How To Use Instagram Reel Insights To Make Better Reels?

How To Use Instagram Reel Insights to Make Better Reels

Aside from the entertainment that social media platforms provide, they have also become a source of revenue for many content creators. Instagram supports content creators and provides them with all the tools they need to create great content. They use Instagram Reel insights to make better Reels and further entertain users.

Instagram Reels have been very successful, and now every content creator is focused on creating new Reels to make money. Not only on Instagram but also on Youtube, Reels can be posted in the shorts category.

To use Instagram Reel insights to make better Reels, visit your Instagram account and tap on your profile. At the top, you will find the Instagram Reels insights option. Tap on it and analyze the data.

If you have a skill or content that can be turned into reels and shown to the world, then it is highly recommended to start and make money with it.

What Are Instagram Reels Insights?

Instagram has developed itself as a perfect platform for content creators. The platform offers a wide range of features which includes, Instagram creators account, monetization feature, and Instagram Reels Insights. Powered by AI, Instagram Reels insights allows the users to analyze their Reel and find out which Reel is most liked and viewed by the users. Using Instagram Reels Insights, you can view insights for Reels, videos, live videos, stories, and posts and find out how users engaged with them. The Instagram Reels insights provide the following data.

1. Reels Analytics Metrics

The Instagram Reels analytics metrics provide the overview of the Reels that you have posted and which among the Reels have performed the best on Instagram. It can help you to grow your Instagram account and get more views on your Instagram Reels.

2. Instagram Reels Engagement Metrics

How to Use Instagram Reel Insights to Make Better Reels

You can use Instagram Reel insights to make better Reels by observing the data of the Reels engagement metrics. Here you will find how many accounts have been reached, how many times your Reels were played, what were the watch time of the Reels, and the average watch time of the Reels.


Another data that you will find on the Instagram Reels insights is the number of likes you have received on the Reels. Although this feature is available on the normal account as well Insights will give you the comparison of likes between different Instagram Reels.


If you get a lot of comments on the Instagram Reels then you can Instagram Reels Insights to have an overview of the number of comments and their type. You will be able to easily manage the comments on the insights.

5. Saves

To make Instagram Reels more popular, you need some more hidden data. That is why you can use Instagram Reel insights to make better Reels. You can even find out how many people have saved your Reels and this gives an indication that the Reel is worth to be saved. 


You can also find out how many times your Reel has been shared on Instagram. More share means more engagement and reach. The Reels with more shares will have more likes and comments.

7. Accounts Reached

You have to make sure that your Reels have reached more and more accounts. Then based on the number of accounts reached and the number of likes received, you can find the success rate of the Reel. 

8. Plays

Instagram Reels insights keep a record of the plays as well.  When someone taps on the video to play it is counted in the plays. More plays will bring more engagement to the Reels.

9. Watch Time

It is recommended to use Instagram Reel insights to make better Reels because of the unique features it provides. Watch time is also provided by the Instagram Reels Insight and it is the total amount of time that the Reels is played.

10. Average Watch Time

Average watch time is the average time that the Reel is played. It is calculated by dividing the total watch time by the total number of plays.

How To Use Instagram Reels Analytics To Make Better Reels?

You can use Instagram Reels analytics to make better Reels. This can be done by experimenting with different things and then analyzing the data of the Reel Insights.

1. Different Lengths Of Reel

If you have posted Reels of similar lengths, then you can try posting new Reels either as it is shorter or longer than the previous Reels. You can also try out the different video formatting features and then analyze the data of the Reels Insights. If you have an increased engagement then you can continue posting such Reels.

2. Posting On Different Days And Times 

You can also experiment with the timing of the Reels to be posted. If you post a Reel toward the evening, you can try out the different time slots of the day as well. There are even the best times to post for different days of the week.

3. Varying Audio Tracks

You can also experiment with the different audio tracks. It is recommended to use trending audio but there is a lot of trending audio on Instagram. Try using the different one on each of your Reels.

