How To Withdraw Money From KuCoin | 4 Steps To Successful Withdrawal

Withdrawals are among the most anticipated events in trading cryptocurrencies. After all, this is how one can enjoy the rewards of his hard work, right? Thus, it is important to know the withdrawal process to successfully reap the rewards. Are you searching for KuCoin’s withdrawal process? If yes, here is something for you. Here is a post that will guide you on how to withdraw money from KuCoin

KuCoin is among the immensely popular platforms known for cryptocurrency trading. It provides various features to its users. However, one of the bad sides of the platform is its unavailability for US traders. However, there is a solution as these users can use a VPN to access KuCoin. 

When starting the journey of cryptocurrency trading on exchanges like KuCoin, one of the main concerns is how to withdraw money from KuCoin. It is inevitable as you need to make snap decisions adapting to the situation while dealing with cryptocurrencies. This can include withdrawing money from KuCoin as fast as possible. But the biggest question is how to withdraw money from KuCoin?

This post will help you to get an answer to this question. Want to know more about KuCoin and its withdrawal process? We’ve got a step-wise representation of how to withdraw money from KuCoin. Go through the post to get all the crucial details related to KuCoin and how to withdraw money from KuCoin.

So, without much delay, let us find out information related to KuCoin and how to withdraw money from KuCoin.

What Is KuCoin?

KuCoin is among the most popularly used platforms by crypto traders. It is a beginner-friendly cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in 2017. It has various features like low trading fees, and multiple trading methods like futures trading, P2P, etc. It also has lending and staking features available for its users on the platform. It is one of the trustworthy exchanges presently available.

The platform offers multiple ways to earn money with cryptocurrency and that is one of the reasons for its popularity of this platform. You can find KuCoin in the list of the best cryptocurrency platforms. One of the best parts about this platform is the list of cryptocurrencies available on the exchange. It supports a variety of cryptocurrencies for trading. Let us check out the supported currencies.

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Currencies Available On KuCoin

Here are some of the cryptocurrencies that can be traded on the KuCoin exchange. Let us check out these currencies.

Many other cryptocurrencies are also available on this platform for trading.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of KuCoin?

How To Withdraw Money From KuCoin

Let us check out the pros and cons of KuCoin before learning how to withdraw money from KuCoin.

Pros Of KuCoin

  • It has low fees
  • The platform has a strong user base
  • Users can enjoy a wide range of coins
  • Traders can earn great interest on their cryptocurrency
  • It has a good customer service
  • The platform includes advanced features for trading

Cons Of KuCoin

  • It is not licensed in the United States
  • The platform has limited payment options
  • The platform is not suitable for new traders
  • Educational resources are limited

As we have got to know the pros and cons of KuCoin, let us learn if we can and how to withdraw money from KuCoin.

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Can You Withdraw Coins From KuCoin?

One of the biggest questions KuCoin traders are confused about is whether KuCoin supports withdrawals or not. The answer is no. KuCoin is among those platforms that do not support direct fiat withdrawals from its platform. But worry not! We have got a solution that will help you understand how to withdraw money from KuCoin. 

You can simply transfer funds to some other crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, etc. that support fiat withdrawals and withdraw your money from there. Isn’t it cool? If you think it is difficult then you must know that it is very easy. You just need to follow some steps. So, let us find out how to withdraw money from KuCoin.

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How To Withdraw Money From KuCoin?

In order to understand how to withdraw money from KuCoin, you need to go through certain phases. Log in > Select token > Confirm with 2FA > Complete Withdrawal. Let us discuss these steps in a detailed manner.

1. Log In

The first step that you need to do is log in to your KuCoin account by entering the details. For this, follow the instructions mentioned below.

  • Open the KuCoin application.
  • Scroll to the bottom to find the Login button.
  • Enter your details and press the Login button.
  • Press the Assets button at the bottom of the interface.
  • Select Withdraw from the top.

2. Choose Token

You now need to choose a token from the drop-down menu. Choose the token or coin and then enter the wallet address. Make sure the destination wallet supports the token you are withdrawing. Go to the exchange where you wish to transfer the money. Copy the wallet address. Also, take care of the minimum withdrawals.

3. Two-Factor Authentication

The platform uses two-factor authentication for the benefit of users. So, you need to perform this 2FA. 

  • Input your 6-digit trading password
  • Type your email address for accessing the verification code
  • Go to the Google Authentication app 
  • Take note of the code
  • Go to the platform and type your code

4. Complete The Withdrawal

Check if all the details like the address and token you have entered are correct. You can now select the Confirm button to transfer the amount. You can now sell your crypto for USD and withdraw money easily. 

With this, you have requested a withdrawal. You must double-check to ensure you haven’t committed any mistakes during the whole procedure. The withdrawal procedure might take some time. So, wait until the process is completed.

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This post covers all the information related to KuCoin and how to withdraw money from KuCoin. By now, you must have understood how to withdraw money from KuCoin. If yes, go and withdraw money from your KuCoin account. Don’t forget to share your experience with us. 

We hope the post has everything that you were looking for. If you find it useful, do share it with others and let them know how to withdraw money from KuCoin. Drop your questions in the comments in case you have any.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Withdraw Money From KuCoin?

A. No, KuCoin is among those platforms that don’t allow users to access direct fiat withdrawals. However, you can transfer your funds to some other exchange and withdraw from there.

Q2. Does KuCoin Charge Fees?

A. Yes, KuCoin charges fees from its users. However, the fee is not much. It has the lowest trading fees.

Q3. How Long Is The KuCoin Withdrawal?

A. The withdrawal process usually doesn’t take much time. It can be processed within 30 minutes. However, if the amount is larger, it might take more time as it is processed manually.

Q4. Does KuCoin Need KYC To Withdraw Funds?

A. No, it is not necessary. But the platform implements partial KYC. It means you need not go through KYC until you exhibit any suspicious activity.

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