How To Lock YouTube Screen? Prevent Unwanted Clicks!

How To Lock YouTube Screen

YouTube is a stage where users come for entertainment and joy and for watching informative, funny, and all kinds of videos. Users prefer to visit this platform for entertainment and knowledge. And while watching a video no one likes disturbance or moving from one place to another in between the video, intentionally or unintentionally.  So, why don’t you lock your screen when not using the app? Do you know how to Lock YouTube Screen?

Other than that, YouTube includes many cartoons characteristics that children love to watch and are always curious to explore more. They keep disturbing you while you watch videos on YouTube, whether you want it or not. Sometimes they hit the like button on videos that shouldn’t be liked or subscribe to any random video, or download a random YouTube video which should not be in your list. To prevent such situations, you should always play video in a safe way by locking your screen. But how? Today we’ll be discussing how to lock your YouTube screen in detail. So if you also want to watch videos hassle-free, then read the whole post so that you may not miss anything important.

You can observe your search history and feel like Naah, my children should not see this, but how to stop their hands from clicking this and that while watching their favorite drama or educational video? How to stop that? Why don’t just lock the screen while playing the video and hand it over to your kid? Sounds sage right! Indeed it is. 

Keeping a check on your kid’s activities on social media platforms has become more important than ever. What are they viewing, what are they doing, etc? But that too in a positive way, so that you may not invade their personal space as a parent. We cannot keep our eyes on them 24×7 right! But we can control that screen time while they are in front of us. For example, YouTube. Let’s look at the post to better understand the locking feature.

Can You View YouTube While Screen Is Locked?

Yes, you can listen to YouTube videos even when the screen is locked. For this, you have to use third-party apps. Or you can use Google Chrome Browser to use YouTube to view it even after the screen gets locked.

We can play any fictional play, information video, or funny video and hand it over to our kid with the screen locked. So that they may focus on the video only. So why delay, let’s dive in and learn how to lock YouTube screen. 

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How To Lock YouTube Screen In iPhone

How To Lock YouTube Screen In iPhone

iOS allows the function of locking your YouTube Screen while watching a YouTube video. The instructions are as follows : 

  • Enter Chrome browser, open YouTube by feeding the URL in. 
  • Click on three dots on the top right of the page. 
  • Click on Settings from the resulting list.
  • Next click on “General” from the Setting’s list followed by “Accessibility”.
  • Next to that you will be led to a page where you have to enable “Guided Access”.
  • You need to enter a password that will be asked while disabling the screen lock feature. Enter that.
  • Next to setting the password, your screen will be locked by default 

Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access 

In iOS, you can easily find the “Guided Access” feature on the home page only.

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How To Lock YouTube Screen In Android

How To Lock YouTube Screen In Android

Androids allow the feature of locking the screen for every application including YouTube. A locking screen is a function of an Android device that let its user lock the entire device and allows only one application to run. This application can be anyone, YouTube also. This prevents kids from hopping from one application to another. Here are the steps to lock YouTube screen : 

  • Enter Settings on your android device.
  • Open Security tab and then tap into “Advanced”.
  • Click on “Screen Locking” from the resulting page.

NOTE:  If you can’t find Screen Locking, then search for  “Lock Screen and Security” on your device.

  • Switch the feature On in your device.
  • Next, open YouTube and select the Pin symbol in order to lock the screen.

Setting > Security > Advanced> Screen Pinning.

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Wrapping Up

YouTube has successfully achieved the position of number 1 entertaining platform. It allows its users to gain knowledge, have fun, and help to upgrade their studies. One can gain YouTube subscribers by creating unique content which can be beneficial for both, creator and viewer. Nowadays, YouTube is regarded as an ideal platform for e-learning or Mobile Learning. It allows its users to learn and gain access to watch informative videos anywhere anytime they want through any device, whether it be a mobile, laptop, computer, tablets, etc. 


Q1. How can one lock their Youtube Screen?

Ans. To lock your YouTube screen follow the given steps:-

Settings > Accessibility> Advanced > Screen lock 

For more details, please refer to the above post.

Q2. Can One Lock Their Screen While Watching YouTube Video?

Ans. Yes, they can. Follow our article exactly to know how.

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