4. Different Reels Content Styles

It is really important to post different content on your Reels. You have to try out different creative ways to create Reels. There is no rule on making Reels and you can make them any way you like.

How To View Reels Insights In The Instagram App?

You can view the Reels Insight for a single Reel and as the overview as well. To view the overview of the Instagram Reels Insights:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app.

Step 2: Tap on your profile option.

How to Use Instagram Reel Insights to Make Better Reels

Step 3: You will find the insights option at the top.

Step 4: Tap on it and you will find the overview of the Insights.

How To View Your Reels Insights Using 3rd Party App?

Instagram Reels Insights is the best tool to analyze the Reel’s performance and also to improve your Reel content but there is some third-party app that provides insights and analytics of the Reels as well. Here is some 3rd party app that provides Insights.


It runs on your web browser and provides advanced tools to analyze your social media accounts.

  1. Metericool

This is a social media management tool. It can download on Android and iOS phones.

  1. HypeAuditor

This is a web-based tool to analyze social media accounts and enhance your influencer marketing.

  1. Locobuzz

This is another web-based 3rd party app that can be used to view your Reels Insights.


This is a great tool to analyze your Reels Insights and any other software as well. It runs on the browser only.

  1. Who Viewed My Instagram Profile app

This is an Android app that can help to analyze your Reels Insights and other social media accounts.

Accessing Reels Insights On An Individual Reel

You can use Instagram Reel insights to make better Reels. This can be done by viewing the Reels Insight for each individual Reel.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your mobile and tap on your profile.

Step 2: Now tap on the Reel that you want to view the Insights for.

How to Use Instagram Reel Insights to Make Better Reels

Step 3: Once the Reel is playing, tap on the ellipses (three dots) icon and select the ‘Reels Insights’ option.

Step 4: Here you will find the insights data of the Reel.

What Reels Metrics Should You Be Tracking?

How to Use Instagram Reel Insights to Make Better Reels

If you have started to use the Instagram Reels metric, you should keep an eye on the different metrics. 

Accounts Reached: you have to make sure that with each Reel you post, you are reaching out to more and more accounts.

Plays: Your Reels plays should keep on increasing. When you find a specific type of Reel that has got more Reels try to post some Reels in that category.

Likes: The number of likes will determine how many users like your Reels. It will help you to decide your upcoming Reels content.

Benefits Of Using Instagram Reels Insights

There are various benefits of using Instagram Reels Insights.

  1. You can use Instagram Reel insights to make better Reels.
  2. It can help in deciding the content of your next Reels.
  3. It can help you to make more money from the Reels.
  4. It can help in increasing the quality of your Reels.
  5. It can help you to increase the reach of your Reels.

Wrapping Up

It’s good to create content for Instagram Reels and earn money from it. You can also use Instagram Reel insights to make better Reels. But your content should not hurt anyone’s feelings. It should not use someone’s personal information without permission. Making money is good, but do it in the right way. Create something that will benefit others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How To See An Overview Of Your Instagram Reels Insights?

You can see the overview of your Instagram Reels Insights on your Instagram profile page. You can also watch the Insight for each and every Reel individually by tapping on the Reel and then going to Insights.

Q2: What Are Good Insights On An Instagram Reel?

Good Insights are considered when your reach goes on increasing. Your views and interactions on the Reels go on increasing. Everything on the insights page is going up.

Q3: How Do I Fix My Instagram Reels Algorithm?

There is no such way to increase the Reels algorithm. If your Reels are not performing well, then you can take a look at the insights and find out what can be done to improve the Reels’ engagement and reach.

Q4: Where Can I Find Instagram Reel Insights?

Instagram Reels Insights can only be found on the Instagram creator account. It shows an option for insights on the profile page.

Q5: How Can I Use Instagram Reel Insights To Improve My Content?

You can use Instagram Reel insights to make better Reels. You can analyze the data of the Insights and find out which part is low. You can work on it and improve your content.

Q6: What Is The “Follow” Metric In Instagram Reel Insights?

The follow metric of Instagram Reels Insights shows the increase or decrease in the number of followers over time.

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