Will Rossgram Have Story Feature? What Is The Call?

Will Rossgram Have A Story Feature?

Will Rossgram have Story Feature? Will Rossgram allow adding music to the story? Can you add tags to Rossgram’s story? Hold on, wait a minute! I know you are too excited about the release of the Rossgram app. And so are we. And I know you do have a lot of questions regarding the release of a brand-new social media app.

Russia created a new social media app called Rossgram after they banned Instagram for spreading hate speeches against Russia. So, the giant techs decided to bring up a new social media app to replace Instagram. Rossgram is a clone of Instagram and it has the same features that you will find on Instagram.

But, Rossgram does have some additional features that you will not find on Instagram, that is crowdfunding and paid access to content. So, if you ask, will Rossgram have Story Feature? Then the answer will be a definite Yes. Since it is a clone of Instagram, Rossgram too will have a story feature.

Here in this post, we will discuss whether Rossgram will have a story feature or not and how to add a story on Rossgram. The steps that we have mentioned are really easy and you will surely not face any difficulty while playing around with the story feature of Rossgram.

Will Rossgram Have Story Feature?

Will Rossgram Have A Story Feature?

Will Rossgram Have A Story Feature?

Well, the Rossgram story will allow you to add your photos and videos. This story will be visible to the followers. If you have recently posted the story then you will see a gradient border on the profile picture of the user. The Rossgram story will disappear after 24 hours.

The Rossgram stories are published separately from the posts that you share which can be found in the tiled gallery of your Rossgram profile.

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How Will Rossgram Stories Work?

How Will Rossgram Stories Work?

Now that we do have the answer to the question will Rossgram have Story Feature?

Let’s get to know how Rossgram stories work? Rossgram stories will allow you to share short videos and images. You can even add stickers and doodles along with a timestamp to all your stories. You can even add filters and the effects that you want to add. If your Rossgram account is public then your story will be visible to everyone.

But if you have set your account as private then only your followers will be able to see your story.

Those who see your story can directly respond to your story through direct chats. But if you don’t want such responses then you can disable the replies in your Rossgram’s settings.

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What Is The Length Of Rossgram’s Story?

What Is The Length Of Rossgram’s Story?

Your Instagram story will last up to 24 hours before it disappears. The photos and the videos too will have a timeline when the users will see and play them. The videos that you add to your Rossgram story should be of 15 seconds. If you have a 30-second-long video on your Rossgram story, then it will play only for 15 seconds. After 15 seconds the video will end.

But there are ways to play the 30 seconds video on your Rossgram story. Do you know how you can do it? Well, you can just split the 30 seconds video into two parts. Each with 15 seconds segments. You can add each of these segments to your Rossgram story. This will play one after the other.

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How To Make Rossgram A Story?

Will Rossgram Have A Story Feature?

Since you are familiar with the answer of Will Rossgram Have Story Feature, let’s see how to make one.

If you want to create your Rossgram story then here are a few easy steps that you can follow and make your own Rossgram story.

  1. Open your Rossgram app. Click on your profile picture.
  2. Now swipe right to open the camera.
  3. Choose the filter that you want. You will be able to see the preview of each filter.
  4. Now click the photo or the video using the camera.
  5. Or, you can even just swipe up on your screen to browse the gallery so that you choose an existing photo or video.
  6. If you want then you can add stickers, GIFs, timestamps to your story.
  7. After you have finished editing your photo or video just click on Your Story option. In this way, you can share your story with all your followers.

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Wrapping Up:

So if you are worried will Rossgram have Story Feature? Then you now need not worry after reading this post. You have seen that Rossgram does have a story feature and you can do many things with Rossgram’s story and can make your own story. Go ahead and try out today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Post Multiple Rossgram Stories At Once?

To add multiple story posts on your Rossgram story at once here are a few steps that need to be followed:

  1. Open the Rossgram story. Scroll down till you find the multi capture tool. It will be of a circle that will be surrounded by another circle and will be made of dashes.
  2. Take a photo because in this mode you will not be able to upload photos or create videos.
  3. You will see your photo is added in a little circle at the bottom of your screen.
  4. You can take around 9 extra photos to make it 10 total photos. Each of these photos will have a different story post.
  5. When you are done click on the small circle icon to go to the editing screen.
  6. Now you can edit with stickers, timestamps, music, etc.
  7. Now when you are ready to post click on the next option.

Q. How To Create A Multi-Image Story?

Here’s how to create a multi-image story:

  1. Open your camera roll.
  2. Choose a photo.
  3. Click on the Share icon and then click on the copy photo option.
  4. Now you need to go back to the Instagram app.
  5. Click in a text box and then choose the paste option.
  6. Now repeat to pile on the pictures.

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