in which you want to make changes.
  4. Tap on Change The Account Name to change it’s username.
  5. Insert the desired username for the account, and then Save the changes by clicking on Change Name.

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Method #02 User Accounts Advanced Control Panel

It is the alternate way to set your username. Let’s explore how does this one work:

  1. Hold Windows key + R, and insert netplwiz or Control Userpasswords2, followed by a click on Enter.
  2. Choose the account, then click Properties.
  3. Choose a General Tab, insert a username of your choice. 
  4. Tap Apply followed by Ok, repeat this once again and save the modifications.

How To Change Username In Windows 10 Of A User Folder?

How To Change Username In Windows 10?

Modifying its username is pretty simple, but making this change would not be visible in your User folder within the C: drive.

Naming the folder again can be risky. But many times staying with the old one or just building a fresh account and then copying the old files into the new latest one sounds like a good idea. Although a bit messy, it is a better option than ending up corrupting up your profile.

If you need to alter it to hush your OCD, there is a better method available. This involves utilizing the command line to use the security identifier (SID) then, creating necessary modifications in the Registry. Before moving further, open and log into the in-built administrator account. Build a system restoring point in advance as a precaution.

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To make use of all the data in the SID needs to use the Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line to expose the value required to search and exchange it in the Registry. Launch the command prompt with the Administrator accounts, type: wmic user account list full, the tap on enter. Scroll downwards, then notice the SID values for the account that you want to modify.

Type : cls (to clear the screen)

Next, rename the account by command line.

Type CD c:\users: Click on Enter.

Type :  rename OldAccountName

  1. Launch Start by typing : regedit
  2. Give Regedit a right click
  3. Tap on Run as a administrator

Navigate to, 

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

Recall and enter the SID values we asked you to note earlier.

After getting it, select it, then tap twice the value ProfileImagePath. You will observe the previous name you had is still there. Alter it to a new name that you intend to use.

And there you have your desired name. 

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Wrapping Up

On Windows 10, you might have multiple reasons to change your username. For example, just now you have changed your name, and you wish to reflect the exact accurate data. The desktop has a local account, and you intend to show your real name instead of your pet name. 

Or you wish to alter it just to make it a bit more private. Despite such reasons, Windows 10 involves multiple settings to alter the username that appears near to impossible for beginners. But why worry when we are in your service. We hope that our post on changing username on Windows 10 has helped you in changing your username. 

In case of any doubt, feel free to reach out in the comment section.


Q1. How Can One Change Users On Their Windows 10 Laptop?

Ans. Follow the given instructions :

Start> Account Name> Switch User > A Different User.

Q2. How To Change Username On Windows 10?

Ans. You can change your username on Windows 10 via Settings :

Tap Start > Settings > Accounts

For details, refer to the above-given post.

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