YouTube TV PS5 | How To Get YouTube TV PS5?

PlayStation 5 is the first home video game console that has a particular section for Media. You can use the Media stuff in the Media section. There are a number of streaming services available on PlayStation 5. From this guide, we’ll teach you how to get YouTube TV PS5.

The streaming services involve Hulu, Amazon, Prime Video, Disney Plus, and many more. If you are thinking about YouTube TV, then you are at the right place. Many of us are familiar with YouTube TV. YouTube TV service has a lot of functions. You can get YouTube TV on a few of the home video game consoles. 

To get your YouTube TV PS5, Link your TV and PS5. Turn on them and connect the PS5 to the internet. Tap on the PS button on the PS5 controller. Head to the game base option. Select a friend, then enter Click on send option. Now click on the link you sent. Now you’ll be on Google’s homepage. Attach and search in google on your PS5. Sign in to your account and start watching your favs.

Here’s what you can do with YouTube TV on your PlayStation and how to watch YouTube TV on PlayStation. From this guide, we’ll teach you how to get YouTube TV on PS5.

YouTube TV Arrives On PS5

YouTube TV PS5 | How To Get YouTube TV PS5?

The PS5 now has a YouTube TV app, arriving more than six months after the console rolled out. This means anyone lucky enough to buy Sony’s latest console now has an alternate way to watch live TV on it, as first found by Android Police.

YouTube TV costs $64.99 each month and allows up to three continuous streams within a household, which could be helpful if your PS5 is hooked up in another room from your main TV.

Having an alternate device that works with YouTube TV could be especially useful for Roku users, given the ongoing feud between Google and Roku that has seen YouTube removed from Roku’s channel store.

Actually, the Venn diagram of “PS5 owners who subscribe to YouTube TV and also own a Roku device that didn’t already have the YouTube TV app is certainly vanishingly small. But, in a world where corporate disputes can mean losing access to the services you pay for on the devices you already own at the drop of a hat, having more streaming options is never a bad option.

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How To Get YouTube TV PS5?

YouTube TV PS5 | How To Get YouTube TV PS5?

In the past when Sony used to have its own live TV streaming service, PlayStation Vue, you were not able to watch other streaming services on your PlayStation. But now that PlayStation Vue doesn’t exist anymore, you can watch YouTube TV, YouTube’s streaming platform, on your PS4, PS4 Pro or PS5.

The given instructions will help you to get YouTube TV PS5:

  1. Get your TV linked to your PS5.
  2. Power On them and Turn On your PS5’s internet connection.
  3. Tap on the PS button on the PS5 controller.
  4. Enter the Game Base option.
  5. Now, choose Options and select the Go to Game Base option.
  6. Select a party or a friend.
  7. Then insert this link:
  8. Tap on the Send option.
  9. Click on the Link you sent just now.
  10. Now you’ll be redirected to Google’s homepage.
  11. Enter and search in Google on your PS5.
  12. Now, Sign-Up into your account and start watching your favourite on YouTube TV on PS5.

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How To Install YouTube TV On PS5?

YouTube TV PS5 | How To Get YouTube TV PS5?

The streaming services involve Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, etc. This set of instructions will help you install YouTube TV PS5:

  1. Link your TV and your PlayStation 5. Turn them on. Turn On your PS5 internet connection.
  2. Tap on the Media section on the PS5 Homepage.
  3. Select the All Apps icon and tap on the Search icon on PS5.
  4. Search for YouTube TV and once found in the results, give it a tap.
  5. Next, Download and Install it on your PS5.
  6. After installing the YouTube TV app on PS5, Launch it.
  7. Login to YouTube TV with your credit on your PS5 and start streaming your favorites on PS5.

Note: This procedure is applicable only if the YouTube TV app is available on PlayStation 5. But it’s not available currently. As said before, the YouTube TV app will be available for PlayStation 5 this year. Then this procedure can be used to install YouTube TV on PlayStation 5. Otherwise, you need to use the procedure in the How To Get YouTube TV On PlayStation 5 section.

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What You Can Do With YouTube TV On PlayStation?

YouTube TV PS5 | How To Get YouTube TV PS5?

YouTube TV is a streaming app that offers its subscribers access to live TV (85+ channels) plus on-demand movies and TV shows. Users can film shows to watch later without any storage exhaustion, and six accounts are included with one subscription. Unlike typical live TV services, YouTube TV doesn’t have a cable box, contracts, or hidden charges. It costs $64.99/month, with an introductory offer of $54.99/month for the first three months.

Something You Can Do With YouTube TV Includes:

  1. Stream live TV without a cable box.
  2. Watch from your smartphone, tablet, computer, or TV.
  3. Watch shows from more than 85 networks including ABC, FOX, NBC, etc.
  4. Watch local sports and news channels.
  5. DVR shows without shortage limits.

TIP: You can also add premium channels like Showtime and Starz to your YouTube TV subscription, and connect up to 3 devices to your subscription at once.

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Winding Up:

That’s all for YouTube TV PS5.

YouTube TV is a service for binge-watching your favorite lives or on-demand content. So you don’t need to pay differently for online services and for cable. From the above-given methods, you can watch YouTube TV on PS5 simply. This post will definitely help you to watch your favorite YouTube TV content.


Q1. YouTube TV Subscription Plan Costs?

Ans. You are supposed to pay $64.99/month for YouTube TV. You may get an immense cloud-based DVR, 6 profiles/day, and stream on 3 devices at a time.

Q2.  Is YouTube TV On PS5?

Ans. YouTube TV is not available for PS5 right now but will be available this year. This post will tell you how to get YouTube TV on PS5.

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