How To Enable Dark Mode In Bluesky App?

How To Enable Dark Mode In Bluesky App

Even with the brightness turned all the way down, after staring at displays for hours on end, your eyes begin to tire and the white backdrop of nearly every web page and the app can start to appear blind. If you are using Bluesky App and looking forward to learning how to enable dark mode in Bluesky App, this article is for you! 

Bluesky, an alternative to Twitter, has been released to the Apple App Store, giving us a look at the interface of the social networking application. The App resembles Twitter in many ways including the dark mode. In this article, we will show you how to enable Dark Mode in Bluesky App, which is not much different in comparison with Twitter! 

To enable dark mode in Bluesky App, Log in to Bluesky App > Open Left side Pan > Scroll Down > Dark Mode Button is just beside the Feedback option > Click the Mode button to switch to Dark Mode.

As outlined in the aforesaid paragraph, it is super easy to enable dark mode in Bluesky App. Let’s go through the article and explore the steps in detail. 

What Is Blusky App Or Bluesky Social App?

Right before we show you how to enable dark mode in Bluesky App, let’s have a brief discussion about what is Blusky App or Bluesky Social App. 

Bluesky is an alternative to Twitter and has been only available to download in the Apple App Store. It offers us a look at the design of the social networking application. In many ways, the listing’s screenshots resemble those on Twitter, including the rounded profile images, numbers of followers and followers, and bolded usernames that are followed by grey nicknames. Posts are only allowed to be 256 characters long.

Such design resemblances are not surprising given that Bluesky is a Twitter spin-off firm with a similar name to Bluesky. A decentralized social media protocol is considered Authenticated Transfer, which would enable various social media networks to communicate with one another, and was first described by Twitter’s then-CEO Jack Dorsey in 2019. This protocol is used by the Bluesky app. Other decentralized social media sites, such as Mastodon, also exist. These platforms leverage the Fediverse, a network of connected but separate servers that can interact with one another. The design of Bluesky, however, seems to be one of the most accurate representations of the Twitter experience that we all know and whether we like it or not.

How To Enable Dark Mode In Bluesky App?

As we have discussed, the interface of the Bluesky app is almost a replica of Twitter, there is no hassle in finding the mode-switching option.

Follow the steps below and enable dark mode in Bluesky App easily:

Step 1: Tap the Bluesky app icon on your iPhone’s screen and launch the app.

Step 2: Log into the Bluesky app, if not logged in already. 

Step 3: Open the left-side pan.

Step 4: Scroll down and you will find the Mode changing button “Half Moon Sign”, just beside the Feedback button. 

Step 5: Click on the button and enable Dark Mode. You can disable the dark mode or enable the light mode by clicking the same button. 

Done! Now you can enjoy scrolling Blusky App in the dark mode without stressing your eyes.

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Wrapping Up

Hope, this guideline helped you with how to enable dark mode in Bluesky App. The parallels between the Bluesky app and Twitter make it easier to navigate the Bluesky app. Considering we have limited access to Bluesky, you may have many questions regarding the Bluesky interface and operations. Drop your queries in the comment section! Follow Deasilex for more updates on Bluesky. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Is Bluesky App All About?

In 2019, Twitter launched the Bluesky project, which intends to develop an open and decentralized social media protocol. Twitter unveiled Bluesky, a new project, in 2019. The goal was to establish a free and open social media standard.

Q2. Is Bluesky Open Source?

An e-learning initiative called Bluesky open platform uses open-source software to distribute educational materials equally among China’s wealthy and underdeveloped regions. IBM and Xi’an Jiaotong University worked together on it. The China National Science, as well as Technology Progress Prize, was given to Bluesky in 2006.

Q3. Does Elon Musk Own Bluesky?

The future mission of the team was unclear due to staff departures. Although Bluesky’s activities as a separate corporation were not immediately impacted by Musk’s takeover, its long-term finance was. By the time Musk made his initial bid to Twitter in April 2022, Bluesky had garnered $13 million.

Q4. Why Does Dark Mode Not Work On Some Apps?

The minimal operating technical specifications for dark mode vary between Google apps. For instance, you need to be using an Android phone running Android Q (10) or higher to use dark mode on Gmail. It is compatible with iPhones running iOS 11 and iOS 12 as well as iOS 13, thus it is not just limited to those devices.

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