How To See Who Viewed Your Video On YouTube? An Easy Guide 2023!

How To See Who Viewed Your Video On YouTube?

If you are a budding blogger on YouTube then you might be thinking of how to see who viewed your video on YouTube. If yes, then stop right here and because it’s time to end your search for this!

YouTube statistics can help a blogger, streamer or a content creator to get a general idea of the traffic being generated on your channel or the amount of engagement your videos are getting. You can get these analytics from YouTube Analytics Tool that allows users to get stats. But how to see who viewed your video on YouTube in particular? Learn today! 

To see who viewed your video on YouTube, Login YouTube > YouTube Profile > YouTube Studio > Analytics > Video Viewers. So, this was how to see who viewed your video on YouTube. Read more to know what else you can keep track of on your YouTube channel!

This article explains how to see who viewed your video on YouTube and everything else that a budding blogger on YouTube should know about its analytics and statistics. So if you are planning to create a channel or start being spontaneous on YouTube then you must read this article till the end.

How To See Who Viewed Your Video On YouTube On App?

Keeping a track on the view count of your YouTube videos keeps you aware of a general realization of the engagement and reach of your YouTube video. If you are familiar with YouTube and its strategies then you might be aware of the YouTube Analytics Tool. But if you are someone new to it then you might end up scratching your head and thinking how to see who viewed your video on YouTube. Fortunately we have the answer to it.

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All types of statistics, insights or numbers related to YouTube videos published by you can be found from the YouTube Analytics Tool. Insights are an underrated part of YouTube video that usually people ignore and end up being messed up! Knowing your audience and viewers is proven effective in publishing and creating engaging content. After all, you would be aware of what your audience likes to watch on your channel and you would know what interests your viewers the most!

Knowing all these about your audience will help you create more engaging content on YouTube which will eventually help gaining the number of viewers on your YouTube videos. And to know whether your channel or YouTube videos are gaining viewers or not, you have to learn how to see who viewed your video on YouTube. 

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For this don’t go anywhere else as we have a detailed guide on how to see who viewed your video on YouTube right here:

Login YouTube > YouTube Profile > YouTube Studio > Analytics > Video Viewers

Step 01: Open the YouTube app on your device and login to your YouTube account. Next hit your Profile Picture at the top of the screen.

Step 02: Once you reach your YouTube profile, select YouTube Studio from there and launch it.

Step 03: Under YouTube Studio at the left sidebar, hit the Analytics option and access the list of statistics that you want.

Step 04: Then scroll down and find Video Views and click on it. 

Once you complete all these above mentioned steps you will find the graphs and numbers of viewers on your YouTube video and channel. Along with the views on your videos, you will also get access to other insights like Reach, Engagement and Audience etc.

How To See Who Viewed Your Video On YouTube On Web?

How To See Who Viewed Your Video On YouTube?

Anyone owning a channel on YouTube can view how many viewers are binging on their YouTube content in just a single tap or not even that. If you just want the number of views then you can find it on the bottom left corner of the video’s thumbnail.

But if you want to know your YouTube channel better then we will recommend you to navigate through YouTube Studio and learn more about YouTube Analytics. Using Analytics tools in YouTube Studio usually provide the creators a better and deep understanding about their audience who watch their videos and make them learn more about gaining engagement. 

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If you use YouTube through your desktop or a web browser version of YouTube then the guide for how to see who viewed your video on YouTube is here:

Step 01: Launch any trusted Web Browser on your desktop and head to the official YouTube website ( and Login to your YouTube account with your authentic credentials like registerd email address and password.

Step 02: After reaching to the YouTube home screen, navigate through your Dashboard. There you will find video uploading options, YouTube updates and comments on your YouTube videos etc. You will also get a short summary of your YouTube channel’s statistics, like view, new subscribers, most streamed videos and average watch time.

Step 03: Access YouTube Analytics features one by one. Start by clicking on the Analytics button at the left side-bar of the screen which will direct you to the data more deeply. You will find Overview Tab which will show you data and a visual representation of your account performance under a fixed time period. 

