How To Use Instagram Reels Features? A Complete Guide To Follow!!

How To Use Instagram Reels Features

Instagram Reels, the most loved Instagram feature is a great way to try if you want to increase your followers! Grabbing the attention of Instagram users is an easy task by creating Reels and adding unique content. You can use Instagram Reels features and create your short videos with different effects. It can be the most beneficial way of growing your social media account.

There is no doubt that if you want to make your content viral on social media, Instagram Reels can do the work for you. You can record your own videos, edit them, share them with your followers, and even download Instagram Reels with music if you find an interesting Reel on the app. Many Reels on Instagram have been trending. Khaby, a social media user, has been popular because of his Reels which have been among the most liked Instagram Reels

To use Instagram Reels features, you need to navigate to the Reels section in your story > Record > Customize > Preview > Edit and add text > Share.

If you create a Reel and share it on your profile, it will remain on your account, unlike Instagram stories that disappear after 24 hours. Well, the best part is if your friend shares any trending Reels audio, you can even add that audio to your own Reels. 

How To Use Instagram Reels Features To Create Engaging Videos?

If you are a content creator and use Instagram Reels features, it will help you to increase engagement. Here are a few tips that can help you to create more engaging videos through the Instagram Reels feature!

  1. Create unique and original content to keep your audience engaged.
  2. Create Reels on the latest trends to make your Reels go viral.
  3. Provide value and try educating your audience with your Reels.
  4. Try to shoot your videos vertically, in portrait mode.
  5. Use text and stickers to attract your audience.

How To Create A Reel?

To create a Reel, just tap on the + icon > Reels > Record > Use effects > Customize > Share > Enjoy!

To create a Reel and use Instagram Reels features, you need to have an updated Instagram app, as the Reels feature is not available in the older version of the app. 

Step 1: Open the app and access your Instagram account. Tap on the Plus icon or swipe to the right side of the main menu and go to your Instagram camera section.

Step 2: Scroll to the Reels section in the Instagram camera.

How To Create A Reel

Step 3: You can now start recording a video. Take care of these things while recording your Reel.

1. Length

Your Reel or video should be around 90 seconds. Either make a Reel of fewer than 60 seconds or exactly a minute. You have 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or 90 seconds options for the length of your Reel.

2. Using Effects And Filters In Your Reel

Instagram Reels have built-in extra features such as effects and filters. You can use these filters and effects to your Reel from the left side.

3. Timer And Countdown

Use the timer or countdown to record hands-free Reels. Tap on the timer icon (Clock icon) on the left side and set a countdown, and tap on the Set Timer option.

4. Layout 

You can choose a layout for your Reels, as many layouts are available on the Instagram app.

5. Adding Music To Your Reel

You can search for your preferred song or music on the Instagram music library, as a number of trending songs are available.

6. Editing Your Reel

Once you have recorded your Reel, tap on the Next button and then start editing your Reel. You can even add text to your Reel if you want.

7. Align

Before you record your next clip, you can line up objects from your last recorded clip.

8. Speed

The Speed feature can help you to slow down a part of your video or audio, and you can even speed it up.

Record your Reel by tapping and long-pressing the capture button. Customize the Reel as your choice by adding filters and effects, choosing a layout, and adding a piece of good music! 

Sharing Your Reel

Once done with the editing portion of your Reels, you can now share the Reel. Tap on the Edit cover option to change the cover picture as well as to write a good caption. You can then tag any other user if you want and also add a location to your Reel. Finally, tap on the share button to share it on the Instagram Explore page with your friends and followers on Instagram. 

Best Practices For Creating Engaging Reels

You can use Instagram Reels features and create Reels with your own content. But to make your Reels more engaging, you must follow a few things!

1. Keep It Short And Sweet

Along with having unique content on your Instagram Reels, make sure that you keep your content short and sweet. This will help users to stay connected with your content without getting bored. 

2. Use Trending Music And Challenges

Try to use the most trending music and challenges in your Reels. This will help you to attract more users toward your Reels and make them a huge success. Instagram has got a huge range of audio and music available on its platform. Try using it from the Instagram music library or add your own. 

3. Experiment With Effects And Filters

If you use Instagram Reels features such as filters and effects and more creative tools, your content will reach more users. Instagram users search for Reels having trending effects and filters. You can make more engaging Reels by experimenting with the latest effects and filters. Use Instagram Reels features and have fun with your content and engage more audience.

4. Add Captions And Hashtags

Adding good captions and hashtags can surely help you to get a better content reach. Keep short captions on your Reels so that users don’t have to spend more energy on reading them instead of watching your Reels.

5. Engage With Your Audience

Create Reels that include the latest content. Don’t make Reels on the old and boring content. Get to know the latest trends, use Instagram Reels features, and create attractive Reels to engage with your audience. Share your Reels to the Instagram feed so that more people can watch them and engage with your content.

6. Watching Reels

Keep watching more Reels to know what’s going on and what are the latest trends, features, and hot topics! Make the Reels as per the latest content and grab the attention of more followers and increase your followers.

Wrapping Up

Instagram Reels has helped many content creators to earn more followers. Use Instagram Reels features to create more useful and engaging content but don’t make Reels on any political content or don’t use any watermarked content. It is not going to help you and instead leads to adverse effects and a decline in the number of followers!

Keep friendly and trending content on your Reels! Also, track the number of views, comments, shares, and likes on your Reels to know what type of content is most loved by your followers and create more Reels based on that content and use Instagram Reels features to grab more social media users’ attention! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Use Reels To Promote My Business?

A. Yes, you can. Anyone can use Instagram Reels features to promote their business. 

Q2. Can I Create Reels On Desktop?

A. Yes, you can. Users can create their own Reels or upload a Reel on their desktop that has been pre-recorded on their Instagram story or feed.

Q3. Can I Edit My Reel After I’ve Posted It?

A. Yes, you can. Instagram allows you to edit a caption or add a cover photo to a Reel after you have posted it. However, you cannot change any other Instagram Reel features after posting them. 

Q4. Can You See Who Watches Your Reels On Instagram?

A. No, you cannot. You can use Instagram Reels features like finding out the number of likes, comments, or views on your Reel but cannot see who has watched your Reel on Instagram.

Q5. Can You Hide Likes On Your Instagram Reels?

A. Yes, you can. You can use Instagram Reels features to hide the number of likes before and after posting your Instagram Reels.

Q6. What Is The Best Instagram Reel Size? 

A. The best size for your Instagram Reel is 1080 pixels X 1920 pixels. 

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