How To Install Vine App On iPhone? A Complete Guide!

How To Install Vine App On iPhone

Are you excited to use the Vine app? Have you finally decided to install Vine app on iPhone? You are not going to regret your decision. We are here with a complete guide to help you to install Vine app on iPhone.

Vine app is the popular meme generating, short video sharing app, owned by Twitter. Users can make six second videos on a loop and share it with their friends and followers. Twitter has officially made an announcement to shut Vine and introduce a newer version, Vine Camera.

Now, let us see in detail how to install Vine app on iPhone. Open the App Store > Type in Vine Camera in the search bar > Install

Vine Camera is an updated version of the app that lets users make 6.5 seconds looping videos, which can be saved to the user’s devices and can also be shared in other social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This quick video sensation can also import videos from your iPhone’s Camera Roll.

How To Install Vine App On iPhone?

Vine Camera is a free app ready to be downloaded for android and iOS devices. It was introduced as a social networking app, where users can videos, add hashtags and gain followers. They can make posts to gain popularity and increase their followers.

The unique feature of the Vine app that distinguishes it from all other social networking platforms is, users cannot add filters to alter or edit their videos. You can make a short video on a loop to create a meme of yourself, download it, and share it with all your social media accounts.

1.Install Vine App on iPhone

You can install Vine app on iPhone by the following steps.

Step 1 – Open the App Store on your iPhone.

How To Install Vine App On iPhone - app store

Step 2 – Type in Vine Camera in the search bar.

Step 3 – Click to Install.

How To Install Vine App On iPhone - install

Step 4 – Wait for a while, till the app gets installed in your device.

Step 5 – Click to Open the app.

How To Install Vine App On iPhone - open

Step 6 – Click on ‘I Agree’ when the installation is completed.

When installation is complete, you will notice the Vine Camera icon on your Home Screen.

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How To Use Vine App?

Now that we have learnt to install Vine app on iPhone, let us now learn how to use the Vine Camera app.

2. Log in

The very first step after installation is to login to the app.

Step 1. Open the Vine app.

Step 2. Click on the Login tab

Step 3. Select to Login with Twitter or Login with email.

How To Install Vine App On iPhone - login

Step 4. Enter your username or email address.

Step 5. Type in your password.

You have now successfully logged in the Vine Camera App.

3. Find Vine Videos

One you install Vine app on iPhone you will realise that the best part of using the app is that you get to watch funny short videos and memes made by your friends. The homepage of the Vine app is filled with trending and popular videos. If you want to watch certain types of videos or if you are looking for a video posted by a friend, then you can find Vine Videos by the following steps.

Step 1. Click the Search icon or the magnifying glass icon under the tool bar.

Step 2. You will have the following options:

·      Popular Now – consists of vine videos that are trending and have a lot of views.

·      On the Rise – are videos that are attracting a lot of views and gaining popularity.

·      Channels – you can click on channels to view videos made by a particular person on a specific topic.

How To Install Vine App On iPhone - view

·      Trending – you will be able to view the popular videos on specific hashtags.

·      Recent – you will be able to view all the recently added videos.

·      Search Vines – to search for Vine users, videos or hashtags.

How To Install Vine App On iPhone - view all

If you want to search for a particular keyword in the Vine app, just type in the keyword in the search bar. You will be able to see various suggestions, hashtags and videos that matches your keyword.

4. Watch Vine Videos

Once you have found the video that you would like to watch, by typing in the keyword, now let us see the various functions of Vine video.

·      Vine videos will automatically start playing when they are in the center of your device’s screen.

·      Tap in the video to start/stop playing.

·      Notice the username at the top of every video to know the person who posted the video.

·      Tap on the username to visit their profile to view their activity.

Every Vine video will have the following icons below them.

How To Install Vine App On iPhone - icons

·      Heart icon – to like the video.

·      Speech bubble icon – to add comments about the video.

·      Export icon – to share the video on your Vine account and to other social media accounts.

·      People also watched – list of suggested videos relating to your keyword and similar videos watched by other Vine users.

·      Likes – adds videos to your Vine profile and makes it easily accessible to you.

·      Head icon – Click on the head icon to go to your Profile, where you will be able to see the list of your posts and liked videos.

How To Install Vine App On iPhone - comments

·      Comments – Enter your comments in the ‘Say something nice’ box and click the send icon to submit your comment.

·      Revine – If you want to share a video, you can share it on your Vine Profile, which is called as Revine. You can also share it with your other social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

How To Install Vine App On iPhone- revine

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5. Follow on Vine

How To Install Vine App On iPhone - follow

You can follow users or topics on Vine.

To Follow Users Visit the users’ Profile > Click the Follow button.

You will be able to view the videos posted by the users who you follow on your Vine main page. You can also choose to Add them to your Favorites by clicking on the Star icon on the top right corner.

You will also be notified every time the users you follow make a post.

Follow Channels on Vine if you like to watch videos on a particular topic. Click the + icon on the top right corner to follow the channels that you like. You will notice more videos from the channels that you like on your Vine page.

Notification – Tap the bell icon on the top menu bar, if you would like to receive notification of posts made by your favorite videos and followers.

You can follow the instruction to install Vine app on iPhone and the set-up procedures, so that you can have the best time while using the app.

Wrap Up

When you install Vine app on iPhone, you will notice that it is a refreshing app, especially if you like to create entertaining content and watch short time videos created by your friends and followers. Unlike many other social media platforms that bombard your timeline with irrelevant content, you have the liberty to choose what you would like to view in the Vine app. So, what are you waiting for? Install Vine App on iPhone to start using this unique app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Can You Save Vine Videos?

Ans. Once you install Vine app on iPhone, you can save videos directly from Vine. All you have to do is click on the Profile icon in the bottom right hand of the screen. Click on ‘Save Videos’ under the profile picture. You will notice a prompt to save your Vines to your camera roll or email it to you.

Q2. How Do I Access My Old Vines?

Ans. When you have updated your username, open Replace your old username with the new username. You can now follow your old vine even on other social platforms like Twitter, by clicking on your Profile page.

Q3. Can I Download My Old Vines?

Ans. Open and login to your Vine account. Click on the ‘Download Your Vines’ button on the top of the page. Choose ‘Download Archive option. Wait for the app to finish downloading.

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