Step 04: Now, hit the See More button given on the line chart to view additional data related to the views on your YouTube videos, including reach, traffic, performance and engagement you recent videos are getting.

Once you reach the Overview tab you will get the access to view and analyze features that will let you know from where the traffic being generated on your YouTube video, either it is your playlists, YouTube shorts or people are searching you etc. Also you will get to view your audience’s age, gender and geographic region.

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So, this was how to see who viewed your video on YouTube on web version of YouTube. If you don’t know much about YouTube analytics and want to gain knowledge about it first like why you should learn how to see who viewed your video on YouTube or what else you can track on YouTube other than video views, then you can refer to the below mentioned section.

Know YouTube Analytics & YouTube Studio Better

How To See Who Viewed Your Video On YouTube?

However, you are not allowed to view who is watching your YouTube videos in particular but you are allowed to access the analytical data of your YouTube video posts that helps you to understand your audience base and help you to view statistics of your YouTube content of any specific time period. For example: from last week, last month etc. 

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Keeping an eye on your audience or the people who are watching your videos and till where they are binging on your content helps you understand your target audience better. For example, if you observe a decrease in in your audience especially from the younger age group then you must start creating short videos and YouTube shorts to retain them on your YouTube channel. Even the fact that your videos are being played on a big or small screen can affect your viewers and productivity too! You can also find out that what part of your audience is engaging on longer videos and which part is fascinating and are attracted by YouTube shorts.

YouTube Analytics gathers helpful data about their YouTube channel and the audience who stream your videos along with all other insights for all the content creators on YouTube. You view and get access to YouTube data like: 

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  1. Know what devices your subscribers are using to view your YouTube videos.
  2. Your subscriber’s real-time activity and views on your videos.
  3. Know about videos that are bringing you more new subscribers.

Data Analytics That Help In Create Engaging Videos

How To See Who Viewed Your Video On YouTube?

Knowing your target audience can be made easier by accessing all of these analytic filters and  features:

  1. Demographics
  2. Watch Time
  3. Location
  4. Audience Retention
  5. Likes And Dislikes
  6. Date Or Time Frame
  7. Traffic Source
  8. Devices 
  9. Content
  11. Sharing

One can view and understand all of these factors just by looking at the stats and numbers and then work on their content accordingly. Also the creator can build line graphs based on the data that one is observing in the analytics tool to find the growth in their channel and then compare the current performance with the one that was analyzed a month ago or a week ago.

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One can export the reports in their hardwares like pen drives and view it whenever they want. You can find the Overview report tab give below the Analytics. This report is a highly concluded report of the performance of your YouTube content. The report has information about performance metrics including watch time, views and revenue (if eligible). It also shows relevant information for interactions just like likes, dislikes, shares, comments etc. This report also outshines your top 10 videos based on highest watch time for your channel, the gender and location of viewers and most high sources of traffic.

Just like Overview report, Realtime Activity is something that shows viewerships insights which are updated in real time under only a couple of minute of lag time. This tab can be found under the Overview section. This provides the creators with a pair of charts showing the estimated views of your videos in last 48 hours, while previous 60 minutes, the operating system that was used to view your video, the device in which the OS was, and the location of that device.

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Reach tab is just like one of the essential factors that one should know about if they want to understand the YouTube analytics better. In this section, one will get to view the impressions of their YouTube channels like views, unique views and many more. One will also get to see the sources from where their channel is gaining traffic like external links, searches or advertisements etc. Along with the number of times when viewers clicked on your YouTube thumbnail and didn’t watched the video after that etc.

YouTube Ads, Suggested Videos, YouTube Search are the Internal YouTube Sources and the external YouTube sources are like mobile sources, websites and applications that link or embed your YouTube videos. In order to utilize this report to its fullest, you can fix a date range and view sources by location and then extract the viewers and sources for more information.

