How To Find Someone’s Deleted Tweets? 3 Proven Tricks To Try!

How To Find Someone’s Deleted Tweets

Do you know Twitter is the fourth most popular social media app across the globe right now? Millions of active users tweet daily to share their opinions, happenings around the world, government schemes, and even memes. Many times we find some tweets missing from someone’s account that we read just yesterday or some days before. The question is How to find someone’s deleted tweets that are no longer available on Twitter?

Our tweets hold so much value and power to bring out a change. Sometimes we accidentally delete our tweets and sometimes by purpose. But when we need those tweets back, we can’t figure them out. As we know that Twitter has no such feature to retrieve someone’s deleted tweets but with the help of some apps and tools you can easily get access to those deleted tweets on Twitter.

In a recent survey, it was revealed that Twitter has 199 Million daily active users on its platform. But very few of them know how to find someone’s deleted tweets on Twitter. That means after reading this post you can be among those few acknowledged members too. The best way to find someone’s deleted tweets is by retrieving the deleted tweets from the archive. How to do this? And what are the other ways to do this?

Everything is explained step by step below here. Have a look at the apps and tools required to bring back your deleted tweets on Twitter!

How To Find Someone’s Deleted Tweets?

How To Find Someone’s Deleted Tweets
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How can I find someone’s deleted tweets when Twitter has no such feature? If that’s what you’re thinking right now, then relax, I have disclosed three amazing ways to deal with this problem. These are tried and tested methods. So go ahead and get back your deleted Twitter messages, tweets, and retweets!

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1. By Using Third-Party Apps

By Using Third-Party Apps

While you can find so many online tools to help you with recovering your deleted tweets, the most commonly used website for this purpose is You can easily recover your deleted tweets using this website in just a few steps.

  1. Go to Type the context of deleted tweets in the search box.
  2. The website will process all your deleted tweets and will recover it back for you.
  3. You can even find all your archived stuff like texts and tweets from that specific account. 
  4. You just need to put your username after the website’s name with a slash.
  5. For example; xyz username. 

Another way of finding your deleted tweets is by using Snap Bird App. Snap Bird is widely used by other websites and users to find your deleted retweets and posts on Twitter. Just open the app and search for your deleted post or retweets. 

Although this app doesn’t help you find your deleted tweets. It just lets you open your Twitter account and search for old tweets, retweets, messages, and their replies.

2. By Requesting a Copy of Your Twitter Archive

By Requesting a Copy of your Twitter
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Another way to get back your deleted tweets is by requesting a copy of your Twitter archive. Follow these steps to proceed further.

  1. Open your Twitter account. Go to the “Accounts” page.
  2. From the available options click on “Content”.
  3. Now click on “Request Your Archive”. 
  4. All your archived data will be retrieved within minutes, hours or may take days. 
  5. As soon as your archive is ready to be viewed, you’ll receive a push-back notification that will take you back to your account.
  6. The final step requires you to click on the “Download Archive” button.

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3. Find Your Deleted Tweets Using Wayback Machine

Find your Deleted Tweets Using Wayback Machine
Source: UniTop Ten

Have you heard about the Wayback Machine? It’s an online service that allows you to get access to all your social media archives just by inserting the URL of the page from where you want to recover your files. And guess what? It gives true results!

Have a look at how it works and get your deleted tweets back!

  1. Open the official website of Wayback Machine. Now you need to insert your account’s link to the search bar.
  2. The site will give you options to search for deleted tweets in a calendar form. 
  3. Select the date you wish to search your content for.
  4. You may need to login in again to your Twitter account to get those tweets.

Can Someone See A Deleted Tweet Reply?

Tweet replies are the same as retweets with comments. Yes, you can see a deleted tweet’s reply but you can’t find the original tweet linked to that reply.  

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How Long Does It Take To Disappear a Deleted Tweet?

Since Twitter has no control over the search engine activities and the deleted tweets, it usually takes around 30 days for a deleted tweet to disappear soon after you deactivate your account on Twitter.

To Conclude:

These were some of the best ways and tools to view deleted tweets on Twitter. Hope you found these methods helpful. Share this post with your friends and family. If you have some more ways in mind that can help find someone’s deleted tweets, do share with us in the comments section below. We would love to consider your suggestions.

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