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When speaking about more information, engagement is something that we can’t miss up on. The engagement tab offers the users with the detailed information about for how long users are watching your videos on YouTube and also can see the most-streamed videos along with the most effective ones. This tab also shows you the top playlists of you by watch time and many more. 

At last, we will hop on your YouTube audience. The audience tab allows the users to view the demographics in a break down way! It displays age, gender and geography of your audience. Including the device that the viewers are using even the OS in their devices are also shown. Devices like Android, iOS, Computers, TVs gaming consoles etc. The audience tab under YouTube Analytics you will get an overall overview of people who is watching your YouTube videos and get insights into their demographics. 

How To View Your YouTube Audience Reports On YouTube Android App?

How To See Who Viewed Your Video On YouTube?

Open YouTube > Login > Profile > Menu > Analytics

Step 01: Launch the YouTube app and login into your YouTube account.

Step 02: Head to your Profile by hitting the YouTube profile picture given at the top of the screen.

Step 03: Navigate through your YouTube Channel and click on the Menu from there.

Step 04: Click on the Analytics tab in order to view a detailed summary of your channel performance.

How To Use YouTube Studio App On Android App

Launch YouTube Studio > Menu > Analytics > Audience 

Step 01: Launch YouTube Studio App and navigate through the Menu located at the bottom of screen.

Step 02: Scroll down the Menu and find the Analytics tab. Once found, click on it.

Step 03: Under analytics, hit the Audience button and access the features.

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The data mentioned here will give you a gist about your videos that are contributing their best in gaining viewers in previous three months. One can also get this report to help a creator understand their new viewers and their growth. 

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming platforms where more than 500 videos are being uploaded on YouTube every minute and these YouTube videos altogether make content of more than a billion hours every day! It becomes difficult for YouTube content creators to stand out from the rest in such a big pile of content. But understanding your YouTube channel and content can make the process much easier. All you have to do is to understand how well your videos are performing so that you can create more of content like that and gain subscribers and reduce the flop video count slowly.

YouTube Studio lets users to access their YouTube analytical data. Under this tool, a creator can see how many views and unique views their videos got along with the insights of their YouTube audience like who has recently subscribed them, what’s their age group and from where they are watching your videos. If you are a creator then you need to learn how to see who viewed your video on YouTube and cope-up with the YouTube’s algorithm.

Wrapping Up

With the help of YouTube SEO, consistency and the correct thumbnail on their YouTube videos one can gain a huge number of subscribers and can observe a big difference. Also with a better understanding of your YouTube audience and views, you can analyze your channel’s stats in a better way and create more engaging content. Let us know your views in the comment section if this article on how to see who viewed your video on YouTube has helped you or what are your views on it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does My Intro In The Video Affect My Number Of Views?

The introduction of a YouTube video affects the most and hence plays an important role on YouTube platform. In order to begin in a strong way, it’s necessary to keep the audience stuck to their screens. If it’s an intro it needs to be impactful. One needs to frame their introduction in such a way that it may become their signature or a statement, which is identical to them only and different from the rest of the creators. A good introduction is proven out to be effective in gaining reach and a decent number of views on their videos.

Q. What Can Be Seen In The YouTube Analytics?

There are a few important parameters that a creator or blogger should take care of, in order to create best content for your target audience and to interact with them effectively, you must know how to access YouTube Analytics Tool and its features like: Demographics, Watch Time, Location, Audience Retention, Likes And Dislikes, Date Or Time Frame, Traffic Source etc. These are helpful in understanding the channel and YouTube strategies better and coping-up with the Algorithm.

Q. How Do I See The Most Viewed Videos On YouTube?

Unfortunately, the list of most viewed videos is no longer available on YouTube. So, now every creator and blogger has to depend upon third-party applications for such statistics and insights.

Q. What Percentage Of Views On YouTube Comes From Mobile Devices?

As per the report from Statista, more than 60% of YouTube views are from mobile devices. Thisis because mobile phones comes in handy and are available easily than desktops all over the world.

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